Entering Into His Rest

#013: Entering Into His Rest [Podcast]

This weeks podcast is all about entering into God’s rest.

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being completely at rest.

I’m also yet to meet someone who is at rest 24/7… I know I’m certainly not there!!

My heart this week is to share some key ways rest is often misunderstood that can hold us back from truly experiencing it as well as why it’s important to make rest a priority in your life.

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I’m heading to Manchester in a few hours and will be preaching at Kingsway Church in Sale on Sunday (23rd). In March I’ll be in Scotland from the 5th to the 10th and in England from the 22nd through to the 24th of March.

These trips are fully booked out but I am looking to fill a couple of spots in my upcoming April trip to New England – if you are in the area and would like to host a meeting please do send me an email and we can discuss the possibilities of this. If you want to find out more about these trips and other trips I have scheduled for later in the year you head over to my itinerary

Entering Into His Rest

In the podcast this week we will discuss some key elements regarding rest.

Firstly: What rest is and why it’s not what most Christians think it is!
Secondly: How can we enter into rest and live in that place of rest?

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How easy do you find it to enter into rest?

Is rest something you live with or something you get a few hours (or minutes) a day? Or maybe it’s an elusive thing you hope to get once a year propped up on a deck chair in the sun.

Leave your thoughts about rest, this podcast and how you find rest in the comments below.

Intro/Extro Music used with permission from St. Theodore

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  1. So much great information and truth!! Exactly the message that I needed with the season im in right now ! But also this is for everything or everybody that really has a heart for more that God can and will Bless and Take care of!! This is a sincere heart speaking to others, he has honored the call on his life from God. Thank you Mr Drysdale, for without people like you this life wouldnt be hearing the message of God’s Grace! Blessings and love from my heart to your mission!!
    God Bless

  2. Thanks so much Phil I go through seasons of struggle in this area actually God has been speaking to me since the beginning of my negativity fast with Steven Wendy Backlund. the very first day he talked about Hebrews 4 as well and it really stuck out to me about the rest because I knew internally I have been in constant turmoil because I am a first-year student at Bethel school of ministry and all and struggle to make the deadlines of homework…..
    I have a tendency to take back the burden on a continual basis since I’ve been at school here so I just want to say thank you so much for your podcast it was very encouraging especially thet part where you shared what God told you to let go of your need to understand so that you can have the peace beyond understanding that’s me…
    I actually took notes so I shall be chewing on this all day today thanks again for your encouragement in the area of rest I actually need both kinds the internal rest and the physical rest lol…….
    I pray for you and your family and your ministry to have great success wherever you go and God leading you on a daily basis for you to have that peace beyond your own understanding….God Bless ♡ Bonnie Singleheart♡

    • Hey Bonnie – I’ve been there with the homework at Bethel! haha ;)

      I think the biggest thing is having grace for yourself – we all fall into the trap of taking all this stuff back upon ourselves once in a while. It’s just important to recognise it and give it back to Him, having grace for yourself (because He sure does!) and confidence that you are getting better all the while at not doing it as often.

      Thanks for your prayers!

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