Me vs. We: Learning to Live in the Spirit

I never realized quite how selfish I was till I got married.

That transition from being single to marriage can be a real shock to the system for a lot of people.

As a single person you are able to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, how you want… It’s great!

And then overnight you have to filter all that stuff through another person.

Want to go out with friends?

Fancy eating out tonight?

Want to buy something?

All of a sudden you are forced to think through these things with your partner in mind.

We can no longer filter the world through a selfish “me” mentality… It’s now a mentality of “we”.

It’s not just marriage though

The Christian walk is a lot like this too.

I didn’t think about it like that for the longest of times but when I did it changed everything for me.

You see the scriptures tell us that it’s “no longer I who live but Christ in me”.

This identity of “self” technically no longer exists.

Just as when you get married the two fleshes become one. So the same thing has happened with you and Christ.

Making decisions and thinking things through with a “single” person mentality only gets us into trouble.

The scriptures call it living in the flesh.

We need to get rid of our “me” mentality and instead adopt a “we” mentality.

This we mentality is to live in the spirit.

5 or 6 years ago I started to constantly ask myself throughout the day – especially when I found myself stressed or overwhelmed – “am I living in ‘me’ mode or ‘we’ mode?”

Do you know what I’ve found over that time?

I’ve never answered “we” when I found myself stressed or overwhelmed.

So when I discover I’m living in “me” mode I quickly try to refocus my attention on living from the “we”.

What I’ve found is that without fail the stress and overwhelm quickly disapates!

How do I do it?

I just close my eyes for a few seconds and remind myself.

I’m not alone, Jesus lives in me and He strengthens me to do all things.

I wait till I can feel His presence and continue on with my day.

So that’s my challenge for you over the next week or so… Continually ask yourself throughout the day…

“Am I living in ‘me’ mode or ‘we’ mode?”

It’s the key to learning to live in the Spirit

You might be surprised by the difference it makes.

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  1. Phil, just ran into your web site. WOW!!! I have been looking at Jesus all wrong. Been in church all my life but recently took a hard look and did not see Jesus as my personal savoir and Lord. Hard time feeling God’s love for me. For whatever reason read Revelations and came to see how unbelievable it is what Jesus did. Still struggled with faith. Your comments opened my eyes. It is all about Jesus, not me. I was trying to love Him to much, repent to much, have enough faith,etc.. All about me and adding to what Jesus did. Thank you. God used you for me to see that it is all Jesus. Now I want to think about what He did for me, not what I need to do for him. Thank you.

    • Wow I’m so glad for you! That is the exact revelation that opened me up to experience His joy and peace and love and fellowship. Glad for you!

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