Please note that I am no longer accepting emails. If you want to reach out to me you can contact me via my Instagram account here.

I try my best to reply, however it can take me a long time to get back to you and I can only apologize if the answer is briefer than you would have liked or you don’t get a reply at all I get over a 1000 messages a week and so it is a lot to manage.

Here are some tips to help me read your DM and get back to you as soon as possible:

  • Check that your question is not something that is already covered in my resources I have hundreds of videos, podcasts, research etc. A simple search on google with my name will often give you an answer in minutes rather than waiting days for me to reply – Instagram has over a thousands posts of me covering all sorts of topics and I have a Frequently Asked Questions highlight on my profile that may help you out.
  • State your purpose of your message at the beginning.
  • If you think your story might be triggering for someone include a TW at the beginning so I can make sure I come to it at a time I’m feeling up to such messages.
  • Then elaborate (3-5 sentences should do) on what you want to say
  • Format your message. Use paragraphs and new lines to make it readable.

If you write a message that is overly confusing, badly formatted and much longer than it needs to be I can guarantee it will take me much longer to reply, if I manage at all.

Thanks for considering my time when sending your email. It makes a big difference!