5 Things That Make Christians Mad

#019: 5 Things That Make Many Christians Mad [Podcast]

This week I’m with my good friend Dan Heroy and we are going to be talking about 5 things that make many Christians mad.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my blogging and posting on social media it’s that there are certain things that really make many Christians mad.

But why? Today Dan and I will be looking at some go these topics, what we can learn from this and how we can reach out to people with the good news in spite of our differences of opinion.

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5 Things That Make Many Christians Mad

In this week’s podcast we discuss 5 things that Christians often get rather upset if you tell them…

1) God is in a good mood
2) Tithing (i.e. to give 10% to church every week) is not Biblical
3) The world is getting better
4) Christians are not under the law
5) We do not have a sinful nature

If you want to dive into the podcast there is a lot of great stuff in there!

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Resources Mentioned

Tithing: The Great Commission

Great books about the world getting better:
Sean Edwards: The End of Days
Indur M. Goklany: The Improving State of the World
Stephen Moore: It’s Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 years

Christians are not under the law:
Video – Christians Are Not Under the Law
Podcast – Christians are not under the law
Article – What’s the Role of the Law in the New Covenant?
Scriptures – 37 Scriptures That Prove Christians Are Not Under The Law

Christians don’t have a sinful nature:
Check out my free book – “You Do Not Have A Sinful Nature”

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  1. God is Good, Holy, just & always does what is right.
    You’re doing exactly what Rom 1:23 says.
    Were trying to bring God to our level to put ourselves in a good mood.
    God doesn’t have moods & nowhere in scripture will you find it.
    Yes, you can justify anything you like from scripture if you want to.
    God gets angry at things & is sad at things & is happy about things.
    If I ask Dad for something he will answer according to his mood which has nothing to do with whats just & good for me.
    Good mood I get a yes, bad mood I get a no.
    God is NOT like that. He is ALWAYS JUST & GOOD.
    To tout this human attitude is wrong.
    the church must stop bringing God down to it’s level to have relationship with Him or to make them feel better or accepted. When were washed by the bold we have NO CONSCIOUSNESS of sin. It’s washed away & we have boldness toward God.
    If folk have a problem with boldness, don’t change who God is, they must see to themselves.
    There are many names in the Bible describing God & who He is. Teach that, not this good mood nonsense.
    Don’t bring God down to man, He has done that in Christ & by His Holy Spirit, let people rise up in the Spirit to Him.
    The secret of Christianity is knowing Him. We need to know Him as He is, not like we would like Him to be & if you confuse who He is in ANY WAY other than what the Bible declares Him to be is deceiving.
    I was shocked when I first herd of this mood thing coming from Bethel Church. I ran it past our pastors fraternal of about 15 pastors & without exception were horrified. Spiritual guys, some with PhD’s & doctorates with substantial churches.
    You confuse the issue when you mix your statements with “people think God is an angry God”. He is not, therefore He is in a good mood.
    God hasn’t changed from OT to NT. He is the same forever….unchanging. To think God is in Heaven smiling away laughing at everything & that means were ok to talk to Him is nonsense.
    He is HOLY< JUST< GOOD< LOVING< KIND etc etc x 10000.
    There is enough in the Bible to teach forever without making up stuff to make people feel happy or acceptable to God. He did it in His Son thru the cross & now by the indwelling Holy Spirit.
    If that doesn't convince, NOTHING WILL & nothing should, just like good works doesn't make you more acceptable.
    Take people to the Cross Phil. He said " come to me all ye who labor & are heavy laden…..you will find rest for your soul". Don't kiss & cuddle them with niceties & cute sounding statements that aren't in the Bible.

    • Hi Ian,

      I’ve been on a trip for the last 10 days and so it’s taken me longer to “approve” comments in the system so your comment didn’t appear.

      I’ve since approved it and it should appear above.

      You are entitled to your thoughts but I guess we will have to agree to disagree :)

      I’ve no problem with a God in a good mood – the Bible is full of God having emotional responses to things… Jesus was the happiest person of all His companions, the Bible records that in spite of all that the devil is planning God sits in the Heavens and laughs.

      I don’t mind believing in a God who knows the end from the beginning and knows that He wins out through everything and is able to view all things through that lens of joy, hope and goodness.

      You are welcome to believe that God is unhappy. Either way it’s very hard to prove that God doesn’t feel anything as the scriptures are littered with God feeling a great many things on a huge range of issues.

      Bless you my friend :)

  2. I did not say God is unhappy or doesn’t have feelings brought about by circumstances in individual lives.
    He is most certainly unhappy about the situation in the CAR, Sudan & other places. I can’t see him laughing at the atrocities there any more than the sin we commit.
    The Lord Jesus wept at Lazarus tomb, & I think He still weeps at some things on Earth. We can’t fathom Gods emotions. Lets not bring Him down to our level. He’s just too big & complex
    There is soooooo much wonderful information in scripture that God says about Himself without “emotionalizing” Him & using a description that is not in the Bible & certainly very controversial. What for????. Even in Bethel where this thing comes from is was controversial
    Go thru His names just for starters
    It’s not an issue whether one has a problem with it or not. It doesn’t mean it’s ok just because you don’t have problem with it.
    It’s an attempt to make christians comfortable approaching God & THATS THE MAIN PROBLEM.
    If that doesnt give me peace & boldness to approach Him, then NOTHING WILL & nothing should.
    Don’t try to bring people a false comfort because thats all that statement is attempting to do
    Anyway, that’s it for me on this issue. Be Blessed

  3. Hi Phil.
    Went for a ride in the bush here in SA on my MTB.
    I was thinking on the way what would the CHristians in the CAR, Northern Nigeria, Sudan & other places think if you told them….”hey guys, don’t worry, God is in a great mood, He’s laughing in heaven, in fact it’s party time?
    I would rather tell them that He is touched by the feeling of their infirmities & is pained by their situation because in His flesh he was fully God & fully man & wept over peoples suffering, & He hasn’t changed. He is angry at the persecutors as He was when in His flesh & rejoices over justice done
    Good mood? the more I think of it the more distasteful it becomes. Besides being unbiblical.
    Sorry to bring it up when I closed the conversation but I was just thinking…….
    Finish now….wont do it again… :)

    The Lord Bless you

    • It seems you assume happiness and others-centered grief are mutually exclusive emotional experiences. This would only be true if God were narcissistic. God isn’t. God is happy to mourn with those who mourn.

  4. On tithing… I was recently browsing the web to find some good OT commentaries by non-Christian Jews. The search brought me to the local synagogue. Curious, I looked into their membership policy. I noticed they don’t tithe. Puzzled, I did some more web surfing and discovered that Jews don’t tithe AT ALL because there is no temple and many consider it a sin to tithe to anyone who is not a Levitical priest serving in the temple. I was shocked… in a liberating kind of way. You would think Christians would look into what Jews do since the OT is their canon.

    • haha – that’s really funny Jordan – I’ve personally never even thought of it. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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