Putting The Devil Into Christmas

Putting The Devil Into Christmas

I love Christmas.

It’s definitely one of my favourite times of year.

I love the excitement. All the merriment in the air. I love the kids getting excited about presents. The parents excited about not having to work for a few days. People coming together as families. All the lights and decorations… I love it all!

But every year my inbox is flooded with the same messages!

  • Phil, you must let people know of the dangers of Christmas!

  • Phil, Christmas is a demonic holiday!

  • Phil, you must sign this petition because someone said happy holiday to me instead of Merry Christmas!

  • Phil, can you believe people have taken Christ out of Christmas and are calling it Xmas?

  • Phil, do you know that Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th of December and it’s actually the date of a evil pagan holiday?

I could go on… But here’s the deal guys.

I don’t care.


On a scale of 1 to 100 I care exactly 0.

That’s right I’m not even going to put this on the scale.

Why don’t I care?

Because honestly none of those things matter in the slightest.

The people that send these emails to me seem to do want to do this with almost every holiday (or lack of holiday). We do this with so much stuff and honestly it feels like nothing more than searching for demons in every bush.

We have to have a bit of perspective!

Satan is disarmed and defeated and the only power he has is the power we give him. So why are we trying to find ways to empower him?

Christmas is a great holiday – it’s one that is full of the nature of God! Giving, Joy, Peace, Love, Kindness, Generosity!

So why are we trying to turn something that is so wonderful into Satan’s holiday?

Was it originally a pagan holiday? Sure… But instead of hiding in our rooms cowering at the Devil’s “immense power” we got up and made it a holiday to remember Jesus!

Was Jesus born in the early spring? Most likely but who cares when we celebrate his birth… We are celebrating it!

(I just really struggle to see God shaking his head going “nope they got the date wrong, now they are unwittingly worshiping Satan now”.)

Do some people refuse to acknowledge Jesus at Christmas? Sure – but they do that every other day of the year too… Why are you expecting anything else from them? Just let them enjoy their “happy holiday”!

I just hate that we fail to focus on Jesus and all the great fruits that arise at this time of the year and instead focus on the Devil.

At best by focusing on all this stuff people miss the joy of Christmas over being pedantic. but at worst they rob Jesus of some attention by glorifying the Devil’s non-existent power!

So let’s stop putting the devil into Christmas and enjoy it for what it is.

A time to have fun, be full of joy, enjoy one another’s company and celebrate the incarnation of Jesus, that God chose to forever wrap Himself up in mankind!

I wish you a Happy Holidays!

Oh and a Merry Xmas!

I sincerely hope you enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus on this arbitrary date of the 25th.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

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  1. Phil, you really shouldn’t post stuff like this in the morning. I snorted my morning coffee! Thanks for the laughs and the truth.

  2. The funny thing is that there are some people concerned about “taking the Christ our of Christmas” while others are concerned that we’re putting Christ in Christmas.

    The funnier thing is that if people knew their religion as well as they think they do, they would realize that Xmas is the traditional Christian shorthand for Christmas. In early Christian writings, Christians would abbreviate Christ with X due to the Greek word for Christ being “Χριστός”. The Greek letter X is the letter for Chi, which is the first letter of the name Christ. If you have any inkling of an idea of what Christian symbols are, then you should know not only the X (Chi) abbreviation for Christ, but also the tall P with the X through the leg of the P. The P is the Greek letter Rho and is the second letter in the Greek word for Christ. People use the “XP” symbol (Chi-Roh) to represent Christ.

  3. Thanks for this posting, I totally agree. Where’s the love when we’re trying to force someone to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.

  4. “To God belongs the earth and its plenitude”. People gave names to days and seasons but God has cleansed everything. However people created schemes and idols so let’s not focus in none of them ( Santa, Christmas tree, easter bunnies, etc) but share the goodness of God’s grace that is plentiful at all times. Bless you brothers and sisters and do not fear man or evil but fear God.

  5. Outstanding and timely…myself,I blame the entertainment and literary industry for painting a foreboding picture to audience and readers alike.The so-called power the writers give to darkness in the plots are taken seriously,especially by some of His Children.We should know the scriptures better,His Love better,what the Cross did better and where the accuser really stands better.I guess it’s just a matter of growing up a little more.Blessings

  6. Thanks Phil. You are gifted at bringing clarity to topics, and in a fun way. Kaylinn and I appreciate your ministry to so many. This post will help me keep Christmas in perspective and not be so put off by the commercialization that is all around us during this seson. As a recovering “performer”, it is an ongoing process for me to lighten up and realize how much God wants us to enjoy the life and world He has given us.

  7. Standing ovation!

    I confess. I used to be one of those people that was overly concerned with “taking the Christ out of Christmas”. I see it really as a fear thing. Many people are sincere. But I believe it is fear motivated. God is love & perfect love casts out fear. I have Christ IN ME!

    So now I find myself saying both Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday because it is a season of multiple holidays anyways.

    I agree – let us focus on the happy, the merry, the love that Jesus came to display & then we will reflect that so that maybe someone else can see differently also. Through the eyes of Grace.


