My Evening Drinking & Singing Vulgar Songs

#009: My Evening Drinking & Singing Vulgar Songs [Podcast]

Last Saturday evening I spent the evening with a running club who described themselves as a “drinking club with a running problem”.

I have to say, I don’t really drink and I’m not a great runner either! So I wasn’t sure what to expect!

What I found was that my wife and I had a great time and I was reminded of some important things as well… things I want to share with you all in this week’s podcast.

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My Evening Drinking & Singing Vulgar Songs

In today’s podcast I share a story of how I spent my Saturday night at a “running club” and some of the things I took away from the evening. In the podcast I’ll cover:

1) The events of Saturday night (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds… kind of)
2) Why “avoiding the appearance of evil” is one of the biggest problems in the church today.
3) Why we need to evaluate how we do day-to-day life if we spend more time in “church” activities than with unbelievers.

And much more!

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I’m presently in the Middle East where Sarah and I are enjoying some down time with her family.

I’ll be back in Ireland in two days though and I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun January 16-20th where I’ll be doing a women’s evening in Brackley followed by a men’s weekend away in Shaftesbury. I’ll be wrapping up the weekend in Bromley in London on the Sunday night so if you are in the south of England I’d encourage you to check out my itinerary! Which you can find at

Additionally I’ve been putting together my 2014 schedule recently, I will be travelling a little less this year and much of my year is booked up already! If you are interested in having me speak at your church, fellowship or ministry school please do contact me as soon as possible using my contact page!


As I said in the podcast. I’d love to hear from you.

What does your day-to-day life look like?

Did some of the stuff I talked about in the podcast challenge you? If so what will you do about it?

Or maybe you already spend a lot of time in “the world”. If so I’d love to hear your experiences and maybe some insights you might have for those who are ready to make some changes in their lives.

Leave a comment below.

Intro/Extro Music used with permission from St. Theodore

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  1. Hi Phil,

    This totally resonated with me. I have a dear friend I used to work with that pointed out a change in me over a period of about a year. The only change I made was allowing God to love me and discovered my identity in Christ through His love. That love overflowed into my life as a side effect and blew my friend away. He said he was amazed at my transformation and wasn’t sure what I did to change. I was able to share what happened and it made him smile. We are both planning to go to Burning Man this year (he has been several times, and this year will be my first), but for different reasons. I felt God encouraging me to go this year, and I really feel for ministry. There are several Christians that get together there and minister to people. I also plan to DJ there with some music I created for this trip (every song is based off of scripture and has tons of prayer behind it – I know God is going to use it as well). My main focus is to minister to people in whatever way God leads me to, but as I listened to the podcast this morning, I heard God say that he gives me full permission to have fun! I am unsure if you know what Burning Man is, but a quick google search will give you an idea. Certainly not a “place for christians!” Hahaha! I carry the Holy Spirit inside of me, and am looking forward to hanging out with non-christians and Christians alike, and more excited to see how God is going to use me there.

    One last thing I wanted to point out is that I have seen what I believe a movement God is giving His church lately. He is re-teaching us about love. His love. I look at the ministries of Danny Silk (Keep Your Love On), Kris Vallotton, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, and Jason Chin (as well as your own). The same message keeps being retold, is to simply love people. It all starts with letting God love us. We get a revelation of His heart for us when we spend time soaking in His presence. We find our identity in His love for us. When that goes from our head to our heart, we get a revelation of His love for everyone else. The capacity of our hearts cannot fully contain His love and it overflows like Psalm 23:5-6. This overflow is not meant to be held in the walls of the church (like you said in your podcast), but to spill out in the world. Everyone desires to be loved, valued, appreciated, and I firmly believe that is what drew sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, drunkards, and thieves to Jesus. LOL, it still does today! He is the model of ministry, so we should go and do likewise! I look forward to what will happen this year.

    Thanks for your ministry Phil! I greatly appreciate it! God bless you brother.

    • Thanks for sharing this David – I’ve heard of burning man – you should check out Bill Johnson’s brother Bob Johnson as I know he goes to burning man each year and they just love people where they are and see God do the most incredible things! You will definitely have a lot of fun my friend! Praying for you as you go that you have the best of times!

      I totally agree with what you are seeing – we are seeing a radical shift in the church today where so much of the church is moving from where we have unfortunately been very judgmental and legalistic to just loving people where they are. The unconditional love of the Father is slowly losing all the conditions we have added to it ;)

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