Hi, I’m Phil and for over a decade I’ve been sitting
with people as they navigate the difficult process of deconstructing their faith

If deconstruction were a spiritual movement it would be the fastest growing one in the Western world.


fewer Americans identify with Christianity each year[1]


more Americans identify as “nones” each year[1]

only 34%

of Americans attend church at least once a week.[2]

And its not just America…


less of the UK population identify with Christianity each year[3]


less of the Australian population identify with Christianity each year[4]

only 9%

of Germans now attend church at least once a week.[5]

What I do…


Generally speaking deconstruction makes fundamentals very scared. It represents something beyond their absolute, final truth.
At worst many people flat-out lie about it to control the narrative. At best most of the time people are simply not able to understand it from their current worldview.

I am conducting research in the area of faith deconstruction via The Deconstruction Network with the hope that by giving a voice to this marginalized group the narrative might become more accurate.

Online Coaching

While many who deconstruct will find shared experiences with one another, ultimately each journey is profoundly unique to the person. This means the path they will take moving forward is something nobody can set for them, indeed a huge part of deconstruction is to learn to think for oneself & trust your decisions. Simply put, you are the expert of your deconstruction!

I offer both 1-1 coaching sessions & support groups helping people heal from their past & take control of their lives moving forward.
I also talk with people on Instagram every weekday so shoot me a DM.

Connecting People

Deconstruction is a lonely path. Religions are often structured to isolate people from outsiders. This means deconstruction can cost people their marriages, family, friends & community!

They often find that neither those outside or those still inside understand what they have been through.

I create space online where people can find similar people & share their experiences. I also created The Deconstruction Network where people can connect with others deconstructing in their local area.

Creating Free Content

Most people coming out of fundamental religions have experienced to one degree or another some form of financial abuse.

For that reason I believe it’s important that there is as much good quality, informative resources out there. I create my content with two primary goals in mind, to help educate about deconstruction and to give tools that might assist people trying to navigate deconstruction on their own.

I have over 250 hours of videos, blogs, research articles, etc. All available completely free.

[1] – Pew Research Center – 2019

[2] – Gallup Poll Social Series – 2022

[3] – British Social Attitudes Survey – 2018

[4] – Australian Bureau of Statistics – 2022

[5] – German Federal Office of Migration and Refugees – 2019

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