How Do I Find A Mentor

#012: How To Find A Mentor? [Podcast]

Something I’m asked very often is “how do I find a mentor”, we all want to grow in who we are and one of the best ways this can happen is for us to be practically discipled by someone on a one-on-one level.

The issue we find however is that often we really struggle to find someone we deem worthy of being a mentor or when we do find such a person we have no idea how to initiate a relationship of mentor/mentee.

In this podcast I share some practical advice for how you can prepare yourself for this kind of relationship and how you can go about finding someone who fits the bill.

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How to find a mentor

In the podcast we look over two main areas. How to know you are ready for a mentor and what to do once you are ready.

How to know when you are ready:

1) You know what you want from a mentor
2) You are already feeding yourself via “virtual” mentors – ie. books, podcasts, videos, etc.
3) You are willing to pay the price – i.e. conferences, online courses, etc
4) You are actively pursuing mentorship in group settings
5) You have developed a character of humility, being willing to learn from anyone God puts in your path
6) You give, serve and mentor others – When a mentor looks at you he sees mentoring you as a great way to sow the gifts God has given him.

What to do when you are ready:

1) Don’t flat-out ask, develop a relationship
2) Articulate exactly what you are looking for
3) Relax – Nobody wants to mentor a robot!
4) Serve the mentor
5) Listen to what the mentor has to say

The podcast goes into each of these points and much, much more in-depth so be sure to check it out.

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So what about you? Maybe you are looking for a mentor and have a question. Or maybe you are a mentor and have some advice to share. Whatever it is I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. You left out the most important pre requisite. Involvement in a Church that preaches the real Gospel & disciples people. You will most likely find a good mentor there. Not a “feel good” “seeker friendly” church that tries to remove the offense of the Gospel & make the church as near “acceptable” to the world as possible where the focus is on me & what God will do for me than on the Lord Jesus & who He is.

    • Hi Ian,

      Although I didn’t use the word “church” I would consider many of the things I describe above (group activities, conferences, listening to sermons etc) would be fulfilled in part by attending a great local church.

      I actually left the church out of the equation for a specific reason.

      Too many people are left in a situation where they strongly feel they don’t have a church which is preaching the message of grace. They use that as a reason not to be discipled or receive – often creating a “I have nothing to receive from you” mentality.

      For example I would estimate at least 20% of the people that listen to this podcast are not even in a “church” as it would commonly be described. I’d never want to say that they are missing out the most important thing when the truth is the most powerful expression of discipleship happens on a one-on-one level. So while being in a church can help connect us with people to disciple us it isn’t required.

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