Stop Trying To Love God!

Stop Trying To Love God

We are all the same

No matter where I go in the world I find a common truth amongst Christians.

We are all fixated on how much we love God. We spend all our time trying and trying to love him more.

Yet, there’s always a nagging question the back of our mind’s, “do I love Him enough?”
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#015: Have We Turned Faith Into A Work? [Podcast]

have we turned faith into a work

For thousands of years God’s children put their works above His grace. With the help of the reformation in the 1500’s we found that we were in error in doing so. Works are not something that the believer should be trying to produce in their own strength. Rather we should be focusing on our faith.

However, with this discovery many have fallen into a trap.
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The Danger of Balancing Grace

Balancing Law & Grace

I frequently get accused of being one of those “hyper-grace” people.

I have to confess I do find grace rather hyper. The apostle Paul did too.

Romans 5:20 says “where sin abounds (pleonazõ), grace hyper-abounds (hyperperisseuõ).”

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Tithing – The GREAT Commission

Tithing: The Great Commission

My journey with tithing

Growing up we were pretty poor. In fact, we made the poor kids look pretty wealthy sometimes.

My dad was a pastor and he and my mum were firm believers of tithing.

In fact my dad was so serious he once tithed the value of a book of stamps somebody gave him!
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