#017: If I’m Not A Sinner, Why Do I Still Sin? [Podcast]

If I'm Not A Sinner, Why Do I Still Sin?

This week I want to talk about sin… I don’t typically like to talk about sin. I think we spend more than enough time doing that usually in the church. It’s always better to focus on Christ than to focus on our sin!

But we can’t deny that for most of us, myself most definitely included, sin is something we continue to see rear it’s ugly head in our lives at times.

We all occasionally do things that aren’t healthy, they aren’t good choices, they are damaging to ourselves and others around us.

So why if we are free from sin as Christians do we find ourselves struggling with sin so much?
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Demystifying Prophecy: Why Every Christian Can & Should Prophesy

Demystifying Prophecy

For many people the word prophecy is taboo.

It’s associated with charlatans.

It’s associated with people who threaten cities with judgement and wrath for sin.

It’s associated with people who shame people publicly by exposing their sins.

And it’s associated with those who make numerous inaccurate predictions about the end of the world.

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Stop Trying To Love God!

Stop Trying To Love God

We are all the same

No matter where I go in the world I find a common truth amongst Christians.

We are all fixated on how much we love God. We spend all our time trying and trying to love him more.

Yet, there’s always a nagging question the back of our mind’s, “do I love Him enough?”
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