10 Things Jesus Didn't Say About Healing

10 Things Jesus Didn’t Say About Healing

Experience is not greater than the Bible

I don’t know about you but there are plenty of crazy things I grew up believing about healing.

The Church as a whole is extremely divided on the topic and everyone has a theory – almost all of which is based on experience and not the Bible itself.

This is understandable given the Bible’s standard is pretty high and nobody is reaching it… our theology eventually devolves to make us feel more comfortable.

However, the more I have studied the life of Jesus the more uncomfortable I’ve become with the cold hard facts of healing. But I’ve also been challenged and ultimately excited with the possibilities… what if it really is as easy as He said it is?

Jesus was renowned as a healer, the Bible in fact records He healed “all who came to Him” of “all sicknesses”. The disciples were commissioned to do the same and went out and did the same. The book of Acts is full of incredible stories of healings and all sorts of miraculous events.

Recently I’ve been doing a series of posts on FaceBook and Twitter tagged – #ThingsJesusDidntSay. They’ve been really fun and have started some great conversations and I figured I’d use this format for a post here on healing.

Why focus on what Jesus didn’t say?

I know that Jesus’ silence on a topic is not grounds to build a theology. That’s not what I’m attempting to do here.

What I am trying to do is hold up a mirror to show that many of the things we think are essential to healing just aren’t Biblical.

As we hold up this mirror it pushes us into a conversation with God and a study of His word.

This hopefully will result in us walking in healing to a whole new level, that God’s children would experience an abundant life not just spiritually but emotionally and physically as well.

10 Things Jesus Didn't Say About Healing

1) “I can’t get a breakthrough. It must be unforgiveness… is there anyone you haven’t forgiven?”

2) “I can’t heal you until we work through your ancestry and break off this generational curse.”

3) “You’ve brought this sickness upon yourself with a hidden sin. You must tell everyone in the crowd your sin and then I’ll heal you.”

4) “Actually God gave you this sickness to grow your character.”

5) “On that day many will boast in their own works and say ‘Lord we healed people in your name’ and I’ll say ‘Great job – that’s the qualification to get into heaven’”

6) “It has come to my attention that you aren’t tithing, no wonder you are sick!”

7) “Those with a specific healing anointing – go out into all the world and heal the sick. The rest of you – stay in the church and pray for them.”

8) “Woman, your holy lifestyle has made you well”

9) “Sorry God’s will is only to heal some people, you aren’t one of the lucky few.”

10) “I can’t heal you – you don’t go to church.”


I myself have been guilty of believing all of these things about healing on one level or another at some point in my life.

This is not said to judge anyone or make anyone feel bad – the very definition of ignorance is to not know any better.

Rather this is shared to encourage you to seek out what the scriptures say about the topic of healing and discover for yourself the freedom that comes through healing by God’s grace alone, through Christ alone – without any conditions whatsoever!

Number 11

I probably could have made a bigger list but wanted to hear from you.

What is something you have seen Christians do (or perhaps you’ve done) in the area of healing that is something the life of Jesus and the apostles teaching of the New Covenant just doesn’t support?

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  1. Jesus didn’t say, “prove to me you have enough faith by denying your disease exists by your word and deed and I’ll eventually take it away.” I am awaiting the physical manifestation of healing for my child’s severe food allergies, and well meaning people always speak as if it’s my faith holding things up – almost making faith itself a work. I know God will heal her whether my faith or theology is perfect every second or not. :)

    • Amen Brooke – I think we’ve all seen some pretty crazy cases of this which border on child abuse! Thanks for showing your child the unconditional love of the Father as you eagerly anticipate the healing!

  2. Ugh.. when I have tried to talk about healing to people other Christians usually tell me “Well Jesus didn’t heal EVERYONE” and they start saying how the guy at the pool of Bethesda, there were others around that didn’t get healed… How you have to watch what the Holy Spirit is doing and see if He is telling you to pray for them… and they talk about other Christians who they knew loved God and had faith, yet they died… In my life, I see that these people are the first ones to run to the doctor, try all these weird diets and health remedies.

