God does not despise or reject your humanity. He became humanity!


“God does not despise or reject your humanity. He became humanity!” Phil Drysdale


Many look at God as a deity that thinks little of man… you know the drill “who is God that he should think anything of me”. The truth is though that God created man as His favourite physical expression in the world.

You see mankind is not God’s side project. God is so invested in mankind that He has become mankind for eternity!

We are quick to forget that when Jesus made the decision to become man it wasn’t just going to be for a 33 year blip in eternity, but rather that Jesus has become a man forever. Jesus’ choice had eternal consequences for the Trinity!

But it’s not just that Jesus decided to become a man, it’s that He decided this long before mankind was created. It is recorded that long before the foundations of the world Jesus had made His mind up about becoming man and being crucified for mankind.

So something tells me that this creation called mankind wasn’t going to be just anything. It would have to be something pretty special. You see for God to create something He could physically become and yet still be fully God, it was going to have to be compatible with Himself. It would not be a hinderance to who God was but rather a vessel for who He was.

Of course this is the language of the New Testament through and through, that we are full of the Spirit, that Christ lives in us, that the Godhead dwells in us, and that we are vessels of God, His holy temple. However for some reason we are still quick to put down ourselves. To think of mankind as this huge obstacle to God that He has to somehow work around.

You see Jesus was fully limited in His human body (which He still has) but He was never limited in being God. He was always fully God in that body. He was never held back from doing God’s will. Never did someone come to Him and He answered, “actually I want to do that but you’ll have to wait till I get rid of this body, it’s holding me back”.

Remember today that your humanity does not limit God, in fact it was the best thing He could think of to express Himself in a physical form on this planet!

Prayer for the day

Father, thank you so much for who you have made me to be, thank you that I am not a limitation to you but rather you have designed me perfectly so that I could be a vessel of your love, compassion, power and might being made manifest in this world. Help me to believe that today and to not despise my humanity but rather rejoice in it!

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