10 Beliefs Christians Have That Really Mess Us Up

10 Beliefs Christians Have That Really Mess Us Up

10 Beliefs Christians Have That Really Mess Us Up

1) I’m just a sinner saved by grace

I grew up hearing frequently in church that we are sinners saved by grace. In one sense this is true… but the problem is we still identify with the past rather than the logical conclusion.

A sinner saved by grace is by very definition no longer a sinner.

We are saints. We have been made righteous.

We must identify with the new nature, not keep dragging around the old.

For more on this you should definitely check out my article on Romans 7: You Do Not Have A Sinful Nature

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2) God created us to worship Him

We are often told that we were created to worship God. But that’s not all that accurate really.

Believing that creates a very warped image of God. Is God so insecure that He needed to create us to worship Him.

God did not create man to have more beings worshiping Him… He is all sufficient in and of Himself. In fact, even if we didn’t worship Him the rocks would cry out.

Rather, God created us to enjoy relationship with Him! It is in that place we will worship Him.

We were made to be in relationship with God. Worship is a byproduct of that.

For more on this topic I’d encourage you to check out this video message over on The Grace Course – “In The Beginning”

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3) I have to try hard to love God

Have you ever read the “greatest commandment” and felt good about yourself? I’ve not. Reading “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” rarely makes me feel encouraged about the degree to which I love God!

The truth of course is that Jesus was not giving us a rule to follow. No, He was summing up the law and showing us that we couldn’t love God in our own strength.

It is because God loved us that we can love Him.

Our job is not to love God more but to receive His love more. As we focus on God’s love for us our love for Him will in turn grow.

If you think this is something you need to figure out in your life you should check out this podcast…
Stop Trying To Love God & Let God Love You

4) I have to become more holy

What a funny notion it is to “become more holy”. Holiness by very definition is an either/or thing. You are either holy or you are unholy.

So where do we get the idea that we can become more holy?

Of course, as we study the scriptures we discover that we are holy! God has made us holy in Christ. Sure there is an outworking of that as we discover it. But we don’t become more holy rather we discover our holiness!

In that place God will transform our lives and bring forth more good fruit

For more on this see – The Christian Life Is Not About Becoming More Holy

5) It’s my job to change people’s actions.

This might be really disappointing news to you…

We can’t change people. God changes people.

Not only that but it’s not our job to change people.

Discipling people is not a process of getting them to clean up their act and stop sinning. Discipling is the process of helping people connect with God and renew their minds to the truth about who God is and who they are in Him. In that place, sure, they’ll stop sinning, but it is God who does the work… not you.

I talked about this in my article discussing why many pastors are struggling and burning out

6) The world is going to get worse and worse before Jesus returns

This one is pretty funny. Or at least it would be if it wasn’t so prevalent and damaging to the body of Christ and the world around us!

The church today seems to be hellbent (no pun intended) on seeing the world “go to hell”.

The stats are in and no matter what the Christians might say the world is unanimous… things are getting better in every area of life. There has never been a better time to be alive on the Earth than today.

People often complain about “the world these days” and I ask them… when exactly would you prefer to live? The question speaks for itself… the past really sucked in comparison to today and few people would be signing up for a one-way ticket to 1600AD :)

I really struggle to see how the world falling apart makes God a victorious God. Never mind how a mysterious antichrist having his way with the world represents “no end to the increase of God’s Kingdom” or “on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

I do write a little on the website about this topic. However, odds are if you don’t believe what I’m saying you’ll need some more in-depth resources. For that I highly recommend these two books, they will change your life!

Jonathan Welton – Raptureless
Sean Edwards – The End of Days

A great secular book that helps show on a statistical level that the world is getting better and better is:

The Improving State of the World: Why We’re Living Longer, Healthier, More Comfortable Lives on a Cleaner Planet by Indur M. Goklany

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7) Thinking everyone should agree with you

If you are the type of person that can’t be around people who disagree you are going to have a bad time.

In fact, you are probably already having a bad time.

There isn’t a person on the planet you will agree with 100%. If you know of such a person you just haven’t gotten to know them well enough yet!

Doing life with those who disagree with us is inevitable, we can’t avoid it so we had better learn to do it!

Not only that, you need to embrace differing opinions as a good thing.

It’s in the relationship with different people that we are sharpened, we learn new things, discover our blind-spots and help others discover theirs.

My good friend Jared wrote a great blog on the importance of this topic and how it relates to church unity. You can read that here – Iced Tea, Hot Tea Or Unity

8) Thinking you need to have all the answers

I don’t know about you but I’m a recovering know-it-all. I’m the most opinionated guy I know. Even if I don’t know about a topic I’ll be quick to pick a side and argue it to the death. While I’m a lot more mellow these days and have let a lot of that side of me fall to the wayside – I still have my moments.

Learning to be humble, teachable and say “I don’t know” is a huge life skill to learn.

It helps us grow, connects us with people on a more meaningful level (nobody likes a no-it-all) and it stops the spread of bad theology! (I’d say a huge amount of bad theology was born because someone wasn’t willing to say “I don’t know”. This causes us to have to come up with the best thing we can think of at the time.)

Learning to live in mystery and say – “I don’t know about that. What do you think?” is one of the biggest steps towards maturity you can take.

As Socrates said – “When I was young, I knew everything but now I know nothing.” Learn to be humble and admit we don’t have all the answers. Peace comes from leaning on His understanding, not ours.

9) Believing that your sin somehow causes God to separate from you

Few things are more stupid than believing God can’t look upon sin. I mean, that would leave God very little to look at since the fall!

If Jesus taught us anything it was that God has no problem being around sinners. He chooses to love them where they are, amidst all their faults and failures.

We most certainly don’t want to have sin in our lives. We have been made righteous, our nature in Christ is to bring forth righteous fruit. So don’t think I’m saying that it’s good to sin, or that we should turn a blind eye to it.

However, in our lives, if and when it occurs we need to know that it in no way separates us from God. We have to learn to trust that God is bigger than sin and fully dealt with it on the cross.

For more on this I’d encourage you to watch the video “Does Sin Really Separate You From God?”

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10) Thinking God will punish you if you don’t tithe

The amount of people who think that they will come under a curse if they don’t give 10% to their local church every week scares me!

Christ became a curse so that we could be delivered from the curse completely! We are blessed in Him and as it says in Numbers – “What God has blessed no man can curse”.

And yet, all over the world, church leaders are telling their congregations that they will be cursed if they don’t conduct their finances in a certain way.

Here’s the deal, we are Christians, we are in God’s image and likeness… of course we want to give.

But God does not want us to give under compulsion! Certainly not because we might be cursed if we don’t!

He wants us to give freely and generously because we are givers by nature.

For more on the tithe I have an extremely detailed write up here – “Tithing: The Great Commission”


What are some things you have thought in your Christian life which have turned out to be poisonous in the long run?

Are there any of the ones above you need to rethink?

