#020: What About Tithing? [Podcast]

What About Tithing?

This week I’m going to tackle the topic of Tithing!

That’s right. After the very successful blog I wrote on Tithing I figured I should really have an audio resource on that topic as well.

This is a topic many are deeply invested in so I’ll try to tread as gently as I can and look in depth at the different aspects in which tithing is taught, through pre-law, the law, Malachi, Jesus, the Apostles and history.

With no stone uncovered it’ll be a great resource if you’ve ever wondered what Christian giving should look like under the New Covenant.
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Confession: I hate going to church meetings.

I hate going to church meetings

Yeah, I said it.

I don’t like “church” meetings.

The small-talk. The forced hyper-spirituallity people feel the need to put on. The facade that everything in life is going wonderful. The focus on sin. The focus on our works. The survivalist mentality.

You get the idea.

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#019: 5 Things That Make Many Christians Mad [Podcast]

5 Things That Make Christians Mad

This week I’m with my good friend Dan Heroy and we are going to be talking about 5 things that make many Christians mad.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my blogging and posting on social media it’s that there are certain things that really make many Christians mad.

But why? Today Dan and I will be looking at some go these topics, what we can learn from this and how we can reach out to people with the good news in spite of our differences of opinion.
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God Is Not Angry With You

God Is Not Angry With You

Did you know, because of what Christ accomplished on the cross, it’s impossible for God to be angry with humanity?

I’m not saying He has never gotten angry.

But we often forget that a big shift has taken place because of the cross.
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