The Myth Of A Sinful Nature

#028: The Myth Of A Sinful Nature [Podcast]

Last week we talked about “the flesh”. I talked about this topic because I frequently get questions about it when talking about the fact that we no longer have what many refer to as a sinful nature.

I guess I may have gotten a little ahead of myself as many people struggled with the fact we don’t have a sinful nature!

So this week we’re going right back to the basics and I’m going to look at what the Bible has to say about the sinful nature and explain why don’t have one.

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast – The Myth Of A Sinful Nature.

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I mentioned a few resources that might help with this topic here they are:

8 Ways You May Have Accidentally Become A Gnostic
Romans 7 – Did Paul Struggle With A Sinful Nature
Why Do I Still Sin?

The 3 Biggest Reasons Christians Still Sin & How You Can Be Set Free From Them
If I’m Not A Sinner Why Do I Still Sin?

What About The Flesh

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  1. Phil, thank you for continuing to hammer on this. I don’t know if you feel like you’re repeating yourself, but even though I know I’ve heard you speak on this before, it just sinks in deeper every time and is so life-giving. We can’t be freed enough from this schizophrenic mentality about who we are. So thankful for you!

    • I really do feel like I’m repeating myself Ethan! haha

      I feel like there are lots that are new to this site or the podcast and haven’t heard it so I feel like I have to repeat myself occasionally – although I’m glad it still helps those who know the message already… I know it helps me to remind myself of that truth!

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