001: Having Grace

#001: Having Grace For Those Under The Law [Podcast]

It’s really easy when we are walking in grace and freedom to get impatient or frustrated with those who do not walk in the same levels of freedom and grace as us.

Of course, nobody was ever forced into freedom, nor will being legalistic about grace bring anyone into grace.

Today’s podcast (my first!) looks at some practical things we can remember and apply to our lives to help the people around us move forward in their journey of freedom and grace.

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Having Grace For Those Under The Law

The 3 keys I talk about in the podcast are as follows:

  • Remember your own journey into grace and freedom
  • Work within people’s frameworks to be able to influence them with the gospel
  • Don’t become a stumbling block, let the law frustrate people, not your message!

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Today was my first podcast, I’d love to hear your feedback. (Regarding quality – please be gentle – I’m using a $15 microphones and most podcasters use $400 microphones!)

If you have any questions about the topic of the podcast please do leave them below or perhaps you have some keys yourself in this area you can share that might help people. Please do leave a comment if so.

Intro/Extro Music used with permission from St. Theodore

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    • *said – in that above comment
      And I just finished the podcast. Excellent! Thank you.
      I can SO relate to the journey thing as well as how it feels overnight when the revelation finally occurs. One thing you said that I see a little different was when you said God was talking & we weren’t listening. I believe that is true sometimes but there is that process thing. Like you said later – the readiness factor. I remember Jesus said to his disciples (& has said to me) that he had much more to tell them but they were not ready. I’m so glad he has grace for our process.
      And OMG! when you mentioned the Timothy/Galatians thing I was like “yes!!” – I was just talking to God about this the other day!! Thanks for all the elaboration regarding influence.
      I’m still not sure I understand what you mean by “legalistic” about grace. When you talked about being gracious about grace – is that what you meant? I know that my seeing you be gracious with others who have attacked you has left a big mark on me.
      Bless you!

      • Hi Danielle – great thoughts, I totally agree with what you said about Jesus talking about people not being quite ready. I think there is a bit of both, but I do think God has always been showing us grace, even if it’s just baby food portions for us at the time.

        Regarding “being legalistic about grace” I mean this as the opposite of being gracious in our grace.

        It’s so easy to draw a line and say “that’s not grace” or “that’s old covenant” and start judging what is good and what is bad… that’s when we start to become legalistic about grace. We allow ourselves to become a judge for the gospel of grace rather than someone who is enjoying it and demonstrating it.

        Hope that helps :)

        Glad you liked the podcast!

    • Sorry to hear that Christopher! Unfortunately I don’t have a great article on this yet that I could recommend – that probably means I should write one!

      If opportunity arises I will perhaps try have my podcasts transcribed in the future… presently I can’t afford such an undertaking but it could be a good thing. Would that be something you would be interested in? Or would an article be preferred?

    • Hi Christopher. I can’t hear the podcasts either. We may miss out right now but sooner or later we won’t anymore. There’s already a lot written down and just maybe if something is not transcribed we’ll find it elsewhere from other believers. Phil a transcription would help a whole lot if you can get that set up.

      • I will look into it – I’m already working 80hr+ weeks running this ministry and transcribing each podcast would add at least a few hours to that so I’m going to have to outsource it. If I find someone willing to do it though I will jump on it :)

  1. Hey Phil
    what a great first podcast and so much that you speak of is so true in my own experience
    Less judgemental and more loving for me is the way to go
    Grace and more grace as Jesus has shown to me
    My grace is sufficient for you His power is best in weakness hey

    Keep up the good work
    God bless

    • Thanks so much Jane! You walk in this really well – I’ve never felt anything but oodles of grace pouring off you :)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed and so glad to be starting to read your articles and ebooks! I have transitioned from legalistic to Grace and now find myself at a very judgmental point… I have so little tolerance for legalism, and find myself getting negative by legalistic things people may say, and what I view as error or mistakes in their praying, preaching, etc… and I know I must get to a happy place of acceptance for their ignorance? ;o) Looking for all the help and advice I can get on that tho brother? thanks for your work and sharing in the graceful way you do! You nail it! (ptp-pardon the pun) God Bless

  3. Super teaching(as always). Will concentrate more on showing the truth than speaking it in future. Found it very easy to listen to – the quality was good :-). £400 microphones not needed when God is in charge!
    Looking forward not the next podcast.

    • Thanks Trisha! I appreciate that!

      I totally agree too – God can make all things work out for good. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to produce something of very high quality until then this seems to be good enough :)

      Look out for this week’s podcast which I’ll be putting up online in an hour or so :)

  4. HI Phil,
    I loved your first podcast! I really appreciate the truth you shared on what our mindset should be if we want to be influencers. I really needed to hear that. I completely agree with you that we need to be gracious with extending grace and see that in your life. Well done! Thank you!!

  5. Hi Phil,
    I just finished listening to your very first podcast. I am a bit confused on something. You mention Timothy going with Paul to Jerusalem in Galatians but I only see Titus as the one going with him. I found in Gal. 2:3 that Titus “was not compelled to be circumcised”. Where did Paul ask him to be circumcised? Could you help me understand?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Renee, Paul has Timothy circumcised in Acts 16:3, it’s hidden away there ;) Hope that helps and I hope you enjoyed the podcast :)

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