Is Everyone Already Saved?

Is everyone already saved?

There is not a sin that ever has or ever will be committed that God still needs to judge. Jesus took all sin upon Himself! I shared this quote on Facebook and Twitter recently and found many asking “are you saying all are saved?” Or “are you a universalist?”

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God does not want YOUR fruit!

We all want to see good fruit in our lives. It’s not only a good thing, its our very nature as believers in Christ to have such fruit in our lives. However often our very good intentions to produce good fruit can back-fire on us. Often, I find it easy to get so wrapped up […]

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8 lies that many Christians believe

Growing up as a Christian my whole life I have been really blessed. However one of the downsides of growing up in the church is definitely the amount of weird things I picked up as core beliefs over the years. Some of these were taught explicitly to me others were just communicated through actions (or […]

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