My name is Phil Drysdale and you can find out more about who I am on the about page.

My heart is that the 100’s of free resources on this website would encourage and equip you in who you are in Christ.

This page is designed to take some of the overwhelm out of the amount of content and help you find the more popular resources.

I hope you enjoy them!

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These are videos (or video series) found on The Grace Course which is an entirely free repository of videos on a whole host of topics.


  1. I met you in Cottonwood, Az and was blessed by your ministry. I have enjoyed your web site.

    • Thanks Steve, I’m so glad you were blessed while I was there. I had such a great time in AZ although it was quite a whirlwind tour, I feel like that week was a bit of a blur in some ways haha

      Glad you are enjoying the website! Let me know if there are any things in particular you’d like to see more of!

      Much love.

  2. Hi Phil
    We’re connected on Twitter. I always appreciate your insighful views and it would be great to schedule a skype call with you as I love to get to know people personally. Let me know if this would work for you?
    God Bless

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m still in the midst of moving home (we just moved from Scotland to Ireland) and I have some trips coming up but perhaps we can try arrange to Skype in a few weeks. Please drop me an email using the contact form :)

    • Hi Gabriels – you can receive the book by entering your email here –

      If you have done that already check your spam filter as the email has been sent to you.

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