Can you tell the difference between Good and Bad?

For so many years I didn’t realize I was unable to tell good from bad, despite the Bible being really clear (not to mention common sense)
Here are some of the things I’ve since learned:-

Long lifeDying young
Blessed landEarthquakes and famine
Being prosperousBeing poor
SatisfactionHunger and thirst
People going to HeavenPeople going to Hell

What are some of the things you have started to see differently as God has spoken to you over the years?

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  1. I no longer believe it is a do good get good do bad get bad gospel. But this is a process and hes still working on me. I no longer believe man needs to add to and add to it makes it to confusing. The gospel is really simple this I’m really starting to grasp!! In his grip. Tim

  2. …dont know if I like that!It`s some how too black n white!What if some of these bad things happen to be in your life?what are your conclusions then?…you could feel ashamed or somehow condemned…then what?.how does grace then`”handle” this?

    • Hey Rosi,

      My point in saying this is the exact opposite – most people need to know the difference with what God has promised us and declared good. Knowing that sickness is bad does not mean that the person who is sick is bad… It does however give them a truth to stand on that God had paid for and provided a way out of that sickness… Many others without that truth will remain in their sickness but not only that they will attribute it to God Himself!

  3. some of these aren’t biblical. Poor=bad for instance. I don’t think of Jesus as being bad or when He says Blessed are the poor in Spirit, that doesn’t seem to indicate bad. Also, many of these things aren’t bad by themselves (judging and religion for instance), but how we use them can be bad. If you think judging is always bad then you must feel that God is bad, or that when He says Test all the spirits that is bad. And in James it is said faith without works is dead, so how is works bad. Staying in James God counts religion good when applied properly.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Marc. I appreciate that you disagree with them and that on the surface you might say they are week arguments.
      Let me say that these are meant to be very simplistic overviews taken from the over arching counsel of scripture in light of the nature of God and the work of Christ. They could probably all be argued with out of context scriptures and even one or two in immediate context scriptures that have been taken out of the overall context of the scripture.
      As an example you quoted “Blessed are the poor in spirit” (as a side – in spirit not in cash flow ;) ) but you didn’t finish the verse… “For they shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven”… They are not blessed because they are poor – they are blessed because they will not remain poor! This is the consistent message of scripture – the poor are blessed because they will not remain that way! God wants us to be blessed!
      This is not the place to have a heated discussion though I’m sure neither of us has the time or particular desire to do so but thanks for your message! I really appreciate your feedback!
      I hope my reply helps you see where I’m coming from :)

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