    I have tried to pray for people and they have died… but I am not loosing faith, I will keep at it. In the mean time, personally I have not taken any OTC medicines for a few years now. If I get a headache or something, I command it to leave and command the pain to leave, etc.. and thank Jesus for what he did at the cross. I refuse to say “I have a Headache or a this or that.” I say I am fighting something. That’s kind of how I am trying to learn authority in that area.

    • That’s wonderful Holly! Glad to hear you are off your meds and doing well! I think we are all on a journey in this area, the challenge is to be real with where we presently are and yet press on into all He has given us, all that is possible in Him. Yes people die – no point denying that… but does that give us a right to change what God has said or does it mean we should keep moving forward eagerly anticipating the day where people aren’t dying but instead are healed every time?

  3. Really really good article. There are of course people who have been healed after forgiving others, And confession to a brother or sister in Christ regarding certain sins we’ve done in our lifes is obviously very important. And healing may take place after we’ve done these or other actions but it’s the change or belief in our thinking and in our heart that can bring the restoration. The action we take may just help to bring us to that place.

    Having said that, Jesus healed many who had no faith at all, but Jesus had faith. Here’s a number 11 that’s been really big; Wait for the timing of God. I have heard people use that one regarding Peter and John healing the lame man. They draw conclusions about the timing of his healing based upon what the New Testament never said. It never says Jesus came by and he called out to Jesus and Jesus didn’t healed him. It never says Peter and John walked by him over and over and he called out to them and they didn’t heal him. We don’t know all the reasons we just know when he called out to them that they turned to him.

    It’s interesting how Jesus does not give any illustrations of why people don’t get healed, Probably because it was never his experience :) But Christianity as written tons of books about “why we can’t” or why it’s not for today. Our belief system has to rise above the “why” to the why not.

    Btw His hometown of Nazareth received few healings because they became very offended at him and did not bring the sick to him but the few sick folk that did come to him got healed. You see, there’s always a more truthful and positive way to understand the goodness of God denonstrated in the life of Jesus.

    • That’s always a good one! It’s important to note that multiple people came to Jesus with “not enough” faith and He still healed them. That reminds me that while faith is important we must remember it’s still a gift that comes from seeing His goodness.

  4. We were just talking about divine healing last night and covered several of these issues. It is absolutely essential that we do not base our faith on experience, but only on the word of God. His word is truth; He is not a man that He should lie; He cannot lie. Healing was purchased in the atonement just as surely as freedom from sin was purchased in the atonement. There was no sickness or disease in the world before sin came into the world. Jesus dealt with the root cause of all evil in the world and He also bore our sicknesses and carried our pains (I believe this means that He carried all of the results of our infirmities away from us, just as He cast our sin as far as the east is from the west), and He bore stripes in His body, by which we are healed. All of this makes no sense to the natural mind, any more than it makes sense that He could bear our sins in His body on the tree.
    With all of that said, we are told that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word, rhema, of God. Rhema, is what God speaks right into our hearts. When Jesus said, “man does not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”, “word” is rhema. God is still speaking today. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice”. If we need something from God we should spend time in His presence and in His word concerning our need. The word says that we will find Him if we seek Him with our whole heart. God is love and we can be certain that He is not looking for a way to withhold any good thing from us. His love toward each one of us is beyond comprehension! It is important that we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I appreciate the comment above that said she wasn’t going to stop praying for people just because she didn’t always have results. We can be sure that Satan has the goal of keeping God’s people from ministering healing to the sick. Paul wrote that in the last days men would have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. There is a lot of that going around today! I too, have prayed for people who have died later, but I will not base my faith on my experience. I have also seen many receive wonderful deliverance from infirmities. It is so important that we walk in boldness of faith in the Almighty God. He is just that!
    What is the greatest hindrance to receiving healing? Jesus did ask some of those who came for healing, “do you believe I am able to do this?” Unbelief is definitely a hindrance. Jesus also said, “if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” If we can see; have the revelation, that healing is just as much a finished work of grace and is in the atonement just as surely as forgiveness of sin, we will certainly be more bold in ministering healing to those around us by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Thanks for this post. It is very much worth considering.

