Money doesn’t create fools, it reveals them


“Money doesn’t create fools, it reveals them.” Phil Drysdale


It’s extremely common today for the Christian Church to try to avoid the topic of money. While it is certainly true that some have abused the truth that God wants to prosper us financially for their own gain, that is not a legitimate reason to discredit the truth. God does want to prosper us financially.

I bet we could all name a dozen people at least who we’ve heard say “money is the root of all evil”, the problem is that this is not what the Bible says, it says “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

You see money is not good or evil. It is completely amoral. It’s as good or bad as a brick is, a brick can be used to build a house or to throw through someone’s window, but the brick itself is not bad.

You see money doesn’t make you good or bad. However it will magnify what you are. Money is a tool, a vehicle in life. If you are greedy and become very rich you will not become less greedy but rather more greedy. On the flip side, if you are generous and become a millionaire you will not become greedy but rather you will have a greater platform to be generous from!

It’s a popular saying that “money creates fools”, but the truth of the matter is that they were just smaller fools when they didn’t have money… it’s harder to stand out as a fool when your foolish acts, while still devastating, are on a smaller level and platform.

You see money doesn’t create fools, it reveals them. It’s foolish to remain poor so your flaws aren’t magnified, rather focus on seeing your flaws as dead in Christ and then magnify who you are in Christ.

Prayer for the day

Father I thank you that your heart is that I prosper as my soul prospers. Help me to not be scared of money and to not run from money just because other people have fallen into the traps of loving money. Rather I submit myself to you, I declare that you are able to keep me safe and that you will remain my first love in the midst of all the world has to offer me. Position my heart to be ready for the many blessings you want to pour out on me and my family so that I can enjoy life to the full and be a radical blessing to the world.

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