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#011: What About Spiritual Warfare? [Podcast]

Spiritual Warfare is such a hot topic in the church and I often get accused of turning a blind eye to the topic.

I have to confess I don’t feel the need to focus on the devil as much as many people seem to want to. However, I don’t want it to be said that I ignore the topic.

Spiritual Warfare is a very real and important topic for us to discuss in the church and so that’s what we are going to do today.

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What About Spiritual Warfare?

In this podcast we discuss look at how often we shape our theology on Spiritual Warfare with our experience and emotions rather than the Bible.

Here are the main 4 passages we look at:

1) “Principalities & Powers” – Colossians 2:15

2) “The Devil is seek those he can devour” – 1 Peter 5:13

3) “Our weapons are not carnal but for pulling down strongholds” – 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

4) “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” – Ephesians 6:10-17

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As I said in the podcast. I’d love to hear from you.

What has been your experience of Spiritual Warfare?

Leave a comment below.

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  1. great post Phil! I have personally ministered deliverance to many. All of them are believers. I agree with you. Not knowing their true identity in Christ and not having an understanding of the finished work of the cross is what seems to keep them in bondage.

    • Absolutely Danu – You hit the nail on the head! As I said in the podcast I think there is a place for “warfare” and for deliverance – in fact, I’ve done a lot of deliverance in my time as well. But the longer I’m in the ministry the more I seem to be discovering that deliverance has very little to do with spirits compared to just helping people believe the truth. When we teach people the truth, demons have to leave :) Thanks for sharing!

      • Exactly! from what I have seen, it all goes back to being secure in who they are in Christ. I’ve seen people get delivered and go right back after a few months. All because, the lies they have been believing have not been replaced with the truth yet. all darkness needs is a power of a lie. Thanks for sharing Phil! appreciate your ministry.

  2. Hi Phil,

    Good podcast! I just have one question that I’m not sure about : You mention that this world is actually getting better, and yes, I can see your point in that. You mention it’s because God is in control, but my understanding is that God is not in control of this earth, man is. Yes, when Jesus died on the cross he gave the keys back to man (they had been lost when Adam fell), so if this world is getting better, is it not because of God (directly), but because of human involvement? So good is coming from man (inspired by God)? But another point – Much good is also coming from people that are not connected to God as well. So not sure how it works really… So much teaching out there, it’s quite confusing ..

    • Hi Linda,

      Absolutely – honestly we the Christians have often been the slowest to change the world for the better because we have an eschatology (endtimes theology) that wants the world to get worse and worse!

      I think God has given man the keys to all authority and power and therefore, “saved” or “un-saved” we have a power here on this Earth. This can be good and it can be bad… we have plenty of evidence of both just by looking outside our windows.

      God ultimately has placed His image and likeness in all of us, it’s in our nature to love people, have compassion and strive for a better world and I think that comes out in the unbeliever as well as the believer.

      I do think however given how much we are aware of our favour and authority we should really be going gung-ho after changing the world, bringing His Kingdom to Earth as Jesus told us to.

      Sorry I know that’s a bit rambling but I don’t really know of a good simple answer to your question.

      A great resource would be Sean Edward’s book “The End of Days” as well as The Improving State of the World by Indur Goklany. They are great!

      Sean wrote a blog here on my site about how the world was getting better as well – not sure if you saw it, if not you can find it here – http://phildrysdale.com/2013/07/5-reasons-why-the-world-is-getting-better-and-not-worse/

  3. Thanks, Phil for this very balanced teaching. We really need to stand in peace, not jump on to the walls being hysteric. It is a joy to listen to your podcasts. Be blessed, bro!

  4. Good podcast Phil. My question however is, what about the people in the Bible who have been possessed by demons? Were they possessed because they allowed the demons to enter their lives/bodies? Even though they were cast out in Jesus name, did they come back? Is this something that we need to “fight” or be on the look out for?

    • Hi Nick, great question – it could probably be a completely separate podcast in and off itself!

      Briefly however I’ll share some thoughts.

      I think we all can be guilty of ignorantly giving the devil access in our lives. I kind of touched on that in the podcast. I mean it’s not like when we experience opposition in the spiritual realm it’s because we checked the box that said “I fully give permission for the devil to terrorise me”. Typically it’s more like the fine print in the terms and conditions that nobody bothers to read.

      This happens to believer and unbelievers alike. The difference is to what degree it actually affects us.

      I think we’ve all seen and experienced some pretty crazy stuff when it comes to the demonic – I’ve seen some serious stuff in deliverance including heads spinning and peoples eyes turning into snake eyes etc. However these people had much bigger issues than a demon. They had issues that were giving the demon a home.

