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Flexible Pricing

I love being able to provide almost everything I do for free. 100s of resources, tools to help people connect, research into deconstruction and chatting with people every day on social media etc.

However, ultimately at the end of the day I have to feed my family. So to cover my costs I offer a handful of 1-1 coaching sessions and 1 support group a week as a paid service.

With that said I still want to be as flexible as possible so I offer a sliding scale as detailed below where you get to pick what feels good to you.*

Standard Price

My standard charge for my services are $75 (US) / £60 an hour. I offer a 10% discount for bookings of 6+ sessions.

Budget Price

The absolute bottom of what I can presently charge is $60 (US) / £50 an hour. There is no bulk discount at this price point. I can however talk about setting up a payment plan if that would be helpful.

Privileged Price

If you find yourself in the privileged place in life where money is not as big a concern as it can be for so many in this world. I offer you the chance to pay more than my standard pricing – whatever feels good for you*.

This obviously helps me cover my bills, continue doing the vast majority of my work for free and helps me offer budget pricing options to those less fortunate.

A note about “what feels good”:

When talking about money, it’s that sweet spot where you feel you’re appropriately investing in something. Only you know what that number is for you, where you’re neither straining yourself to afford the thing, nor paying a number that represents undervaluing what you receive.

If that gives you pause, it’s okay. Take a minute and feel it out. :)


I am always happy to discuss my prices further if you need to. Just DM me on Instagram


These prices are accurate as of March 2023.

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