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Our beliefs are massively important.

That's something I learned the hard way.

A lot of my friends who didn't know me 9 or 10 years ago find it very funny when I tell them I used to be depressed.

In fact I wish that was all that was wrong with me.

Truth is I had a list as long as your arm of things that weren't going well for me in life.

  • My circumstances
  • My sins
  • My eating disorder
  • My sickness
  • My friends
  • My church
  • My job
  • My debts
  • My leaders
  • My connection to God
  • My family
  • My studies
  • My relationships
  • My stunted growth
  • My addiction to pain killers
  • My depression


Like I said - I had a list.

But one day...

I was spending time with the Lord and He said something to me that changed my life forever.

Something I didn't want to hear.

He said, 'Phil, your "problems" are not your problem... Your beliefs about your "problems" are your problem.'

He went on to tell me that if I could change my beliefs in 4 different areas to align with His beliefs then I would experience a radical transformation.

  1. What you believe about God
  2. What you believe about yourself
  3. What you believe about others
  4. What you believe about your circumstances

The journey began

That day I started myself on a journey of mind renewal.

Romans 12:2 says that we "are transformed by the renewal of the mind".

The word repentance in the Greek, the word metanoia, literally means "change mind".

One of the major keys to every issue in my life was it needed me to repent. It needed me to stop looking at the situation from my perspective and start looking at it from God's.

Since then my life has radically changed for the better - very few things on that list apply to me any more.

Sure - I am far from perfect! But I am daily seeing transformation as I purpose myself to renew my mind. Asking God how he sees things and repenting (changing my mind) to see things that way.

So my question to you is, what do you have going on in your life that you need to see changed?

Is it possible you have some blind spots in how you see things?

Is it possible that these two things might not be mutually exclusive?

I hope you can see, we all need to renew our mind. It's not a journey we get to opt-out of. Rather it's a journey we are called into!

To help you get started...

In 2014 I released a 30 day devotional, Renew Your Mind in 30 Days.

This devotional contained some of the most important things God has shown me on this journey that personally changed my life.

It's since been enjoyed by thousands of people and became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

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