10 Reasons Jesus Would Get Kicked Out Of Church

10 Reasons Jesus Would Get Kicked Out Of Church

We often like to transplant ourselves into the Bible when we read the scriptures.

Especially the gospels.

I mean who doesn’t like to imagine themselves there in the midst of Jesus’ ministry.

Now obviously you and I would be two of the 12 disciples… we’re pretty awesome, right?

But sometimes I find myself thinking… maybe I’m more like a Pharisee. [Read more…]

Are You Performing This Huge Mistake When Reading The Bible?

Huge Mistake When Reading The Bible

I’m constantly amazed at the way’s many people read their Bible.

I’ve posted a few blogs on how to get the most out of reading your Bible.

However today I’m going to point out a huge mistake that many of us fall into when reading the Bible.

This mistake has a negative effect on what we get out of the Bible and ultimately our Christian walk. Be it the way we see ourselves, the way we see God, the way we see others or the way we see our circumstances.

Here it is… You might not have had this broken to you before so brace yourself… [Read more…]