I’d love to hear from you – please do leave a comment below :)

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  1. Another great article, Phil! I cant even begin to elaborate my experiences with each number. I actually tried to help someone understand that we are not “sinners” anymore once, and I got completely blocked by them on Facebook. I didnt realize that was bad news…lol. God has done so much for me by freeing me from lies like this. I now have a strong desire to see others stop believing stupid stuff like this too. Thanks for posting! :)

    • Thanks Brock – it’s a tough line to walk isn’t it.

      Sometimes we’ve believed certain things for so long that accepting news, even good news, can be hard if it means we are going to have to be humble at admit we were wrong.

      I guess we have to just keep walking out who we are in Christ and being light to those who find themselves in dark places, even Christians at times.

      • For Phil: — “Sometimes we’ve believed certain things for so long that accepting news, even good news, can be hard if it means we are going to have to be humble at admit we were wrong.” Unlearning things is hard. It is hard to lose one’s “religion” when one finally get serious about unlearning false teachings, doctrine, clichés and otherwise stupid stuff parading around as spiritual truth. The sad fact is that so much of it plays to natural human logic, and the flip side is we rely to much on other men to get our truth for us,…men who perpetuate and parrot those false truths because they fail to study things out for themselves. I will not be asked by Father what I think about so and so’s teaching, doctrine, etc. After a certain age we are all responsible for alleviating our own ignorance in these matters and false teachings for certain..

        • Very true Larry – we are quick to forget that it is the Spirit that leads us into truth… and while frequently He does so through other people, He doesn’t need to!

    • Good word, 7 got me,as far as agreeing especially when it comes to new Covent vrs old. I GET frustrated.and because of it have isolated myself. Hmmm…

    • Most of these that you said were ..good ..a lot of them lead into unbelief…like those in the desert.fell into unbelief

  2. Yes it is….in fact a lot of Christians I know arent even ready for these kinds of truth. Some stuff I have came to believe through Grace, I dont even feel like I can share to a lot of my peers. Lies like these are rampant, but I have seen the Holy Spirit out of nowhere open doors for Truth for those people. I most of the time just wait for my Divine opportunity to share the truth. :)

    • Yup – I think in those moments it’s important to remember just how much grace God had for us and not to mention patience!

      He’s been preaching the gospel to us our whole lives and we didn’t always get it (heck, we don’t fully get it now!)

      So we have to show the same patience and grace for those in their journey… lets face it someone else is probably saying the same things about us (that we aren’t ready and just don’t get it! haha)

  3. Great points. I disagree slightly with the World not getting worse. I don’t adhere to the Kingdom now philosophy. Not all who believe the Word of God about the rapture believe in a defeatist beaten down Church. I do believe the Word Isaiah stated. In Isaiah 60 he states that darkness gross darkness will be upon the Earth. But the light will be brighter. In other words I believe the sin will be dark but the light of the gospel of grace will be brighter. As for raptureless sorry Jesus has not returned already and wiped out Jersusalem and the Temple. What about the majority of bible scholars who affirm the book of Revelation was written in 90 AD? That is after 70AD. Love your blog. I just don’t ascribe truth to the preterism philosophy. I see this “doctrine” as universalism cloaked. Blessings. Just so you know I mean what I say I linked your blog site on my blog. God bless you.

      • I appreciate your point of view. It’s sometimes natural when we hear a refreshing message, like the gospel of grace (which is the truth) to then challenge all other areas we’ve been taught. I am not quick to just “throw aside” everything I’ve ever heard just because I received the truth of God’s grace and the finished work. I just apply His grace to all areas of my life. Here is a link for you to consider to, I may not agree 100% with the site but anyways…

        • Thanks for the resource John – lots of great stuff on there indeed. I’m very slow to change my opinion, becoming a partial preterist was not something I did overnight … Nor do I feel it is something common in the “grace” camp. I’d say it’s still very rare for people to fall in that group.

          Thanks again :)

      • Yes, I’m curious as to your point #6. What do you mean exactly in terms of the world getting better. Better in what sense? I think the potential misunderstanding or difference in opinion lies in how we define this ‘better’ or ‘worse’ state. I’m not sure if your perspective is linked to what is written in Revelation?

        Apart from that, all your other points are bang on and totally in line with correct discerning of Scripture. For which, I’m grateful to my pastor Joseph Prince for being pivotal in the expounding of this to me.

        • Hi Jemima – if there is one area of teaching that really surprises me about JP’s teaching it is that he remains a futurist in his eschatology. I love Joseph Prince but I just don’t get it.

          As I said – I highly recommend you check out the books I mentioned above – you can even get a free copy of raptureless on the website here – http://www.raptureless.com

          Hope that helps :)

        • @Jemima Wei
          I am in total agreement with you. I LOVE Pastor Prince. I think he has the best insights on grace there is. I trust him to bring truth out that will benefit multitudes.

      • Hey Phil,

        I greatly enjoyed this article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        The infographic is interesting, however, most textual critics would argue that even the earliest Syriac Texts (dated to C4 or early C5) don’t even include Revelation, along with 2 Peter, 2-3 John, and Jude. So the Prologue in Revelation wouldn’t have been part of the early Syriac tradition. I’d argue that we should keep that detail in mind when thinking about the dating of Revelation.

        • Glad you enjoyed the article and info graphic – on all things eschatology I defer in expertise entirely to someone like Jonathan Edwards or Sean Edwards. I’ve not spent nearly the years devoted entirely to this topic they have.

  4. I have heard that cleanliness is next to godliness ! I never did believe that. People use that to make kids take a bath. Just a little humor! But that was what I was taught.

    • Haha Priscilla – I’ve definitely heard that one although I’m not sure anyone would accuse me of adhering to it! :)

  5. Wonderful post. I can’t wait to share it with my friends. One of the things I picked up going to a charismatic pentecostal church in Canada was that I needed to die to my self and pay the price!!! I am not sure what the price was per se, but something along the lines of giving up the comforts of this world- television, parties, movies and all the entertainment because that surely was of the devil. And instead I should shun away from it all and dedicate hours in prayer fasting and worship and giving up all my desires and succumb to the will of God. It just got me miserable, fatigued and envious of all my friends who were having a good time. But praise God , I am not in that place any more. And a lot of my friends who believed that now think – I have gone off the deep end and ‘back slidden’ !!! Oh well…I know how liberated I feel now to just enjoy Daddy’s love!!!

    • Hey Alex! That’s a huge one… This divide of secular and sacred is so fascinating to me… It just didn’t seem to be on the early churches mind… Nor Jesus’ either! Being in the world and around the worldly is our very call!

  6. Reminded me of something someone told me years ago
    JESUS told us to be fishers of men
    WE catch them
    It’s HIS job to clean them UP
    HOW true..
    thanks for this…all of it

  7. I chuckled at item #6 and ran down your links just to read the reviews on Amazon. I was amazed at some of the reviews that said something similar to, “Why isn’t anyone talking about this? I’ve never read anything like this before!”

