He Turns All Things For Good

#031: He Turns All Things For Good [Podcast]

Having my wife leave me was the hardest thing I’ve ever personally had to walk through… but I’m not alone we all go through hard times. In this podcast I update everyone on what has been going on in my life over the last 7 or 8 months since the last podcast. I share what […]

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4 Keys To Renewing Your Mind

#029: 4 Keys To Renewing The Mind [Podcast]

The last few weeks in the podcast we’ve been discussing the difference between two realities: Living a life as “we” – that is Christ operating in and through us vs. Living a life as “me” – that is us living outside of a conscious awareness of the power of Christ in us. This week I […]

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The Myth Of A Sinful Nature

#028: The Myth Of A Sinful Nature [Podcast]

Last week we talked about “the flesh”. I talked about this topic because I frequently get questions about it when talking about the fact that we no longer have what many refer to as a sinful nature. I guess I may have gotten a little ahead of myself as many people struggled with the fact […]

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What About The Flesh

#027: What About The Flesh? [Podcast]

I frequently debunk the myth of the sinful nature and speak about how we are no longer in bondage to sin. But many people really struggle with this because we have such a dualistic world-view today. We see physical, fleshy stuff as bad and spiritual, heavenly stuff as good. Especially in the Church! But is […]

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How To Hear God's Voice

#026: How To Hear God’s Voice [Podcast]

For many years I was absolutely convinced that God didn’t speak to me, He only spoke to a select few people in my lives, my pastor, my parents, my friends who were especially passionate Christians. But not me. I was spiritually deaf. As I grew up I found out that I wasn’t spiritually deaf, I […]

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Has The Bible Become Our Idol?

#024: Has The Bible Become Our Idol? [Podcast]

This week I posted multiple status’s about the Bible on Facebook and it really blew up. I knew some of what I had to say would be considered tough to swallow by some and rejected by others… but I always want to challenge people on what they believe. Especially if I strongly believe that belief […]

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Sanctification Is Not A Process

#023: Sanctification Is Not A Process [Podcast]

I frequently get asked questions about the process of sanctification and how it fits into the Christians’ life in light of the message of the New Covenant. The truth is it doesn’t. Sanctification is not a process. Sanctification fits into our lives… it is in fact a very central part of what Christ has done… […]

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The Importance Of Works

#022: The Importance Of Works [Podcast]

This week I want to talk about the importance of works. I know what you are thinking… really? Phil Drysdale is going to talk about the importance of works? Really? Well buckle up because I sure am and I’m not going to sugar coat the topic either.

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