The Deconstruction Network

The Deconstruction Network is a global database of people who are deconstructing hoping to connect with others in their area also going through the same process.

If you are deconstructing your faith and feel alone in the process and would like to meet others going through something similar and hopefully make some new friends and community in what can be an incredibly lonely and isolating season then The Deconstruction Network is something you need to check out!

We are also conducting research on those who are deconstructing to try help change the narrative around this people group. We’d love to have you involved with that too! Head to our research page to check it out.

The Phil Drysdale Show

New episodes every week (ish).

Each episode goes live on YouTube on Thursdays. Browse through the 100+ episodes over on my channel or watch the latest episode here.

In each episode I talk with a range of people in various areas of life and degrees of expertise on the topic of faith, spirituality and religious deconstruction.

Not Into Video? It's a Podcast Too

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