Humility or Pride in it's Sunday Best

Humility or Pride in it’s Sunday Best?

We all love to talk about humility in the church… Mostly because we are proud.

I know, ironic right?

But it’s kind of true. Most of what passes these days as humility is really false-humility.

It’s pride dressed up in it’s “Sunday Best”.

You see for far too long we’ve taught that humility is to think poorly of ourselves. So in an attempt to be humble we put ourselves down.

That’s not humility at all though.

When we focus on putting ourselves down we run the same risk as when we focus on building ourselves up.

We run the risk of focusing on us!

I like the famous CS Lewis quote:

Humility is best summed up as keeping our focus on Jesus.

True humility doesn’t ignore the truth. It can look at our great qualities and our huge flaws alike. It’s defining quality, is regardless of those facts it keeps it’s eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.

So that’s my challenge to you this week… Are you focusing on Jesus or yourself?

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    • Yup – often we flip-flop from one extreme to the other not realising that both are focused on “self”. We miss the problem entirely.

  1. Being the self-obsessed little idolator that I am, I’d have to say that I am more focused on myself.

    But He does bring me to repentance…often…and I thank God for His forgiveness…even though there’s really nothing in me that deserves it.

  2. in light of this article – I would like to comment > Our church’s guest speaker (of the last 2 Sundays) sat on the floor and said he was showing how humble he was, because he was lower than all of us, and held us up above himself – being a humble servant, etc… continually saying things like “I’m not speaking in Greek to impress you” and yet doing so regularly for no apparent reason, etc… telling about his past as the president of a very prestigious motorcycle club (several times), speaking about things like ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’, and in desire to be open and honest with us – confessing of his adulterous past affairs (though he was wrongly accused of being a woman chaser) and now, plans to divorce his wife because she refuses to respect him, (yet he will continue to live in the home) letting us know up front anything that we might find out later and feel he had kept from us… this guy really bugs me… yet, many others seem to be completely taken in and enamored with him. He makes me very uncomfortable… that and many other things he did – like touching women in what seemed to be very inappropriate ways (while praying for them), hugging me in a (chest squishing) rough bear hug for a very long time… (like – this is so uncomfortable and so done – let me go already)… Is this discernment or just recognition of plain red flags (or combo?) – or because I feel so bad/uncomfortable, I wonder IS IT JUST ME? (No one else seems to recognize)
    All in all… it does not seem that a person who is humble would go to such lengths to convince people that he was humble, and of his honest intentions, and really not talk about anything other than himself… and on top if that – I get nothing out of his teaching – I can’t even really understand what his message is supposed to be about.
    He seems very devout and sincere… he invited himself to come – asking our lady Pastor if she would let him come and speak (which turns out will be a 5 sermon message)…
    I am really trying to keep my GRACE eyes and ears on.

    • Haha – I don’t know if I should laugh… in fact I’m sure I shouldn’t but this is maybe one of those prime examples of “laugh or you’ll cry”.

      So much craziness seems to go on in the church, not that it’s any different from other institutions out in the world.

      People are a mixed bag of fruit and anywhere they gather there is craziness and all sorts… the church isn’t exempt unfortunately.

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