Why Saying Yes Is Ultimately Saying No

#025: Why Saying Yes Is Ultimately Saying No [Podcast]

This week in my weekly newsletter I discussed a book I had been reading and how I was trying to be more intentional with my priorities. I got a huge amount of positive feedback and figured I would make a podcast going into the topic in a bit more depth.

I’ve always lived with a strong understanding that every time we say yes to something we ultimately say no to everything else.

We find ourselves saying yes a lot more than no more often than not because we hate to hurt people’s feelings or seem disinterested in helping them.

However in saying yes we commit to one thing and also commit to not doing anything else at that time.

When we say yes to working late we say no to playing with our kids.

When we say yes to an impromptu dinner with our friend who is in town for a visit we say no to a date night with our partner.

Only in establishing strong, healthy priorities in our lives to do make sure we are saying yes to the right things.

That’s what this podcast is all about. I hope you enjoy it :)

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I mentioned the book I read last weekend that really challenged me on this topic during the podcast. It doesn’t just talk about the importance of setting priorities so we can say yes and no. It also gives very helpful practical advice on how to figure out those priorities and how to go about saying no in different situations.

It’s called Essentialism by Greg McKeown

It’s well worth a read if you want to dive in deeper and really get serious about prioritising your life and learning to say no.

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One Comment

  1. I have recently left a fellowship that held the Bible up as an idol KJV only I was on their “team” for nearly twenty years and subscribed to their beliefs until one day, while I was listening to the preacher talk about “greasy” grace
    God formed this thought in my heart

    Well you know what Grace isn’t BUT do you know what GRACE IS?

    Which set me on a mission to find out I tried looking into the Bible but got nowhere
    Because I was looking thru the wrong lense… The Law.. it got me nowhere and frustration set in i began to become very low and though maybe I had made a mistake in leaving because now I was alone none to share and discuss with ( not one person had contacted me since I left) and yet claimed they love and valued me before.. My world was turned upside down but I began to experience God speaking to me in a new fresh real exciting way (he had spoken this way before but I always had to check in the word and would mostly toss it away because it didn’t fit in with the law)
    I asked The Lord to speak to me in my sleep and He did …amazing not only that but he caused me to wake with the dream fresh in my mind and gave me an instant interpretation oh joy of a living relationship.
    At the moment I have layed aside my bible for a while because I still read it with fear under the Law so I listen to those who like you speak of His Grace and HIS LOVE FOR ME and not my efforts and work and striving to please Him
    I am still alone and that would have freaked me out with fear before because so many preachers will speak about being with like minded Christians well lucky them some of us do not have that BUT. What I do have is Jesus dwelling in me.
    And guess what I have found all the Bibles I had put away because they were other version and of course perverted , ready for when I feel I can open one up and listen to the Spirit speak to me

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