Most People Reject Jesus Because We Reject Jesus

People Reject Jesus Because WE Reject Jesus!

I know a lot of people who have rejected Jesus.

Truth be told this has nothing to do with Jesus. They’ve rejected Him because of His followers.

You see people reject Jesus most often because the people who are “representing” Him have also rejected Jesus – they just don’t know it!

Here are a few ways we misrepresent Jesus:

  • We preach Jesus but hate the world.
  • We preach Jesus but mix law and grace.
  • We preach Jesus but support violence as a means to an end.
  • “We preach Jesus but choose pride over humility.
  • “We preach Jesus but when we get sick our first thought is “where did I put the aspirin?”
  • “We preach Jesus but value rules and regulations over relationship.
  • “We preach Jesus but choose to be hurt rather than forgive.
  • “We preach Jesus but choose to build structures, hierarchies and patriarchies.
  • “We preach Jesus but favour one nation over another.
  • “We preach Jesus but prioritise prayer meetings and Sunday lunches over the poor and broken.

We all in one way or another reject Jesus in our beliefs and in turn our actions.

  • We choose the way of the world rather than the way of the Kingdom.
  • We choose to work in our own strength rather than allow the Spirit to work through us.

We need to ask ourselves (or better yet – ask God) daily – “in what ways am I not allowing Christ to work in and through me?”

Because the painful truth is:

I don’t know about you but I’ve probably been guilty of every one of the examples above at some point in my life. Truth be told I’m probably still guilty of one or two!

What are some of the ways you have poorly represented Jesus in your life and what has been the fruit of changing that?

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  1. This is a very good reminder for every believer. For people who claim they’re Jesus’ follower. Thank you Phil.

    • I hear you Raymond! Guilty of that one too – In fact I’m sure we’ve all steamrolled a few people in our time :)

  2. At some point we should praise our God with a positive message and not always be harping on what is wrong with Christians.

    • I agree Steve – My goal is to have people hear the good news of the gospel and refocus on that message.

      Sometimes that comes by preaching the message directly (which you will find in hundreds of blogs and podcasts on here) and other times I contrast what we are presently doing.

      You’ll note that this isn’t focused on other Christians but on all Christians – myself very much included… it’s a challenge to all to focus on Christ and allow Him to live in and through us.

      Thanks for your feedback though – I honestly try very hard to focus on Christ in all my teachings and help people do the same.

  3. This was one of those ‘ouchies’ posts. I admit that I have times when I am guilty of a number of things on the list. But I really want to do better, not so I can be better but so more people will want to know about Jesus. However, instead of beating my self up, I am going to take up your suggestion about asking Jesus to work in and through me everyday.

    • Thanks for being awesome with yourself – as I said in the post – I’m just as guilty of some of these as any others… I think we all need to be honest with ourselves and admit that there are some areas we just don’t believe Jesus and let Him work in and through us.

      Thankfully as you’ve said the solution is a lot more simple than “try hard to fix it” – it’s give up and give Jesus full access to our lives!

  4. How is this ‘dilemma’ going to be corrected? The Bible says, “They will know we are Christians by our love for one another.” And we will only be able to genuinely do that as we are filled to overflowing with HIS love. It isn’t something people can be shamed into. We have to be full of His presence in order to truly re-present Him to others. No one can give away something they don’t have. So, I pray for those who have tried to be a witness out of their own strength, that the fire of the Holy Spirit invade their whole being so that a bold presentation of the Gospel (which is the power of God unto salvation) can be released as it was on the day of Pentecost! Come Holy Spirit!!

    • Amen Norma! At the end of the day – until we stop fighting, striving and trying to do things in our own strength and start resting in the Father’s love for us we will never truly walk in all He has for us!

      There are more and more people getting that though which is great and we are seeing some extraordinary fruit around the world because of it!

  5. We were told (or his disciples were) to spread The Word. If they don’t accept it, brush off your feet and move on. There is also a fine line between what the world calls peace and the Peace of Christ which are in conflict. He would even result in the breaking up of families. People also reject Jesus because they are of the devil. He made that clear with the Pharisees. And many Christians in their efforts to be like Christ actually reject him by wanting peace with other faiths and accepting them which is contradictory. World peace is an illusion that will never happen.

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