Halloween Is Affecting Your Family More Than You Know

So it’s Halloween.


And I see my newsfeed on social media fill up about the evils of Halloween.

And they are right… Halloween has a deeply demonic influence on our families.

But it’s not the families that are dressing up and having fun who I’m worried about.

It’s the ones who are being taught to fear.

The message people send their kids at Halloween is important. And for many it is loud and clear.

Evil is real. It’s big. It’s powerful. It’s taken a whole day away from God!¬†

Our only defense is to hide and wait for it to blow over. Praying that God somehow keeps it at bay for another year.

A Godly response never hides from evil. It never removes itself from the world.

Imagine if God had done that!

When we look at Jesus He represented perfectly what holiness looked like. He showed us how to respond to evil. He showed us what to do in the face of a world full of issues.

You get right in the middle and change it.

What if instead of hiding from Halloween we used it as an opportunity to love the world?

You see we are teaching our kids about evil one way or another in the midst of Halloween.

We can teach them¬†that evil is real, it’s big, it’s powerful and we are powerless against it, the only way to be truly holy is to hide from it in case it rubs off on us.

Or we can teach them that evil is real, but it’s small, pathetic, it has nothing on the power that resides in us. It has to bow the knee to the name of Jesus and we have a duty to this broken world to bring love, joy, peace and light into the midst of its darkness.

So I guess the question is… What message are you teaching your kids?

I’m not saying you have to dress your kid up as Satan or go out or carve pumpkins. Do you. Stay in if you want, I personally do. But just don’t do it from fear and be sure to communicate clearly with your kids that it’s not about fear. My prayer is that we as a body would bring our kids up in a way that we could send them into a Satanic church and they wouldn’t be changed… the church would!

And that simply will never happen until we start teaching our kids that Christ in them is a whole lot bigger than the devil in the world.

P.S. I always give this guideline each year so I’ll give it again it’s very helpful when you think you might be getting too close to the edge…

If you dress up and have fun tonight – you are probably OK.

If you dress up and have fun tonight while worshiping satan and sacrificing animals in the woods – you might want to evaluate how you are spending your evening.

P.P.S. If this is a really big struggle I’d encourage you to watch the Spiritual Warfare series over on The Grace Course (it’s all free!)

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  1. Part of your blog reminded me of the attitude of the medieval monks concerning evil “The only way to be truly holy is to hide from it in case it rubs off on us” Thank God the Holy Spirit moved on Martin Luther 500 years ago, revealing that “The Just shall live by Faith”

  2. It makes total sense to be afraid of big scary demons- if you don’t know God. It really does. But God dwarfs all of the evil things put together. Who lives in God’s people? Oh, yeah that huge God. Whose image are we made in? Oh,yeah- that God.

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