Is Your Satan Bigger Than Your God?

Is Your Satan Bigger Than Your God?

You’ll have heard me mention Steve Backlund quite a bit if you’ve read much of my stuff. You might not have heard me mention his equally incredible wife Wendy though.

Today I want to touch on a story which I’ve heard her share many times.

She recalls a time when they were pastors of a church in a rural town in Nevada.

One day they came to the church to find it had been spray painted with a demonic symbol.

The whole church was in uproar about this event and were quite concerned about the ramifications. They obviously immediately arranged for the wall to be repainted but they also frequently prayed over the wall for an extended period of time afterwards.

It was some time later when they were praying over the wall again that Wendy heard the Lord speak to her.

He said “Wendy, which is more powerful, a pastor’s blessing or a witch’s curse?”

In that one moment Wendy realised that all they were doing by continually praying for this wall and against the works of Satan was reinforcing the idea that they had a very big Satan and quite a small God.

It’s a story that, as you hear Wendy share it, obviously had a profound impact on her.

But it’s had a profound impact on me too.

You see, I think far too often we give the devil WAY to much credit.

He has forever been disarmed and defeated (Col 2:15). At best he can expect to be remembered as a footnote in history.

When we focus on him all it serves to do is take our eyes off the true power in our lives.

Christ in us!

Every concern we have about Satan in our lives reveals a belief that we think He’s bigger than Christ in us.

So my question to you is – who has the most influence in your life today?

The devil?

Or Christ in you?

Depending on your answer you might want to rethink how you are choosing to see things today.

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  1. Thanks Phil
    I’m just wondering where all sickness and disease comes from .. Is it from satan and God allows it… It seems millions of people are dying from these things. You hear very little of Healing …

    • Hi Linda,

      Sickness does come from Satan. You should YouTube Curry Blake and also check out a guy by the name of Steve Peace Harmon on Facebook and follow him. They shed enormous light into the world of healing.

  2. If we pray against Satan it must be in faith. These Nevada people were obviously intimidated by this episode and responded in fear. Fear is Satan’s ground.

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