    First, I agree with you on this point. But I am constantly amazed that no one has ever heard the other views about the so-called end times. Folks like N. T. Wright, Eugene Peterson, and Bruce Metzger have held and written about similar views for years. But I guess pop-theology drowns out the scholars on this one!

    Thanks for including item #6!

    • Yup this is far from a new belief… In fact, historically a “futurist” view of the end times is rather rare up until recent years. Not to mention the rapture which is under 200yrs old as far as theories go!

      Thanks for sharing Darryl

  8. Hey brother Phil. I don’t know you, but it’s clear to me that we have a kindred spirit. This post is right on point. Thanks for sharing and I’ll certainly repost.

    Concerning point.#5 about being more holy, I would suggest to you that most people don’t realize what the “holy” means. To be separated unto God, but what does that mean? Moses was standing on holy ground. The Sabbath was holy. These are inanimate subjects, could holiness actually be talking about human behavior? Just a couple of questions, but I fully appreciate the point you are making.

    What I really like about your ministry is that you have a love to grow deeper in the things of God and you’re challenging others to do the same. This is the fruit of a true servant of God.

    • Absolutely Karl – that’s actually what I to into a little in the resource linked. We have made holiness all about our conduct when holiness is a state of being. But that’s always been our problem – we love to focus on our works rather than our faith.

      Thanks for sharing my friend, it’s nice to “meet” you!

  9. Thinking you need to have answers? Really? I’m pretty sure needing to have answers and needing to have all the answers are completely different. If people don’t need to have answers why ever ask a question? So many Christians are happily plodding along without learning a damn thing and you’re here telling them they don’t need to know. I feel the title of number 8 doesn’t actually reflect the content of number 8 so i’ll put it down to you not being able to articulate yourself properly.

    • Hi Joseph thanks for that – it was actually a typo… I dictate all my stuff and somehow despite proof reading a few times managed to completely miss that! It’s fixed now :)

  10. Hi Phil,

    So I agree with much of this. 1, 3, 5, 8 – yes and Amen! Thank you brother!

    But I’ve gotta say, given the ‘buzzfeed’ style of title and format of the post, I think it’s more than likely a number of readers might just read the headings. And as such, I think one or two are a little clumsy/potentially misleading. All that follows should be taken in the spirit of love and grace though :o) if not, ignore it!


    Based on the title alone (I’m playing the part of buzzfeed style skim-reader), this is my biggest concern. What you then go on to explain it as is this:

    – God is insecure, and needs to be worshipped for validation

    So why not put that as the title?

    I totally disagree that the belief “God created you to worship him” will screw you up. It’s a wrong understanding of God or worship that will. You address the former, but not the latter. And as such, contrasting worship vs relationship with God in this way is slightly dangerous false dichotomy in my opinion.

    I imagine you’ll agree, that if your ‘relationship’ with God somehow never led to any kind of internal/outward acknowledgement or appreciation for who He is, then you don’t really know who God is, and thus you don’t actually have a relationship at all. You can’t have relationship with someone you don’t know, and you can’t know who God is (as a christian by The Spirit) and *not* worship Him.

    And here’s the misconception of worship that I think is missing from your post: that somehow worshipping God as a Christian is anything less than one of the highest and most satisfying expressions of intimate relationship with our Abba Father! I read 1 Peter 1:10-12 to suggest that the angels long to look into what we have; they worship, but our worship is mysterious and wonderful to them – we’re redeemed sons and daughters! Hallelujah!

    So when I read the point, this is how it came across: “God didn’t create you for the highest pleasure and privilege”. WHAT!! Because that’s what it is, worship is inextricably bundled up in my identity and relationship – even though we may get bored of singing songs in church from time to time. Eternal life will be filled with perfected worship of Him, my Redeemer and Abba, and as such, I’m rather looking forward to it!

    Here’s a few other options that I think would be less likely to cause confusion:

    – God isn’t interested in you, just the worship you bring
    – Worship is a duty God demands and exacts from us
    – Worship blesses God, but is a drag


    I interacted quite heavily with 2), so I’ll try and be brief! Again, for a lot of people “becoming more holy” is synonymous with “engage with the process of sanctification”. Feels like there could be a bit more clarity about the various theological concepts at play here, rightousness, justification, holiness etc.

    We’re justified and ‘made holy in his sight’ by the once for all sacrifice of Jesus, absolutely, but:

    “As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” ”

    A lot of people would read that and say “It sounds like I’m being called to be Holy… and in some way in an increasing measure”. I was a little unsure of exactly how what you were talking about relates.

    Anyway, I hope all this hasn’t come across as too combative – I just love worshipping and want to see the body released more into proper understanding and enjoyment of it! Too many people think that worship will be boring in eternity.

    Love and blessings to you!

    • Hi Stephen,

      This is absolutely supposed to read as a list one can glance over – there’s nothing wrong with that – the point is when you glance over these list (at least myself and everyone I know) you stop on the ones that interest you or that surprise you.

      That’s why the topics are worded they way they are… I don’t say “God isn’t interested in you, just the worship you bring” because nobody would say that they believe that. However most people would say “we are created to worship”… while that statement of belief is what ultimately creates an underlying belief that God isn’t interested in us aside from our worship.

      Thanks so much for sharing – you are more than entitled to disagree, in fact I encourage it :) If you are interested in my personal responses to each of those I’d encourage you to look into the resources I link in the post that correspond to the differing points. You can also check out the “new here” page.

      Bless you bro!

    • Yes – pretty amazing in the first 24hrs over 14,000 unique views! I think the new servers are coping a lot better – before when I got this kind of traffic things would just fall apart :)

  11. Well, your intentions were good, but I’m amazed that no where in this article did you link the Bible as a reference. For EVERY aspect of our lives, God gives clear instruction. All of this is basically man’s interpretation of what God was saying, when in reality, until you’ve studied and researched for yourself it’s never going to make sense. Don’t ever take someone else’s word for it, just because they “said so”. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Which means, what He meant back then still applies today. No where in the Bible does it ever say, “this doesn’t apply anymore, so don’t worry about it”. Yes, tithing is an instruction, NOT an option. No matter how you slice it, Jesus (Yeshua) was a living, walking, breathing example of what/how we are to live on this earth. So, if you’re wondering please study for yourself, the true Hebrew roots of your faith (because we all know Jesus was a Jew), and then and only then will you begin to walk out a redeemed lifestyle according to God’s teaching and instruction.

    • Hi Carressa – these are huge topics each and everyone in their own right. I’ve not referenced Bible verses in each one because there are dozens upon dozens for every one of them.

      If you follow the links for each one I talk about there are articles some of them 5000+ words with 100’s of verse to support them. Others are 1hr+ sermons with chapters and chapters of bible verses looked at.

      Hope that helps you.