  5. Number 11. Cone to my healing meeting later and ill pray for you there.

    One of the things I’ve seen a lot of is promotion of a super spiritual anointing that says come to this place and get your healing. Now im not against it at all. There have been many great outpourings of God’s spirit at particular places and a lot of people got transformed. Places like azuza brownsville toronto are a few I can think of right away. What im speaking of however is a tendency to teach that you MUST have someone in a building pray for you. One of the leaders would be good…oh even better if the speaker himself prays for you!! Lol. Oh brother. Ive had Jesus heal me in my bed. No one prayed…wasnt praying about it at the time and suddenly I was healed. But our modern thinking says okay im hurt now whos having a healing service. Hopefully someone there can help me. Again I’m nkt opposed to it. I am opposed to the thought that we have to GO somewhere when Jesus may simply heal us right at home. I hope this makes sense.

    • Great point Caleb – so many great things happen in buildings and healing meetings. But they aren’t required. I can’t recall more than 2 healings (off the top of my head) in the NT that happened in buildings!

      I also love people like Bill Johnson – willing to pray for people in person, in our out of a meeting but during meetings he always encourages those in the meeting to pray for one another… not even focusing on a “ministry team” first… although they are there for further prayer if people want.

      Again, it’s just not a formula. In bed, on the street, in a meeting – it’s all good let’s just get people healed :)

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jesus never said, “Don’t give God too much credit.” A church lady kind of stunned me this week. After I told her about a medically documented healing miracle I saw with my own eyes she said, “And then there are the prayers that are not answered. Sometimes I think we give God too much credit. Sometimes bad things things just happen and some times good things just happen.” Then she walked away -sadly.

    • Haha – I think we’d be hard pressed to over-estimate God’s goodness towards us and His hand in our lives turning things to good. Thanks for sharing Charis.

  7. Wow. So glad I found this. I was asked to write devotionals for an online ministry a few years ago.A piece I’d written mentioned that a cancer patient denying that their cancer exists does is not faith in Jesus Christ but faith in their own ability to believe and brings no glory to God it was not well received at all. I also mentioned that proclaiming “by His stripes I am healed!” is not a demonstration of faith in God but misinterpretation of scripture. The devotion was not posted. I have since referenced this and the room falls silent. I do believe in miraculous healing. I have been healed and have laid hands on others and they were healed. But only two situations had anything in common. I say that to say agree, we want a formula or methodology to hang our hats on and the reason is pride. If there is a formula we can say we have discovered it and adhering to it and that is why healing comes. But when Jesus healed there are kinds of circumstances. The only thing in common was God being glorified. I think that is exactly what we miss. I laid hands on a terminal patient who was only semi conscious at the time and in no condition to declare his faith. He was expected to pass but came out of the hospital and lived another two and a half months. In that time he told me “I want to experience that thing you’ve always talked about” Me: What thing? Him: the Holy Spirit. I want to see my son start high school and feel what you talk about. Me: Hmmm. Over the next few days I laid hands on him, I gave him my copy of Charles Stanley’s book “The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life” and began praying that the Holy Spirit would make Himself known to him (I had actually been praying for that for 10 years). I came to visit him and he says: Guess what, it happened. Me: What? Him: “He was here…with me…all night! He just came and sat and stayed with me!!!” And he melted into a river of tears. We both sat in silent tear for a while. He departed this life a few weeks later. He was my oldest brother and closest friend. Sealed for eternity. I had been praying for 10 years while my brother suffered from AIDS and at times mocked my faith. He was saved 2 years before he passed so his healing was not delayed because he hadn’t been. God timed it for His glory. Suffering is truly a hard pill to swallow no matter how strong your faith. But it is a reality of life in Christ and our faith in God can neither be predicated on or mitigated by avoidance of it, rather how we endure it. The people of Jesus’ day wanted to know the formula: was this kid lame because he sinned or his parents? Jesus: neither, that the Father may be glorified.

