#025: Why Saying Yes Is Ultimately Saying No [Podcast]

Why Saying Yes Is Ultimately Saying No

This week in my weekly newsletter I discussed a book I had been reading and how I was trying to be more intentional with my priorities. I got a huge amount of positive feedback and figured I would make a podcast going into the topic in a bit more depth.

I’ve always lived with a strong understanding that every time we say yes to something we ultimately say no to everything else.

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Why Christians Need To Stop Quoting Romans 3:23

Why Christians Need To Stop Quoting Romans 3:23

In Christianity we have a handful of “go-to” verses. Verses that every Christian knows by heart.

Have you ever noticed this?

Now our number one favourite is obviously John 3:16.

But after that we have quite a few contenders for most quoted Bible verses.

My least favourite is Romans 3:23.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” (Romans 3:23 ESV)

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#024: Has The Bible Become Our Idol? [Podcast]

Has The Bible Become Our Idol?

This week I posted multiple status’s about the Bible on Facebook and it really blew up.

I knew some of what I had to say would be considered tough to swallow by some and rejected by others… but I always want to challenge people on what they believe. Especially if I strongly believe that belief to be incorrect.

The biggest point I raised was that many of us in Christianity today hold the Bible in such high regard that we have managed to make it an idol. We value the book over the person who gave it to us.

In fact many still insist on calling the Bible – the “Word of God” which of course it isn’t.

Have we let the Bible become our idol? That’s what I want to discuss in this week’s podcast, I really hope you enjoy it!

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No One Has Ever Seen God… Really?

No One Has Ever Seen God

No one has ever seen God. It is God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart, who has made Him known.” John 1:18 (emphasis mine)

Have you ever thought about that verse?

I mean stop and think about what John has just said.

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#023: Sanctification Is Not A Process [Podcast]

Sanctification Is Not A Process

I frequently get asked questions about the process of sanctification and how it fits into the Christians’ life in light of the message of the New Covenant.

The truth is it doesn’t.

Sanctification is not a process.

Sanctification fits into our lives… it is in fact a very central part of what Christ has done… but the process is not something that fits into the Christian life. It’s something we get to enjoy the fruits of.

Today we are going to unpack sanctification, what it means and what the Bible has to say about the process. [Read more…]