  12. Do you see these following scriptures as a call to action?

    1 Peter 1:14 As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, 15 but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, 16 since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” 17 And if you call on him as Father who judges impartially according to each one’s deeds, conduct yourselves with fear throughout the time of your exile,

    Eph 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. 2 And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

    3 But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. 4 Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. 5 For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. 6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

    • Hi George – not exactly sure what you mean.

      I’d say that these statements are clear labels for believers of what good (bad) fruit looks like and what is typical (not-typical) for a believer who is believing well (poorly).

      I wouldn’t say it’s a de facto list of rules to follow though and I wouldn’t say Peter or Paul ever intended for them to become the NC version of the 10 commandments.

      If you clarify what you are asking I can certainly share more on the topic. The context of these passages plays a huge role in how we understand these passages as well.

      • Hi Phil, thanks for the reply. To restate my question, do you believe these scriptures reveal a standard of behavior that God requires/demands of us?

        • No – God does not require or demand a standard of us. There is a standard that is natural for us though. When we fall short of that standard I think we do well to ask God what areas of our beliefs need to be changed so that we can, by the renewal of the mind (repentance) be transformed in our actions.

          • Now I am the one who does not understand. You say God has no standard but men do. Does that mean for example that God does not see adultery as wrong but men do?

          • Hi George – I’d strongly advise you listen to the video linked above “Christians are not under the law” – it sounds like you would really enjoy it and benefit from it and it explains where I’m coming from in much more depth than I can do here on the blog.

            I’m not saying God doesn’t have a standard but men do, not entirely sure where you got that. Adultery is wrong… But it’s not bigger than God’s forgiveness, love and grace.

            It is not a standard God holds us to but rather a lifestyle that is normal for the believer. The gospel proclaims stop focusing on the rights and wrongs and instead focus on Christ – if you rest Him the rights and wrongs will take care of themselves.

            Again, please watch the video as I feel there is huge scope for you reading your own perspective into what I’m only briefly able to say and misinterpret it.

            Thanks for the chat.

          • Hi Phil, in the video you explained how we are no longer bound by “right or wrong”, “our sinful nature is dead” and I think I understand what you are saying. In a nut shell I understand you to be teaching that with the old sinful nature dead we walk in the spirit and right believing will lead to right living.
            We both know that sexually immorality is very common today, even among Christians. It is so common that people make no attempt to hide or excuse it but accept it as a normal lifestyle.
            If we are no longer bound by “right or wrong” why would God say through Paul “ For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.” Eph 5?

          • Hi George – I’ve yet to meet a Christian who embraces sexual immorality as a normal lifestyle so not sure I can agree with that statement from that perspective. But I do agree things aren’t healthy all the time and we need to help people discover who they are.

            This is exactly what Paul does again and again in His scriptures. You have to remember – to the Ephesians especially – these guys came out of backgrounds where “worshop” was to sleep with prostitutes in the temple (male and female) they are learning who they are and what the gospel is. I think it’s very wise for Paul to make statements like the one you quote in light of that.

            These days I can’t say I’ve ever met a Christian who thought that sexual immorality is good – so it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue… especially as we focus on helping people connect to Christ in them the hope of glory (which was always Paul’s primary message himself). If there are people who seem to think this then by all means it’s a great idea to come alongside them and say something. Perhaps say “Hey I’ve noticed that your lifestyle is really falling short of who you are in Christ. Would you like to talk with me about that so we can see what you are believing that’s contrary to the truth?” Again it’s all about helping people focus on their beliefs and come into a place of walking in the Spirit.

            Hope that helps.

          • Hi Phil, I agree with you that we should help others come to know the truth and to act upon it. I am not trying to be offensive here but, as for what you said about sexual immorality not being an issue among Christians, I have to ask you: Do you not know of any Christians who support gay marriage and other gay behaviors, such as appointing practicing gay men and women as Bishops and pastors, sleeping or living with someone outside of marriage, using artificial birth controls such as, but not limited to, abortive drugs and abortion, viewing porn, looking at others with lust, or masturbating and so on?

  13. I agree with everything this article says except for the part about the end of the world. Although I do not believe that the bible and other religious texts are 100% true, I do believe that a lot of it is true. When you actually look at the evidence out there that just involve our nation, you will realize that we are being lied to and the world actually is falling apart. Events that are said to take place before the end of the world in the bible are actually happening around the world. Look it up. God even explains how Satan uses deception to fool people into doing what he wants. The evidence is out there. That being said I believe truly believing in God is true protect. Nothing from the devil can hurt you with God on your side.

    • Thanks for sharing – I’d challenge you to consider when those “things” began happening Ed. So much of our “end times” theology becomes very shaky when we study 70AD… even things like the enemy deceiving people into doing his works in the “end times” … well that’s hardly a new thing is it? When that letter was written it was already happening :) Thanks again for sharing – you most certainly aren’t alone in your perspective… in fact these days, it’s the more prevalent of the beliefs.

  14. Phil,

    I do not think you are on the right track on a few of these, specifically, #10. I actually think Christians are under a curse if they do not tithe. To me, Malachi 3:9 says those that rob God are under a curse. Although I don’t think God punishes us, I do believe we live under a curse when we rob God of His tithe. How do you reconcile Malachi 3:9 with what you are saying in #10?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    • Hi Jeff – I linked in the article to my blog on Tithing… I go into great depth on each bible verse that mentions tithing. This includes talking through Malachi in depth as well. You can find the article here – phildrysdale.com/tithing – hope it helps clear things up for you.

  15. Thank you for a most timely article. Lately I find my self re-reevaluating so many things. It seems like I see so much “mission” and so little love. I desperately need to know how to let the Lord love me more, sometimes it seem like love is just an illusion, a dream of something that is not honestly possible here for so many walking this planet. Read an article yesterday of some young girls who pretended to be lost in Britain, UK. They asked passers by for help and oddly only 1 in 600 stopped to help. It seems like an odd thing to me, and I wonder how many of those 600 passersby attend church regularly and profess to being saved. I know that in many ways things are better now than they have ever been, but have we really gained the one thing the Lord said was the most important thing….love for one another. Our families are falling apart and there is so very much pain surrounding many hearts. For me my greatest discouragement has been not having a family and not really belonging anywhere it seems in a deeper way. People are often friendly and profess to be the “family of God” but rarely do I see that work when the chips are down and there are high prices to pay.

    PS….the most impressing thing to me, is that you have taken the time to answer so many writers. So perhaps there is some small hope in humanity after all.


    • Hi Tracy – I can see that – it’s definitely hard to see the good in the world but I think the majority of that is because we don’t report good stuff, media doesn’t care about thriving families or people who help others etc.

      Things that occur today are much more visual than in the past. For example bad things that happen are plastered all over the news – this can make us think that there are more bad people, more rapes occur, more murders, more bad marriages etc. The truth is that there have been bad marriages since the dawn of time… the cold hard statistics tell us that violent crime is down in almost every country on the planet drastically! But still we see worse and worse things on the news and we propagate these things by talking about them all the time.

      I think this is the beauty of the internet is that we get to be responsible for what we spread, what side of the coin we choose to focus on and be a part of expanding.