      Whether you want to call this oppression or possession I don’t really care although my personal conviction is that the Holy Spirit isn’t doing head to toe in a double bed with the devil in you :) (that’s me saying oppression is my view)

      Can demons come back after they have been cast out – I’ve seen it happen and Jesus Himself talked about this. That’s why for me it’s important we help people understand who they are in Christ, what it looks like to walk in the Spirit and live in rest and grace.

      I don’t think we need to fight or be on the look out for it, so long as we are just enjoying Jesus and walking in the Spirit.

      Does that help?

  5. Totally agree with the concept that when Truth is spoken, and people grasp it, it sets them free. I would like to know the difference in dealing with Christians and non Christians as non Christians are blinded to the Truth so…. how does that work is spiritual warfare? The other thing is… the world getting better theory… is a very westernized idea don’t you think? Its very easy for us who live in comfort to say that while the other half of the world lives in conflict. I doubt they would agree. Personally I think that while there are some physical aspects of the world being better – spiritually I am not so sure about that. Must say though Phil, I really enjoy your blogs/posts and and I am very grateful to you for speaking truth. Keep up the good work. :)

    • Hey Tracy,

      I think ultimately there is only so much we can do for unbelievers. If they don’t want to embrace the truth and walk in it then we can love them pray for them… devils are going to have a hard time hanging around when we are with them but we can’t really do much for them on a personal level other than walk with them till they are ready to take authority over their own lives and embrace the truth of God’s gift of grace.

      As for the world getting better – I’d say that it’s extremely easy to see this in the non-western world… perhaps even more so as we have been in a very prosperous place for centuries comparatively. Whereas we only need look back 20-50 years and we can see staggering changes in prosperity, health, lifestyle, education, resources (clean water etc),

      Here is a blog Sean Edwards wrote for me a while back – the comments section might interest you especially as his replies where very helpful and informative.

      Here are some facts from Bill Gate’s foundation that was released a few days ago:

      1. There are half as many poor people as there were in 1990.

      2. The average life span for women in sub-Saharan Africa has increased by 16 years since 1960.

      3. Seven of the world’s top ten fastest-growing economies are in Africa.

      4. The percentage of children in Africa who are in school has almost doubled since 1970.

      5. In places where child mortality rates are high (the chance of a child dying before the age of 5), women tend to have more children – meaning the number of children a family has drops when infant mortality rates drop (read: overpopulation risks decrease as countries develop).

      6. Since 1960, China’s real income per person has gone up eightfold, India’s has quadrupled, and Brazil’s has almost quintupled.

      7. A baby born in 1960 had a 20% chance of dying before her 5th birthday. For a child born today, it’s under 5%

      8. Since the global population is growing more slowly every year, there are more children on the planet now than there ever will be.

      Finally regarding the “morality” of the world – we have never seen a time where people were more moral and crime, war and conflict has ever been so low. History is a terrifying tutor on this fact. We forget things like slavery, woman’s rights, rape, murder etc etc are all on a massive decline.

      In fact even things like sex-trafficing is interesting. While it is a great shame that globalisation has created this huge and disgusting problem. We forget that it only exists because we as a western civilisation have come to the place where we frown upon mistreating women and rape… i.e. before sex-trafficing we just raped our local people! (sorry to be so blunt)

      Is it a terrible thing? Yes but it’s not a new thing, nor is the mistreatment of women any worse! In fact it’s much better comparatively… not only that but we are making a marked difference in this area as well! It’s getting better and will continue to get better.

      Just a few thoughts anyway.

  6. Great “stuff” as usual…I use to be involved with deliverance ministry…then over time that developed into a inner healing ministry…now with hyper-Grace realities expressed concerning identity and unity in Christ, even less “work”.
    Andre Rabe and Joshua Tongol talk together on youtube …Does Satan Exist? They talked about going around the world and seeing demonic manifestations all the time, but when the begin to preach more of Papa God’s love and our righteous in Christ the manifestations stopped…interesting…sometimes we create our own evil…
    Bless you Phil with greater God encounters…

  7. Appreciate you Phil and all the different subjects you tackle…you must be very disciplined with your life. Interesting take on spiritual warfare by Andre Rabe and Joshua on youtube…I was in a deliverance ministry, then into healing past lies and wounds, and now sharing the awesome grace of our Father that makes us one in Christ righteousness…with much less work too see breakthroughs…

  8. You might want to correct the scripture reference in your text for “The Devil is seeking those he can devour.” It’s verse 8, not 13. :)

  9. Very clear and much needed exposition. I am a product of a church that really prided itself in this area. Everything revolved around ‘spiritual warfare’. Since having my eyes opened to the Grace of the Gospel I now more completely understand the completeness of what Jesus achieved. This one is an area I had not really given much thought to in recent times. Thank you so much. Please continue to teach.

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