have we turned faith into a work

#015: Have We Turned Faith Into A Work? [Podcast]

For thousands of years God’s children put their works above His grace. With the help of the reformation in the 1500’s we found that we were in error in doing so. Works are not something that the believer should be trying to produce in their own strength. Rather we should be focusing on our faith.

However, with this discovery many have fallen into a trap.

As we have decided that we are no longer saved by works we have inadvertently turned faith into a work.

In this podcast I want to talk about this topic of faith and try and clarify what faith is and what faith isn’t.

I’ll talk about why faith is the most important thing for you to possess in your life and at the same time why you are probably worrying about faith a whole lot more than you need to be.

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Have We Turned Faith Into A Work?

In this weeks podcast I’ll talk through the following points:

1) While we have been given all things in grace, it is through faith that we partake in them.
2) Faith is not a work.
3) Faith is actually a gift.
4) So what is faith?
5) How can we grow in faith?
6) What about unbelief?

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      It seems to be working fine. It could be that you tried it in the middle of the changeover. If you click play on the page again it should work, if not hitting download will definitely get you the MP3. Or you can get it in iTunes or your favourite podcast app :)

  1. I really enjoy your teachings of the word. I have been got up in that trap of trying to build my faith. I was always told faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word, and that is true. So we were taught to read the word out so we can here it! Speak only the word in ever sitution so so will come. This was a lot of work. Thank-you for helping me to get free from works. Now I am communicating with Jesus and hearing what he is telling me to do in situations , I guess you could say I have the God kind of faith. I now know that hearing of the spoken word from Jesus is where my faith comes from , and I now just agree with the spoken word. I am so free I chew care-free gum. Haha.

  2. Just subscribed to your podcast. Listened to this message, and am very blessed by it. For so many years I quite often beat myself up for lack of faith. The church helped heap on the condemnation. When I learned that faith isn’t future, but rather now’ by trusting what He’s already done, I was able to quit striving. Your message brings rest’ knowing He speaks His truth to us, and we just receive.

    • Hey Susie – so glad you liked it. I think so many of us have been through that journey because of the way faith is typically taught in the church. Glad you have found some freedom from that perspective and bondage. Thanks for sharing and for subscribing to the podcast!

  3. Some years ago I heard a word about not reading the bible out of a sense of ‘ought to’, and to stop doing things out of obligation and let things come because we want to. I stopped regular bible reading, stopped singing all those worship songs that don’t reflect my experience etc. A few years on, I’m pretty much at the end of faith and have had enough of it all. I don’t feel god’s love and never have. I don’t love or hate god. It’s difficult to feel much more something you don’t encounter.

    • Hi Dave,

      Sorry to hear that man – I’ve personally been through a similar journey myself in the past and I know we aren’t alone! Many people have been through this experience and I think the big thing to remember is that God is so much bigger than we are. Our love might go up and down like a yoyo but His love is constant and unwavering.

      I trust that even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes God knows exactly what we need, the space we need and the journey we need to go on. He’s not finished with you. :)

      This podcast might bless you if you have time to give it a listen. phildrysdale.com/004

      If you ever need someone to chat to feel free to drop me an email via the contact form :)

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