Your problem is not your sin


“Many people’s problem is not their sins but the god they have created who can’t overcome their sins.” Phil Drysdale


Growing up I was hounded by my sins. Every time I messed up I would have an impending doom over my life. Whether it was a total accident or I directly disobeyed God and did something wrong, I was constantly scared that I would someone fall under some form of disaster or another. I’m not even sure if my theology was that God would punish me for my sin or simply that He would remove His protection over my life till I got right with Him. Either way I was wrong.

I’d often spend hours every night praying that God would show me each sin in my life so I could confess and repent of them so I wouldn’t still be in that “unsafe” place.

I had some really screwy theology. But the truth is that I still let some really weird thoughts into my day-to-day life. I still allow my sin to become a bigger problem than it is.

You see sin isn’t the problem, sin was dealt with at the cross by Christ and in Christ all sin has been done away with, completely forgiven and forever forgotten by the Father.

Our problem isn’t our sin. Our problem is that we have a “god” who is not powerful enough to overcome our sin. We have imagined this god in our image. A god who struggles with our sin, who can’t look upon sin, who can’t be near sin. But the truth is that God can do all those things and more, sin does not scare God. He’s all-powerful and sin does not tarnish who He is… He tarnishes what sin is!

Let’s be people who put sin in its place. I’m not trying to make light of sin, rather I’m trying to help us grasp how huge God is. He is infinitely bigger than all the sins in the world combined. Sin is not the problem in our lives, how small we’ve made God to be is.

Prayer for the day

Father, thank you that you are so huge, so much bigger than sin and that you have forever dealt with the matter of sin in Christ. Jesus your sacrifice to do away with sin was so much bigger than my disobedience and mistakes. Forgive me for the times I think my failings are bigger than your grace and mercy. Help me to focus on who you are and how great you are that sin would fall off my life and become as small an issue to me as it is to you!

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  1. So great, thanks phil!!! I constantly read your blogs…very thankful for people like you, you are an example to follow! thank you for showing who God is :)

    • Thanks so much Mitzi! So appreciate your encouragement! You are a shining light of His goodness and grace, it’s so easy to see His image and likeness in you! Love to you and Jonathan!

  2. Phil, I think the BIGGEST PROBLEM of all who press into God’s Kingdom is SIN…. there should be no ambiguous explanations to this fact. OUR…..BIGGEST…. PROBLEM IS THE SINS WE ARE IMMERSED IN or else why did Jesus die for us? This is where I disagree with you. However I totally agree with you when you imply that the Christ-Life from God is the ONLY antidote to sin.We should not trivialize sin when we have not YET, DISCOVERED the saving Power of God or else we would keep on running hard on the SAME SPOT…..thinking we are running into God’s House. What you LEFT-OFF addressing is …..HOW…… man can APPROACH GOD, even in his sins to humbly ask for a RENEWAL of mind against sin ? I think the MISSING LINK here , after ADMISSION OF OUR SINS, is a shift of emphasis from halfhearted obedience to FULL COMPLIANCE/OBEDIENCE to God’s word(supplied by the Holy Spirit) in the Christ-Life ; this is the RENEWAL OF MIND of a TRULY repentant man through which the Holy Spirit draws men to God ; it is ONLY WHEN we are THUS PREPARED, that we finally get to experience the SAVING MIGHT of Israel’s God. To approach God in the mindset that YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG ( because God has already forgiven you your sin even before you committed it) is a serious MISSTEP. All things said and done, I think you’re doing great given how you inspire your readers to THINK DEEPER about the revealed Logos of God. I will keep on reading your posts and speaking my mind as and when I feel the need to. KUDOS.

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