      I don’t disagree that there is messed up stuff going on but I choose to see the glass half full :)

      Oh, and if I’m a picture of the hope for humanity things must really be looking grim! haha – thank you for your kind words!

  16. Hej Phil,
    this is an interesting article and while I agree on most of it, the fact that I find to be even more enriching is that it challenges people to engage in a thought process. Most importantly, the way you have been handling the different comments speaks of much agape love and wisdom.
    Just wanted to thank you for being a light.
    A blessing sent from Europe.

    • Thanks for your kind words Jiska! That’s my heart for this ministry – not to simply tell people what to believe but to share my thoughts and help people on their journey with God figuring out what they believe for themselves.

      It’s the Holy Spirit that leads people into Truth… Not me! But I’m thankful God chooses to use me to speak sometimes. If I can break people out of the mould of accepting everything they hear and into a pattern of going to God for a discussion then my job is very much done :)

      I’m over in Ireland so your blessing didn’t have to come too far! Where in Europe are you?

  17. I think this is a good article, but I feel like some of these sayings carry more than one meaning, and your article only focuses on one meaning for each of these sayings. For example, I use the saying, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace” in how I speak to those who aren’t saved. Yes I know that we are redeemed and sanctified in Christ, but when I use that phrase, I’m letting those who are not saved know that I didn’t do this on my own. By myself I am nothing, no better than anyone who is not saved. No Christian was saved by their own power, but by grace through faith. In that regard, we are all just sinners saved by grace. I have some other examples with some of the other phrases addressed here, but I was just trying to point out that some of these phrases carry more than one meaning.

    • Absolutely Joseph – perspective is a very good thing to have. As I said in the article that saying “I’m a sinner saved by grace” is a truth. It’s just not a great one to constantly be speaking over yourself in a present tense.

      It’s awesome to tell people the truth that we were just like them and in a hard place, lost in sin and it’s only by grace that we find ourselves elsewhere. But let’s not stop there – let’s tell people what a sinner saved by grace is – the righteousness of Christ! A saint! As He is in Heaven so have we become here on the Earth!

      Thanks for sharing!

  18. Thank you for this. It’s just confirming a lot of what I’ve been surrounded by in my childhood, compared to now in my personal walk with Jesus. It’s really helping me see that being “religious” also happens in the charismatic churches. But it’s harder to notice because people can use emotion to deceive what’s actually the truth so you “feel” like something isn’t right rather than “know” freedom. I like how down to earth you are in your posts. It’s almost like you’re just a talented dude writing about stuff. Not a christian writing about christian stuff, only for christians to read and send to other christians. Being a christian myself, and as a musician, it’s difficult to win other christians to understand why I don’t necessarily write worship songs. The pressure of their religious-ness is heart breaking but I love what you said about Thinking Everyone Should Agree With You. It’s really helped. I really admire this wisdom and I hope there’s much more to come! Thanks again.

    • Thanks so much Jamison – I think that was the biggest wake up call for me. I moved from a very conservative church background into the charismatic church and they hate “religion”.

      So I thought I was free of religion.

      They simply hated one flavour of religion though… Not raising your hands in worship and operating in the gifts… “We are free, we laugh, we roll around on the floor, etc.”

      The truth is the charismatic church is a place I have found to be more religious!

      I actually speak about this in a lot of my blogs/audio messages but you might specifically like my sermon “the end of religion” which you can find on the resources page phildrysdale.com/resources

      Bless you bro and thanks for your encouragement!

  19. I would still say that sin is what separates us from God. As you said, “A sinner saved by grace is by very definition no longer a sinner. We are saints. We have been made righteous. We must identify with the new nature, not keep dragging around the old.” If you are not a sinner saved by grace, you are still separated from God by sin, but otherwise you are a saint and need not identify with your old sinful life. Would you agree?

    • Hi Tori – I can’t recommend enough that you watch the video I linked in the article under that section.

      It’s only 9minutes long but goes into great depth on the topic – I won’t try explain my position here as it would take too much time, whereas the video is already there for you to check out and enjoy.

      It’s called “can God really not look upon sin?” It’s in the resources section phildrysdale.com/resources or if you want there is a direct link above on this page under the point you are talking about.

      • Though it was referred to in a previous comment, I feel like I should mention it again. The Bible should be the ultimate authority on these kinds of matters. We can become lost in our own thoughts and ways of thinking. I only offer this as an encouragement, not as a criticism.


        • Yes that is a stickler of a verse Bubba – one that people find very hard to let go off… Especially in the light of it’s context.

          As you said scripture must be held above all things… And because of that I can’t allow one scripture out of context to say God can’t look upon sin when there are literally hundreds of scriptures showing me that He does.

          Exegetically that scripture might point to sin separating us from God but hermeneutically it just doesn’t hold up.

          Thanks for sharing – as with others I’d highly recommend you want the video talking about this – it’s only 9mins long.

    • Thanks for sharing z.

      I would encourage you do the same as I encouraged both Stephen and Caressa – read the articles, audio messages, podcasts and videos I’ve linked throughout this blog :)

      People can complain all they like that I’ve been too brief and not used any scriptures but it seems a bit fruitless when I link to resources that are hugely in depth and quote hundreds of scriptures collectively.

      I’m not trying to say this post is an in-depth look at these topics, simply raise them as issues we should think about and give people links to where they can do so.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  20. Curious about the claim of not having a sinful nature. Romans 7 has Paul talking through his battle with sin, present tense, and his resolution of it. It is a blow by blow walk through how to have victory over sin in your life. Galatians 5 exports that into the lives of believers he’s talking to. “The spirit wars against the flesh, and the flesh wars against the spirit, so that you cannot do what you want to do”. Same battle; same tense; same exhortation. How do you arrive at not having a sinful nature to resist when these two passages so clearly indicate it?

    • Hi Kyle, as I said in the point I have a whole book on the sinful nature and how it is not something the Christian has in their lives. The book walks through Romans 7 nd explains the whole thing in depth. I’d encourage you to give it a read, here is the link again – phildrysdale.com/sinfulnature

  21. Hey Phil

    There are really only four points that I really disagree with you on (1,6,9,&10).
    1. I’m just a sinner saved by grace. You made the statement “A sinner saved by grace is by very definition no longer a sinner.” Nowhere in the Bibble does it say that we lose our sin nature. If that were true Christians would no longe sin. We are however given the power that is need to overcome the sin nature.
    6. The world is going to get worse and worse before Jesus returns. You disagreed with this statement saying things are only getting better. But if you stop listening to the lies of the media and look at the things that are happening around the world you would realize that things are NOT getting better they are in fact getting much much worse.
    9. Believing that your sin somehow causes God to separate from you. The Bible is very clear on this subject. First of all sin is the very thing that separates us from God. Secondly God loves us. And finaly, God HATES sin and willl not tolorate it.
    10. Thinking God

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts John – you are very entitled to disagree, I’ve no problem with that but I would strongly encourage you to look at the links associated with these points. I assure you these aren’t just random statements but based upon 1000’s of hours in the scriptures :)

      Hope that helps. And thanks for sharing!

