4 Keys To Renewing Your Mind

#029: 4 Keys To Renewing The Mind [Podcast]

The last few weeks in the podcast we’ve been discussing the difference between two realities:

  1. Living a life as “we” – that is Christ operating in and through us
  2. Living a life as “me” – that is us living outside of a conscious awareness of the power of Christ in us.

This week I want to talk about some of the practical ways we can step out of living as “me” and start living the life of “we”.

Enjoying Christ in us and allowing Him to work through us is the key to enjoying the abundant life we have been given.

So in this weeks podcast I want to look at 4 practical keys we can apply to help us in our quest of renewing our mind.

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This week I’m in Liverpool at Jesus Loves.

I will also be speaking at Open Well on the Sunday at 3pm. You are welcome to swing by.

If you are in one of the areas I’ll be visiting this year and would like to host a meeting please do send me an email and we can discuss the possibilities of this. I’ve also got a couple spots open towards the end of 2014 for completely separate trips if you would like to host me.

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Intro/Extro Music used with permission from St. Theodore

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  1. Phil, this is without a doubt the key issue in my life. It relates primarily to entering His rest and staying there and it happens supernaturally by renewing my mind. Two things I do to put the breaks on my mind detouring towards self effort is to pray in tongues which instantly takes my mind out of gear and allows the Holy Spirit to regain preeminence and to clear the clutter and confusion. The other is visualization. Using my imagination to see the outcome from God’s vantage point in alignment with His promises from His word. This is a type of meditation that renews my mind and brings me to a place of confident expectation of a good outcome; the essence of hope.

    • Those are some great ones Jim! I know for me I’ve found just praying in tongues throughout my day has been very helpful! I think I’ll incorporate that second one though… purposing to ask myself – how does God see this turning out.

  2. I downloaded all of the episodes and wondered which to listen to first. This one seemed to have breath on it, and indeed, as I listened I could see how immensely pertinent it was to my need. I laugh as I think of how upside down the “practical” counsel of his kingdom is verses the norm around us: give up, rest, laugh at the devil, and fast trying! But you’re spot on to give these as ways toward a renewed mind. I want especially to be more deliberate about declarations, and refocus my attention back to his heart when the sweat-I-mate moves toward the stinky zone. Thanks again, Phil; you’re such an encouragement to me.

    • Thanks Bill – glad you liked it. Honestly it’s one of my least favourite podcasts so it’s really encouraging to hear you liked it! haha

  3. Thank you Phil for this podcast. It was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I love the simplicity of God and how easy he is. I love your ministry thank you for all that you do.

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