  8. Xmas is still too much focus on business, marketing, entertainment, drinking, greed…kids and adults the like just can’t wait for their gifts and how much they could get of it!

    My gift is better and more expensive than yours….my tree is bigger and more colourfull than yours….alcohol sales goes through the roof!

    Nope sorry there is NO scriptures in God’s word telling us to honour Him in this way!!

    No scriptures saying this is christmas my people and this was the day when i was born and this is how you honour Me…this is easter festival and this is how you honour Me…this is christmas father and he was my uncle and this is why he is who he is….bla bla bla….

    • I agree brother. I put it up there with the people that preach the US will be the nation that will blow up being judged by God because we are the evil of the evil. I’m like wait a sec, are we really the evil of the evilest nation? Aren’t we the first to always help everyone that hates us? Don’t we have a vast population of Christians. Don’t we provide aid to everyone? No people say we are evil because people are dramatic and want people to listen to them talking and go oooo ahhh you are right. People need to go back to the new covenant. We are sinners, if you believe in Jesus you are forgiven period. Is Jesus going to go back on his promise of the new covenant because you try to celebrate his day of birth (obviously not exact) and give people gifts? Are we really going to start pointing fingers at everyone judging them now? I’m blunt. Shut up, mind your business and go do Gods work. Feed the homeless, help the widow, love your neighbor. If your neighbor puts up Christmas lights LOVE HIM ANYWAYS! Seriously go feed some homeless people and put your anti Christmas efforts into usefulness. Let Jesus do the judging of everyone. The rest of us, bumble through life as screw ups but have joy that as believers we are saved :)

  9. I agree that people should enjoy the festive season and they should enjoy being with their families and friends, those who they love and charise. And yes I do honour the King of all kings for what He did for us and I deffinately do not honour Him only on Christmas Day, and I also agree that God does net really care about the exact day We celebrate Jesus. But I do not agree with the statement that the Devil has non existent power, where in the bible do we ever read that God took Satans power away from him? He is just as powerful as he was in heaven. And we do not give satan power as far as we alows it we give him legal right to exercise his power in our lives and you know what the devil does not fight fair and sometimes he will even do so illegally. Jesus did say that we need to resist the devil and he shall flee from us, but a lot of Christians do not even acknowledge his ability and power or that we are in a wrestle like Ephesians 6 says and so they get flored by the enemy time and time again. But Jesus gave us everything to overcome and to stand in victory but most of the time the authority we got from Jesus people don’t understand and they don’t use it, so devil will not flee because there is no resistance. And I say this out of counseling 1000’s of Christians who are wounded, broken hearted, struggling to get free from the addictions and bondages. But I have seen Gods power and His love for His children and I have seen people restored, healed and freed, and broken hearts binded up again so yes He who is in us is greater than him who is in the world. The children of God should take up authority and stand their ground and use the authorities and power God gave us to over come the devil other wise he will knock you he has no other enemy on earth but the child of God, the Christians. To ignore him does not make him to go away. Instead of denial get effective, be powerful and stand in victory!

  10. Excellent Phil, I am a 70 yr young gent and have set the example of celebrating Chistmas to the fullest because I have chosen the 25th Dec as the birthday of my Redeemer, Christ Jesus the Son of God, The Lilley of The Valley, The Bright Morning Star, The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The Lion of Juda, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The First and Last, The Word that became Flesh, The Coming King Riding on a White Horse, THE ONE before whom EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW and EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT HE LORD!!! I shall wish my Lord “Happy Birthday” on Xmas day. Praise be unto Him.

  11. Christmas my thoughts on the issue

    If we are to celebrate the 25 December as christmas day then I personally believe that Christians should be devoting that entire day to thanking Elohim the creator of the heavens and the earth for his great love for us in sending his son Yeshua down to earth to take on the form of a human being. We should also be devoting the money that we would normally be spending on lavishly celebrating to ourselves and our families to helping the poor and others in need thereby fulfilling two of the most important commandment that God has given us.

    36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment.39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:36-40New International Version (NIV)

    Furthermore we should be not only obey the commands of God on Christmas day we should be doing so every day single day of the year. Here in South Africa in particular when it comes to loving your neighbor, for instance when it comes to the domestic worker or the gardener that comes to work for you often because you are to bone idle to do the work yourself how do you treat that person?

    Do you set a good Christian example to that person?
    Do you pay that person a fair wage? Would you work for the amount that you pay them?
    Do you invite that person to come and sit with you at the dinner table at lunch time to share your meal?
    Do you treat that person as having equal value as you to God as a person totally free of prejudice?
    Do you invite that person to attend church with you on a Sunday?
    Would you go and visit that person in his or her home in the township?

    If the answer to any one of these questions is no then you should really be revaluating you own situation because going to church and being “holy” certainly is not what Elohim the creator of the heavens and the earth wants from us.

  12. Thank you. There was a time I was going to abolish all the glitz and glitter of a tree, decorations and lights…..it was my favoritist (my word) holiday of the year. And then….I woke up! I bought all new Devore this year. Merry everything to me!!! It feels good to be free……cookies anyone?

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