  22. 10. Thinking God will punish you if you dont tithe. While i agree that you wont be currsed,i also believe that you will miss out on the blessings that come form tithing.
    That is really all i have to say againsst the artical. I just thought i would give you my oppinion on the points i disagreed with you on.

  23. For the record, I’ve read most of the articles referenced in this one.
    Let’s see here…

    1: In a sense you’re right, but also unbelievably and dangerously wrong.
    We don’t just magically lose our old sin nature when we’re saved. We are made positionally righteous by grace, through faith. But as is patently obvious we still must contend with the “old self” that wants to sin.
    We are no longer condemned by the it and we are no longer captive to it but we still must contend with it and only by God’s grace are we able to overcome.
    We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and pretend we no longer sin. Look around and you’ll see the very idea is preposterous.

    2: This, I think, is the result of a misunderstanding of the nature of God. Once again, you’re half right and half wrong and this can easily lead to dangerous places.
    God does not “need” us, you’re very correct in that. We were created that God might be more greatly glorified. Through the fall and His provision for the forgiveness of sins through Christ’s work His glory is magnified in greater ways that are completely unrelated to our worship of Him.
    What is the chief end of man? “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Therefore, if our highest calling, our chief end, the very reason for our and the entire worlds creation and continued existence is to glorify God then worship is simply a natural extension of that.
    Perhaps you are confusing “worship” with “singing?”

    3: Okay, so the big question is: how do we do that?
    How do we focus on the love of God with the noise of The World, Satan, our old sin nature and everything trying to get us to focus on the here and now and not on things of eternal value?
    I’d say with all that opposition it would be pretty hard. But, we are able to do it as Christians through the power of the Holy Spirit. So, we mustn’t despair when we encounter opposition. Doing it through our own force of will won’t do any good and won’t be loving at all.
    So, once more, you’re partly right and partly very wrong.

    4: An oversimplification that, taken to its logical conclusion, leads to some very old heresies.
    Look up Progressive Sanctification on a reputable site for a better explanation.

    5: You nailed this one. Good job.
    Curious as to what you means by “connect with God,” though. That can have a thousand and one different interpretations.

    6: You are flat out backward on this one. Read Revelation or just any End Times prophesy in the Bible (be wary of anyone who says they’ve “cracked the code” or any variation thereof, there’s stuff in the Bible we just don’t understand and that’s okay.)
    It’s pretty obvious, though. Things go from bad to worse pretty quick.

    7-8: Good job on these ones, at least in theory.
    Be nice if you took your own advice, though. But, moving on from there.
    Such emphasis on this much-adored “Unity” concerns me.
    The reason for denominations (in my opinion) is that, simply put, doctrine dictates action. It must, that’s why they exist, why we have and hold to them.
    With certain doctrines being mutually exclusive a church will inevitably be divided against itself when deciding what do with its resources. If you stuff all the denominations under one roof you end up with a governing body making decisions by fiat.
    Hmmm…now what sort of religion rolls that way?
    Perhaps you’d be more comfortable with the Catholics. They seem to enjoy that sort of “unity at all costs” mentality.

    9: In this one you’ve just got it completely wrong.
    I think it’s a misinterpretation of what the terms mean. Our sin causes us to “run” from God and His Holiness, not the other way around. We violated God’s standard of perfection and there are consequences for that. Namely, separation from God’s presence that would rightly up kill us for He is perfectly Just and cannot be intimately attached to that which is contrary to His nature.
    But, the best part is, He is not only perfect in His Justice, but also in His Mercy and Love; hence, Christ’s sacrifice for our sins to impute His Righteous before God to us.
    He “ran” to us. He sought us out and provided a way even when we had scorned Him. How much more glorious is that than the idea that we somehow attach ourselves to Him through an effort of our own?

    10: I’ve never heard of anyone having this issue, but you clearly have. So, good on you for calling it out as the nonsense it is.

    Overall, you feel like you’re halfway there. But you seem to be embracing this ”halfway-ness” as some sort of virtue. Riding the line between orthodoxy and heresy does nothing for one’s credibility. It only confuses people.
    Vagaries and half-truths are more dangerous than outright lies in this case because they are harder to identify and lead people to believe they have the truth when, in fact, they are only interpreting something someone said in the most convenient way for themselves.

    I’d be very careful, if I were you. You tread a dangerous path.

    • Thanks for sharing more in-depth Taylor.

      I don’t have nearly enough time to get into this as I’d like, for that I can only apologise.

      It seems to me the ones that you disagree with me on are the ones you haven’t read (or listened to) the accompanying resources – the reason I say that is that you are arguing against things I’m simply not saying in these points – specifically – 1,2,3,6 & 9. The only other one you disagree with is point 4. You may have read the article I linked and still disagreed, which is fair as it’s not an in-depth article by any means. In that we will probably have to simply agree to disagree, while I have dozens of articles and especially audio/video content on the topic, I wouldn’t expect you to have to sit down and wade through those things.

      I’m more than happy to agree to disagree on all of these but I can say quite strongly I don’t agree with your points you have raised against 1,2,3,4,6 & 9.

      Thanks again for sharing though – I’m sure you are far from alone in your views and many who read them will agree most emphatically with you. Be blessed my friend.

  24. I am so thankful and thoroughly rejoicing over your being used so beautifully to open up of the truth of His grace! Have learned SO much of late about the wonder of God’s grace toward us – and by the same token have had to rethink much of what i had come to believe, and now know is a mis-understanding of who this God/Creator of the Universe really is and who we are ‘in Him!

    I’m sure you have discussed this one at some time or another, – that being, “God is Sovreign” and “God is in control”. I love how Holy Spirit is opening up and uncovering the truth about these things in the times we are in.

