Truth that sets you free


“It’s not just the truth that sets you free, it’s the knowledge of the truth that sets you free!” Phil Drysdale


John 8:32 “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

We’ve heard people quote left, right and centre Jesus’ great words “the truth will set you free.” However very few people I’ve asked can actually quote the whole verse.

While it is true that the truth will set you free, to not have knowledge of that truth can be devastating.

We see over and over again the apostle Paul state that while grace has been given in full it can only be accessed through faith (Rom 4:16, 5:2, Eph 2:8). This highlights that, while God has given us something, our trusting (having faith) in that gift is what allows us to enjoy it.

To have the truth set you free is one thing, but to know you have been set free is a whole other story.

We see this in Jesus’ famous parable of the prodigal son but most people seem to gloss over it. We all like the fact that the son went and did the wrong thing and the extravagant father responded in love and grace and threw him a party.

The most striking part of the story to me though is that the other son wasn’t happy. He complained that he hadn’t been given a party even though He had been doing what he thought the father wanted. What was the father’s response? “My son you are always with me and all I have is yours”… that truth was always there for the son and would have set him free. He could have been throwing parties for himself every week! But the fact he somehow remained ignorant of this truth is what caused him to be in bondage.

The truth will not set you free unless you believe it.

Prayer for the day

Father, give me a revelation today of some of the truths in my life that I have not fully come to the knowledge of. I recognise that I am on a journey and I embrace all that you have for me to receive. May I walk in more freedom today than I have ever walked before.

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  1. This was so good. I wanted to keep reading but ill be good and chew on 2 tonight. I had it all wrong all these years!

    ( Thank you helping me get the dowload figured out! Again…very good stuff..)

    • Thanks Dodie – so glad you enjoyed it and I’m so glad that you are enjoying the book! You are awesome! Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Phil
    I just started your devotional and am so thankful for God bringing you into my life. An observation about the truth. The point you make is right on and I believe that another way to read that verse is given in the amplified version John 8:32
    32 And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
    Jesus is the Truth and knowing the truth about the Truth plus having a relationship with Him is key. We need to “know” the in the biblical fashion of man knowing a woman. The complete joining together and becoming One with the Truth. That was and is the design God has for us. Thank you again for the good word and am looking forward to the next 28 days of renewing my mind.

    • That’s awesome Bill! Thanks so much for sharing, I love my experiences of knowing Jesus and pray that we would both continue to dive deeper into the intimate relationship He has for us as the Truth.

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