are you believing this lie

Are you believing this lie?

This morning I was chatting to Sarah and she did what only a loving spouse can do. She gave me a good wake-up call to some lies I was believing.

The last few weeks have been pretty intense for me.

  • I’ve been travelling 5 of the last 8 weeks.
  • My tendonitis has been especially bad week this week.
  • I’ve had well over a thousand emails in the last few weeks to reply to.
  • Plus, I got hit with a killer fever for a full week while travelling.

I don’t say all this to complain, these things happen. But these things have had a knock-on effect.

While I’ve been busy doing a whole host of things, there’s been no new content on the website for a couple of weeks.

So this morning I was telling Sarah how I was feeling pretty bummed out about my lack of productivity.

Firstly, Sarah encouraged me and reminded me of just how much I do on a daily basis. But, secondly, she asked me a simple question, “why do you feel like that?”

And my answer?

My answer revealed a huge lie I was believing:

“Because people expect me to create at least a couple of articles and a podcast each week.”

Most of the time I write and create podcasts for no reason other than the joy of sharing what’s on my heart. But there are definitely times where I feel the burden of “having to write something today” and operating out of that feeling.

When I do that my stuff isn’t as good, not only that but it only takes me missing one day (never-mind 2 weeks) before I start to feel like a failure. Like I’m not living up to the right standard. Like I’m letting down myself, God and others.

On the flip-side – When I operate out of love I produce better quality stuff and when I don’t have time to (or physically can’t) produce new content there is no condemnation. I’m not doing anything for approval or to meet a standard but it’s all out of love, for what I do, for God and for you guys that read my stuff.

So why am I telling you this story?

Because we all do this in different areas of our lives. Nobody is exempt from the possibility of falling into this trap.

This is the core message I teach and I can still find it hidden away here and there and creeping back into my life if I’m not careful!

My challenge to you today:

Are you operating from a place of rest, knowing that right where you are today you are loved, accepted and splendid in the eyes of your Daddy?

If not, what lies are you believing that have allowed performance to creep into your life?

Are you being motivated to gain approval or are you motivated because you are already approved in Jesus?

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P.S. Those of you who follow this blog regularly will also be please to know that I’m recording a fresh podcast today as well as working on some brand new articles!

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  1. Thanks David! You are awesome – appreciate you taking the time to leave this message.

    I am actually going to be gone in Scotland and the Middle East for the next 4 weeks and will be working about 30% of the time rather than 120% haha so I’m really looking forward to some time off!

    Bless you my friend!

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