    Just want to share a revelation concerning “His part” and “our part” in this Kingdom walk. I know there is a deeper revelation than I’ve been shown so far, but in “THE RAISING of LAZERUS”, – it taking place after ‘4 days’. – ” A day being as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day”, and the name “Lazerus” meaning, ” in dispair and having no hope”, I believe THAT RAISING, was a ‘type’ or demonstration of what Jesus had been sent to earth to do. Namely to bring humanity out of the ‘death grip’ of the enemy. 4 thousand years had passed in which man was imprizoned in the ‘death grip’ of sin, but before he could be raised from that hopeless situation of condemnation, the Law, which I believe the ‘Stone’ represented, that had sealed him in that ‘hopeless’ state, had to be taken out of the way. Jesus, the One who could “make a WAY where there is no way”, was the only One worthy to ‘break’ that seal. Jesus, the One who satisfied it’s ( the law’s) demand for every accusation against mankind, did so by shedding His sinless blood. The enforcing of, or action of removing that ‘stone’ was carried out by His being nailed to the cross. When Jesus “spoke the word” , “IT IS FINISHED”and died, the veil that had concealed the Presence of God from man because of sin was “ripped” apart, ending the confinement of the Old covenant and opening the way for freedom in the NEW. Just like when He spoke the words, “LAZERUS, COME FORTH!” giving Lazerus life and bringing him out of the grave!
    That is where mankind is today. The “Stone” has been rolled away and Death has been defeated. the grave no longer has victory over those who have ‘harkened to His voice’ . “Oh death where is thy sting?” “Oh grave where is thy victory?” Jesus ‘finished’ His work – and now WE have the commission to go take off the ‘grave clothes’ and set the captives FREE! We are learning how to walk away from the stench of sin and death that had been activated by the law. Old things have passed away and all things have become new. We have been given new clothes to put on and have been given a new place to ‘abide’, the place of abundant life Jesus has prepared for us – in Himself! “I go to prepare a ‘place’ for you”, He said, “That where I AM you may be also.”! Idon’t believe He was talking just about the here after. YES! “If any man BE IN CHRIST, he is a NEW creation. The OLD has passed away and ALL things have become NEW! Halleluia! The revelation of what that actually means is most wonderous and glorious! Sin and the death it brought are the ‘grave clothes’ that are being removed by the revelation of the beauty of the unfathomable gift of GRACE that this All powerful, all mighty, Great God of LOVE has freely bestowed on all who believe! As the words in the old hymn, “Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing My Great Redeemers Praise” speak truth to us in one of it’s verses, “He breaks the power of canceled sin.” That’s what you are so beautifully being used of God to do brother Phil! And I thank God for that message !!

  25. If as you propose that Revelation has already happened, that would mean we are or were in the 1000 year millennium and I haven’t experienced that. Satan has not been bound for 1000 years nor is he now thrown into the pit of everlasting fire. The New Jerusalem has not yet descended and I have not seen Jesus face-to-face. You must be a young guy to say the world is better. Yes, mechanically, electronically, medically, transportationally the world is a better place. But I would chose to live in the 50’s rather than today, for the shows on t.v. were all Christian shows, the U.S, served God and were faithful to the constitution, we had an honest president who had served his country in the armed forces, there were no drugs on the street all over America, the crime rate was much, much lower, and women were few and far between who murdered their babies. All of us got Christian educations in school and were taught to memorize scripture and said the Lord’s prayer daily as well as the Pledge of Allegiance. There was no fear of talking about God anywhere and certainly no sanctions or laws saying you could not. Poverty pockets could be found but God still provided even for them in miraculous ways. Mothers raised their own children and did not have to work to make ends meet. We spent more time with our families and grandparents and went to church every time the door was open and had many “revivals” which we “don’t have time for” now. We honored our parents and all adults with “Yes, Mam,” and “No, Sir” and obedience, minded our manners, played outside without fear of being hurt by a grown up. I think, surely I have made my point that sin and evil is more rampant than ever before. Perhaps you are just used to it and think it is normal, I don’t know. But this is not the land I grew up in. Perspective on #6 comes from the Bible and not just Revelation and Daniel. Many prophets prophesied about today over a thousand years ago. Read Is. 59 to see a picture of today. Yes, sin does separate people from God and He cannot hear any prayer but one asking for forgiveness. There are more people in the world who don’t know God than know Him. If we live in a life of practiced sin, we are in disobedience to God’s Word for we still have the right to chose who we will serve, ourselves or God. IF I should sin, I have an Advocate with the Father and can ask for forgiveness. but I cannot call myself a Christian–a follower of Christ– and live my life in the flesh–sinning daily– and expect to walk in His favor or His blessings. Thank goodness for His Mercy in never giving up on encouraging us to follow Him in obedience. His love is so great for us that He gave His Son that we might have fellowship with HIM. He desires that so much. But He also places a premium on TRUTH and we dare not misconstrue His Word, but “rightly divide the truth.” I cannot read after a person who does not know God tell me something about God as one of the books you suggest for reading! That would be like a chef reading a book on mechanics to learn how to bake a cake. Please, prayerfully reconsider your thoughts on this one. The rest, I have no problem with….not that I by any means am an expert, but do see error in the thinking on the page I went to on Revelation.

    • Hi Laine – thanks for sharing your views. At the end of the day I’m simply going to say what I’ve said over and over again in these comments – I personally suggest you read Jonathan Welton’s book which you can get free here – http://www.raptureless.com or Sean Edwards book you can get on Amazon.

      This ultimately boils down to us reading scripture for ourselves rather than for the original audience first. Passages talking about the world getting worse and worse etc are not talking an audience about a future 2000 years away but rather the very imminent reality of 70AD which was fast approaching them. It seems very irresponsible to take text that meant something very clearly to its original audience and twist it to be talking about something they would never have remotely understood, nor would it have been useful, so that we can apply it to our day out of context.

      I just personally have great problems with that – I’m not saying every prophecy in the Bible is fulfilled – I’m personally a partial-preterist. I believe there is absolutely a second coming of Jesus and that there is some scripture to be fulfilled – this is again clearly divided in the passages. Something we don’t like because it causes us to question why some of the passage references that generation and others a much later date.

      Thanks for sharing none-the-less. As I’ve said with countless others in this thread of comments – you are not alone and you are entitled to your beliefs. I just don’t want to get into an argument – I don’t have the time or the desire. I’ve linked to great resources that are very in-depth if you are interested in learning more of what I believe.

  26. #6 misunderstands what we mean when we say the world is going to get worse. Not that physical existence is going to become more miserable, but that mankind is going to fall further away from God. The world will fall further and further into self-absorbed behavior, to the point of such complete insanity that they cannot think straight, cannot think anything good toward God and His standards (Romans 1:20ff). When Christ returns, the world IS going to be at its worst: More evil, depraved, godless, and self-centered than ever before.

    • You are most entitled to that belief Brian – but I myself just don’t agree. I believe that Christianity was made to impact the world, not just a few people cowering in a church building waiting for God to rescue them from a world fallen into depravity. It all comes down to what you believe about the events of 70AD and how much of the “end-times” texts weren’t fulfilled in 70AD (very little) or if you believe they are prophecies that are to be re-fulfilled a second time. Again – I personally suggest you read Jonathan Welton’s book which you can get free here – http://www.raptureless.com or Sean Edwards book you can get on Amazon.

