If you have been blessed by my ministry and are in such a place to give, then I’d love you to consider partnering with me financially. You can do this either with a one-off gift or becoming a partner by giving on a monthly basis. Thanks for your consideration in supporting all that Jesus is doing through me in the nations.

Why Consider Partnering?

Here are some of the things your partnership enables me to do.

  • Travel to churches & ministry schools around the world, teaching & equipping people to walk in their identity in Christ and believe in the goodness of God.
  • Create articles, daily devotionals, videos, audio & social media messages reaching tens of thousands of people a week!
  • Host all my material online and provide them for free.
  • Travel to mission fields and love on the poor and needy, equipping them to be a long-term resource in their area.
  • Minister personally to hundreds of people a month both in person and over email/Skype/Facebook, to see them walking in freedom and equipped in truth.
  • Pay the bills and feed myself. I don’t have any other source of income, I do this 60-80hrs a week. Your support pays the bills.

What’s in it for you?

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of other ministries out there which you can choose to give to and get some really great perks. I can’t really give much away as almost everything I have I provide for free already!

If you partner with this ministry I can’t really give you something that other people won’t get – Actually, it’s the exact opposite.

If you partner with my ministry you are ensuring that less fortunate people can receive what they would never be able to if I charged for it. You ensure that I can continue to provide great materials and resources for people but also that I can travel to churches who couldn’t afford to have someone come if that person didn’t pay their own way.

So rather than partner with someone so you can get something, consider becoming a partner with me today so that many other people can continue to receive all this for free!

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