What About Tithing?

#020: What About Tithing? [Podcast]

This week I’m going to tackle the topic of Tithing! That’s right. After the very successful blog I wrote on Tithing I figured I should really have an audio resource on that topic as well. This is a topic many are deeply invested in so I’ll try to tread as gently as I can and […]

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5 Things That Make Christians Mad

#019: 5 Things That Make Many Christians Mad [Podcast]

This week I’m with my good friend Dan Heroy and we are going to be talking about 5 things that make many Christians mad. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my blogging and posting on social media it’s that there are certain things that really make many Christians mad. But why? Today Dan and […]

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Discovering God's Image & Likeness

#018: Discovering God’s Image & Likeness [Podcast]

I don’t know about you but I was brought up in a flavour of Christianity that didn’t celebrate who we were as God’s children. Rather we put ourselves down, called ourselves sinners – would even say things like “I’m just a worm in God’s sight.” This to me is crazy, I mean we are made […]

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have we turned faith into a work

#015: Have We Turned Faith Into A Work? [Podcast]

For thousands of years God’s children put their works above His grace. With the help of the reformation in the 1500’s we found that we were in error in doing so. Works are not something that the believer should be trying to produce in their own strength. Rather we should be focusing on our faith. […]

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Should I Leave My Church

#014: Should I Leave My Church? [Podcast]

This weeks topic is all about a question I get asked frequently. People discovering their freedom in Christ often find themselves struggling in their local churches. Because of this I find myself commonly being asked “Should I leave my church?”

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Entering Into His Rest

#013: Entering Into His Rest [Podcast]

This weeks podcast is all about entering into God’s rest. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being completely at rest. I’m also yet to meet someone who is at rest 24/7… I know I’m certainly not there!! My heart this week is to share some key ways rest is often […]

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How Do I Find A Mentor

#012: How To Find A Mentor? [Podcast]

Something I’m asked very often is “how do I find a mentor”, we all want to grow in who we are and one of the best ways this can happen is for us to be practically discipled by someone on a one-on-one level. The issue we find however is that often we really struggle to […]

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