How To Hear God's Voice

#026: How To Hear God’s Voice [Podcast]

For many years I was absolutely convinced that God didn’t speak to me, He only spoke to a select few people in my lives, my pastor, my parents, my friends who were especially passionate Christians. But not me. I was spiritually deaf.

As I grew up I found out that I wasn’t spiritually deaf, I had spiritually wedged my fingers in my ears! I had decided I couldn’t hear from God and I was tasting from that fruit.

Over the years I started to realise that God spoke to me in a multitude of different ways, some more obvious than others but all just as valid. Not only that but I’ve found that most people who think God doesn’t speak to them have on some level or another experienced at least a few of these ways.

There are so many but I’ve decided to share a few of the main ones He’s used to speak to me over the years and how you can hear God’s voice in those ways yourself.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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  1. This was a welcome reminder about hearing Gods voice, in various ways. I’ve experienced hearing Him audibly as well as through rememberance (though I’d never heard it referred to as that. -that was new!), visions, and dreams. Thanks for sharing your experience(s) with us!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Shane! That’s awesome that you hear God in so many different ways – thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for this Phil. Both my kids have said this has been a problem for them, in trying to get a grasp on their own faith. I just sent this to my daughter, so will let you know how she finds it. :) Maybe you explaining it will helpful to her. :) Thanks heaps :)

  3. Thanks for the great podcast, Phil! I completely agree with what you shared in this podcast and have found it to be so true! I was raised to believe that the Bible was God’s final word to man and that He had nothing more to say, especially to me. That was OK to me, until about 18 years ago, when something began to stir in my heart and I became increasingly discontent with Christianity, as a whole. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I finally began to believe that God could lead me and did have something to say, even to me. Truly believing this, I began to take some unconventional steps to stoop doing all the usual “church” stuff and started listening for His still small voice, and to my surprise, I began to hear Him! The majority of the time, I sense it more than hear it, but in the last couple of years, I have heard on three different occasions, what I can only say is His “voice,” speaking to me. Two times, it was a single word that opened my mind and turned my world upside down. The third came last night, after listening to this podcast!

    Thank you for all you do!

    • Wow that’s really awesome Kevin – I’m so blessed to hear you enjoyed the podcast and it was awesome to read about someone who has had a similar journey.

      Aren’t you glad the Bible isn’t the only thing God has to say to us! Man talk about a nightmare!

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Phil!
    I really needed this encouragement. I still struggle with the lie that God is not talking or me or I am not able to hear God’s voice.

  5. Great message and reminder of how God speaks to us and how we need to trust and step out in faith. God has often used repetitive scriptures to me through different sources over a week or so. Now that can’t be coincidence!

    • That’s awesome Lorraine – I love when God just keeps bringing up the same scriptures in different settings or even different scriptures that say the same thing… awesome stuff!

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. Please lets practice and spread the word to never use the word ‘journey’ ever again. Journey was a rock band from the 80s. Let’s please, please, please let it there. I’m begging.

  7. Hi Phil! I recently found your website and have listened to almost all of your podcasts.


    This one about me being able to hear God’s voice grabbed me and I had a fun experience of it this very morning.

    A short story:
    This morning I was driving to work, started to sing a song which led me to think about the author of that song, whom I know. Then I felt that maybe she needs an encouragement. So I started to text her when stopping at a red light, not knowing really what to write. I didn’t have the time to finish before it turned green again though. I drove on to pick up a bag I happened to forget at a certain place. It was a sunny morning with blue sky and the river through town was clear like a mirror. I enjoyed that. I picked up the bag and when I was about to go back to the car I remembered the text message. Now, added to what I had written earlier was the words “blue sky”. Strange I thought and jumped back into the car to get to work. Driving across the bridge with the river underneath it I again enjoyed the sunny day. And at the parking lot it struck me that these coincidal words on the phone probably was God giving me a word to her hahaha. So included that i got the words for her “Blue sky” and sent the sms and she really was encouraged by the message.

    This was a fun experience for me who always thought I was spiritually deaf as you said in the podcast. God can certainly communicate with us in different ways, even through coincidently written words on a mobile phone :-D



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