Stop Trying To Grow Your Faith - Lose It

#021: Stop Trying To Grow Your Faith – Lose It [Podcast]

This week I’m taking a break from the usual podcast show and will be sharing with you a recent sermon from my trip to the States.

It’s all about the topic of Faith… something we all know to be very important to the believer.

But I want to challenge you to listen to this sermon with an open heart to hear a very different perspective on an age-old topic.

Most of us were brought up in the church hearing the phrase “grow your faith” again and again.

What I want to propose to you in this podcast is that we as Christians are not called to grow our faith… rather we are called to lose it!

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I’m in Norwich and London (UK) in May. And in Germany/Switzerland in June.

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  1. I enjoyed your podcast–but when you say the “Bible is not the word of God”, I have to take a little issue with you.

    It is all about definition, isn’t it?

    I get your point. While scripture isn’t what John calls the logos of God, nor is it what Paul calls the rhema of God as you pointed out–however, it is the graphe of God–the written word or “scripture” of God.

    And today, much of the spoken word depends upon exegesis of the written word which is God-breathed and useful for teaching and correcting (2 Timothy 3:16).

    I understand this is perhaps a bit of hyperbole on your part to make a point. But it is essentially incorrect to say the Bible is not the word of God– if you wish to deal in semantics, ok perhaps it is better “the words of God”–but I doubt if the semantical difference really is that important.

    Granted, there is much confusion between the three: graphe (written), rhema (spoken), and logos (embodied)–but these three “words” of God form a three-legged stool whereby we can communicate God’s power and love.

    • Hi Darryl… you’ve nailed the fact that the word we translate as “word” in the English comes from those three different words.

      My concern is that we hold them in equal importance.

      The logos IS Jesus.

      The rhema is God actively speaking to us.

      The graphe is the recored word of what the rhema and logos have done in the past and will do in the future.

      But we can’t put the graph on par with the rhema or the logos.

      In fact without the logos or rhema word the Bible is completely useless.

      But I can burn every Bible in the world and the rhema and logos would remain completely unflinching.

      This is what I’m trying to help people understand.

      The graphe (the Bible) is extremely important. But if we don’t recognise that it itself is not logos or rhema we run the risk of being in a very dangerous place.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

      I talked about this in my recent blog –

  2. Your podcast was God’s Rhema Word for me — powerful, and answers so many essential questions. I have listened to this three times and each time, I have been able to ‘jewel’ something new out of it. That’s how alive it is! I am now trying to compile some quotable quotes — real good sound bites which will help in capsulizing the principles in answering the questions of how faith figures in our walk of grace, how unbelief stands in the way, how much we just need to agree, confess and walk in what God has said. I hope, like with some other podcasts, that you will share this in a document or your blog for more detailed study. I will be sharing this on our Facebook forum Would be honored if you would join us there with your postings ( — Much appreciated Phil!

    • Hi Debbie – thanks so much for your kind words! So glad you enjoyed the message.

      I really want to have some quotes from each of the podcasts to put into the show notes.

      Honestly the problem I have is I simply don’t have time to re-listen to the whole podcast and look for quotes.

      Please do reply when you have picked out the quotes you choose though and I’ll share them in the show notes – that would be awesome!

      Thanks again for your encouragement I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you Phil this is exactly what I needed today. I thank God for speaking through you. I have been following you for quite some time and I love all that you do. You’re a rockstar keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much Carlos – that is very encouraging to hear! Appreciate you taking the time to leave such a lovely comment and glad you enjoyed the podcast!

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