  27. Interesting exchange of comments and replies. I guess I’m finding that our perspective in all of this is crucial. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he! Just read again in II Corinthians about assessing things according to the flesh. The flesh is what our earthly ‘tent’ is – our ‘house’, for this present time on earth. However, because of it’s corrupted state, because of sin, it one way or another has to die. (The wages of sin is death) The flesh also referrs to worldly thinking. As a Christian my thinking must be thus; I’ve been crucified with Christ – full payment accepted via His death for my death sentence!! So before God I’m legally dead. Yet I live!! Halleluia! And the life I live, IN THE FLESH, (not accordiing to) is byTHE FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD – who loved me and gave Himself for me! Gal. 2:20. I have a faith agreement with God that sin is no longer an issue with me. The challenge is to REST in that truth via His amazing grace. I am hidden with Christ in God. Jesus the Rock of Ages. Sinless Jesus was cleft, cracked open, wounded, for me and I’ve been tucked safely inside.
    Now does that mean everything’s rosy and there are never going to be any more challenges? As much as I have applied Romans 12: 1& 2, and have renewed my mind, I will be able to walk in victory Not being devoured by the enemy according to I Peter 5: 8. I have to remember he feeds on ‘dirt’. That’s why I must live according to the spirit not the flesh which is basicly dirt. Then ‘self’ will be under control. Ephesians 6 gives us the ‘faith mechanics’ of it and John 15 and I John 4 give us the ‘heart’ of it. Faith which works by love.

    And LOVE never fails! That’s why our exchanges need to be from our ‘righteous’ position of truth – whether we are factually 100% ‘right’ about it or not. TRUTH always trumps fact.
    Phil, I believe that this knowledge of the truth of grace is an end time necessesity for us to become that ‘spotless’ bride without spot or wrinkle. If we keep regarding sin after becoming believes in Christ, we have ‘spots’ before our eyes. We must loose sin through forgiveness and bind together in love. Our focus has to be on Jesus – the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Not on the multitude of sin. LOVE covers a multitude of sin.
    Consider the story of Noah – who found ‘grace’ in the sight of the Lord. God made that judgement. His anointing rested upon him and in spite of how it looked in the flesh, He didn’t take lightly to Noah’s son making an issue out of his father’s sin.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Norma – great thoughts. I really liked your perspective on Noah, I’ve never looked at it quite that way. Very good!

  28. Great reminder of the truth, there!

    Just wanted to point you to another really great book about the true eschatology called “God’s Plan For Victory” by Rush Dooney. It really changed my mind, and set me free from rapture theology. It’s a bit dense, but it’s also a little less than a hundred pages.

    God Bless!

    • Thanks for sharing that Michael – I’ve not heard of it before but will try find time to check it out.

      Not heard from you in a very long time – how are you doing?

      • I’m struggling with circumstances in my life that seem, at least, engineered toward my suffering. At the same time, however, I’m fully convinced of the goodness of Jesus, that He hasn’t once failed me, and also that my failure doesn’t scare Him off. His love for me is unconditional and indestructible, without qualification or requirement. I’ve learned that it is the faith OF Jesus that sustains the reality of heaven in my life, not my own; therefore the atmosphere of heaven is something I can access at any time I choose to.

        I’ve had a lot of growing and re-forming and re-shaping done by Jesus in the last several years, and He told me what He wants me to do. He wants me to plant churches and be a pastor, in the actual sense, not in the “leading” sense… or maybe I’m still denying what He’s told me. I don’t know, that’s it’s own story. Regardless, He’s called me out, and you actually encourage me greatly by your ministry, Phil. You’ve devoted yourself to doing this thing that God has asked you to do, and it’s working out.

        God has never failed us. He is a good father, and knows how to provide for us. My current life circumstances seem to be God reminding me of His provision, and I guess trying to break me of relying on myself for security. Anyway, that’s the short version.

        If you ever find yourself in Michigan, I’ll try my hardest to make it to wherever you are.

        • Glad you are doing so well Michael – especially given you have a lot going on in your life right now! Love you man! Would love to come out to MI again! Who knows, maybe sometime in the next few years.

  29. I really enjoyed this little blog. How ever I am very disappointed that each point did not list scripture to back it, rather inks to more material. I think anytime someone brings freeing teachings it should be accompanied by scripture. I hope the author would take this comment seriously and add scripture to each of his 10 points. Shalom.

    • Sorry Salty – unfortunately these are huge topics.

      To give each point a simple Bible verse would be an insult to the depth of the topic, the scriptures themselves and the intelligence of those who would disagree with my point.

      This is why I point to more in-depth material covering the topics in depth.

  30. Hi Phil,
    Concerning: 6) The world is going to get worse and worse before Jesus returns
    Let’s say we were living beginning of the 20th century. From the late 1800’s some smart minds with zionist talmudic ideals decided to create a system where the goys would accept enslavement freely in a make believe paradise on earth and the eradication of religion, mostly Christian, i.e. communism. These bright political ideas caused the violent deaths of – according to serious statistics – more than 100 million people in the last century. That makes 4000 people every working day, giving the butchers sabbath and Sunday for rest. What some honest observers consider the greatest holocaust of all times.
    What glorious perspective for my believing family of Moscow, Beijing, Pnom Pen, etc in the beginning of this 20th Century of progress and freedom and human rights, but eternal vacation in Gulag, death camps and worse + two horrendous global wars.
    The world did get worse and worse for quite a lot of the meek populations of our planet. Or is it the inferior reality and irrelevant for sons of God?

    I used to be very offended and concerned about all that, knowing that the forces at work haven’t given up after the fall of the Berlin wall to bring at all cost One World Government, using every despicable lie and method available like 9/11 and the engineered war against terrorism that will never end because you don’t know who your enemy is and allows you to tighten control over the individual person worldwide.

    Ok, let’s say that it’s past and the future is as bright as the promises of God. See my friend, I’m only learning over the past 4 years what it means to have the SINGLE EYE vision that Jesus mentioned, to have our whole body and consciousness full of LIGHT. I don’t see the eternal duality of evil fighting good and good fighting evil – knowledge of good and evil which is cursed – but that i can live the resurrection life and kingdom realities that I have IN HIM. That allows me not to see the worst humans and butchers, warmongers as my enemy anymore but carrier of the image and likeness of God and a son of God.
    Jesus didn’t see evil in his own land occupied and crushed by Roman legions. Any form of evil bowed before Life, Light and Love incarnate.

    My dilemma is that: There is a plan by satanic forces to eradicate of good portion of the world population, like they did with communism and other methods to destroy life, light and love. Those things happened to millions of Christians and meek populations though a lot knew Christ as you and I know, they were His children though they might not have had the level of revelation that many have today. But most of these people expected the world to get better at least not that bad (of course not for the Swiss who’ve managed, because of all the gold hidden in their vaults to stay out of all that = a lot of shallowness.)
    Personally I don’t care, they can take my life… though in Switzerland it’s quite safe (spoiled rotten), but should we just choose to ignore all that… He said “let not your heart be troubled” when these horrors happen around you.
    Or we’ve gone over the hump and things will go better and better?
    Things did go better and better in my life because of the revelation of GRACE, sonship and kingdom realities and I expect any form of evil to bow before me. I do live somewhere else, glory to God! But that stays a personal and not a collective experience.

    Blessings Phil, I appreciate you.

  31. Only 1 comment – worship IS our expression of love. He takes pleasure in us and made us for the purpose of loving Him back. Worship is all encompassing – our expression of that love. <3

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