    • Glad you enjoyed this Kim – that’s such a good point that we love formulas and love to turn stuff into a formula! Definitely something I need to be vigilant about as I know it’s a temptation I don’t even think about!

  8. Phil, I really enjoyed these thoughts.

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in Jesus’ s home town. The implication was, that there were more sick people there, than anywhere else. WHY? They weren’t prepared to accept Him and this limited the healing He could do!!
    People commented to Him……. “IF you are willing !” His reply……. I AM WILLING

    People commented to Him…. “IF you are able”………………His answer implied……The issue is, Are YOU ready to receive ??
    I have soooooooooooooo much to learn, but try hard not to build theology on my, or others experiences.
    HE leads us into ALL truth.
    Isn’t that a beautiful truth.

    Appreciate the work you put into these articles
    When are you coming back to visit us in Manchester?

    • Great point Mark – I’m actually coming back to Manchester next month – but only to visit some friends from Kingsway. Not sure when I’ll be back in the area to minister… maybe July?

  9. From about age five to 17, I had a debilitating sickness that was similar to epilepsy and not easily treatable. Every time the seasons changed, four times a year, I would get incredibly sick because my equilibrium would go completely out of whack. It was so bad that the entire world would go every which way in my head and, of course, it made me so nauseous I couldn’t eat. The course would last about 10 days. I missed a lot of school because of it.

    I took Dilantin and other medicine, including allergy shots, to curb the problem. But, they didn’t always work.

    During one of these times, a pastor and one of the elders came to my room where I was sick, anointed my head with oil and prayed for me a quick prayer. It was quiet and praising to God and I still don’t know whose faith touched God – the dynamic pastor or his meek elderly assistant. I have been healed now for 40 years without an issue, save once when I started smoking and it only lasted long enough for me to quit and I was well again.

    Strange and amazing how God works.

  10. You didn’t have enough faith. Then they proceeded to quote James 1:6-7, which says:
    6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.

  11. This is such a wonderful article! Thanks so much for sharing.

    This is what I base my Christianity on…
    Mark 16:17-18
    16 “and these signs shall follow those who BELIEVE: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak in other tongues; 18. they will take up serpents; and If they drink anything deadly, it will by no means harm them; they will LAY HANDS on the sick, and they WILL RECOVER.”

    Why do we make this healing thing so difficult if all Jesus says (and by the way, these those scriptures are written in RED meaning that they are Jesus’ direct words) that these signs WILL follow me if I believe??? All I have to do is BELIEVE and then but action to my faith by laying my hands… (didn’t even say I need to pray…)

    So I encourage all those who believe to start laying hands and watching God be God in all His glory!
    This is the FREEDOM of the gospel of Jesus Christ… that He has done it all we just have to believe.

    So no more blame shifting.. “he didn’t believe therefore he is no healed… no! YOU & I didn’t believe, that’s he Iisn’t healed…” its all on us now!
    Jess is seated at the right hand of the Father, He gave us the FULLNESS of His Spirit, He gave us dominion and has called us Sons of God… its time we start acting like sons of The King by enforcing His Kingdom here on Earth, and stop acting like servants and slaves by begging God to do something when he said “It is Finished!”

  12. You need to be a soldier in God’s army and fight! Go into your “War Room” and pray…. REALLY hard….. It would also be beneficial to get a Prayer chain going…

    (Thank You Jesus for being our Healer…. actually I’ll change that to, “Thank You, Jesus, for being our Health! Glory to God!)

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