Rest is not lack of action!


“Rest is not lack of action but presence of an attitude” Phil Drysdale


I’m often misinterpreted when I talk about rest and find that the above statement helps bring a lot of clarity.

You see the Christian walk is one of rest. It is not about toiling and striving, not to please man, to better ourselves or even to try to please God. It is one of being fully satisfied with the fact that God is pleased with us, that God has done all He needs to do in us.

The walk is not about working on our actions but rather working on our beliefs. It’s a journey of throwing out the old things we have embraced as truth from the enemy, our friends, our family and more than all the above combined… ourselves. Not only that though, we must embrace a new set of beliefs as truth (otherwise we’d just be left with an empty head), we must embrace what God has to say about us, our circumstances and our relationships, especially the one we have with Him!

This is why we are transformed by the renewal of our minds, not by the renewal of our actions!

But what happens when we do this, when we rest from our labours and striving and start focusing on believing what God says?

We end up doing so much more than ever before! We produce more fruit in a week than we had in the past year! Not by our own efforts but by the Spirit in us, bearing much fruit through a willing (and believing) vessel of righteousness.

You see we will be able to boast as Paul did that we do “I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” (1 Cor 15:10)

You see when you are truly in rest you will find yourself working more than anyone, but not you, no you are in full-on rest mode, Christ in you is the one working!

So rest is not a lack of action but a presence of an attitude.

If you find yourself working hard and stressed and strained you aren’t at rest and you have taken God’s job of bearing fruit upon your own shoulders. Try rest, relax and focus on His voice, what He is saying and let Him bear much fruit in your life today.

Prayer for the day

Thank you Jesus that you said that your burden was light and your yoke was easy. Help me to experience that, help me to evaluate my day-to-day life and spot the areas that are not light and easy and give you what I have taken upon myself. Help me to recognise that fruit is not my responsibility but is yours and you have only given me one responsibility, to listen to your voice and believe that gift of faith that comes from hearing. Amen

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  1. Phil,

    This is a great clarification for me. I appreciate what you have to say here, in that, God Himself will work through me, for me (and yes, His glory, not mine). It has always been an extremely difficult thing for me to accept that He cares about me as an individual. I knew God loved the world at large, generally speaking, but the concept or revelation that He loved ME was more than I could conceive. Why? Because I know me! How could a God of justice and grace love THAT? And then to say He wants to work through me? Ha! Sure… Yet, as time goes by I am understanding more and more that He is for me, not against me and that He really does want to be around me and that I get to be a co-laborer with Him in His mission. Simply amazing.

    Never give up.


    • Bless you John! It really can be so hard to truly believe that He would love us as much as He says He does because we have to live with ourselves all the time! haha – I think we are so ingrained in performance rather than identity as well… so we look at our performance and no wonder we think “why would God love that?” – as we are renewed in our minds to realise it’s all about our identity in Christ as God’s children we find ourselves starting to think “why wouldn’t He love His kids??”

      What a great journey we are on though of learning to receive His love for us and walk in all that means. We are so blessed!

      Much love to you! Thanks for taking the time to share.

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