If you have been blessed by what I do and are in such a place to give, then I’d love you to consider partnering with me financially. You can do this either with a one-off gift or becoming a partner by giving on a monthly basis.

Why Consider Partnering?

Here are some of the things your partnership enables me to do.
* Travel to groups of people around the world, offering support, teaching, “pastoral” input & equipping people to live life to the full and navigate all that comes with an ever evolving faith.
* Create free resources such as articles, audio messages, podcasts and videos.
* Host all my material online and provide them for free.
* Talk with hundreds of people a month personally both in person and over email/Skype/Instagram etc, to support them in their journeys.
* Pay the bills and feed myself. I don’t have any other source of income, I do this 60-80hrs a week. Your support pays the bills.

As a Thank You…

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of other people out there which you can choose to give to and get some really great perks. I can’t really give away much as everything I have I provide for free already!

By partnering with me you are ensuring that less fortunate people can receive what they would never be able to if I charged for it. You ensure that I can continue to provide great materials and resources for people but also that I can travel to communities who couldn’t afford to have someone come if that person didn’t pay their own way.

With that said, as a thank you to my monthly partners I have setup a private Facebook discussion group where we have a bit of a community and discuss different topics / life throughout the week – we also have a once a month group zoom chat.

Thanks for your support!

How to Give

There are a few ways you can give to this ministry.
If you want to give monthly the best way is to become a partner over at The Grace Course – this makes it easier to ensure you have access to the monthly Q&A calls and the discussion group.
Alternately if you can give a one-off gift by debit/credit card below.

Payments are handled by Stripe and are encrypted using 256bit SSL.