Tithing – The GREAT Commission

Tithing: The Great Commission

My journey with tithing

Growing up we were pretty poor. In fact, we made the poor kids look pretty wealthy sometimes.

My dad was a pastor and he and my mum were firm believers of tithing.

In fact my dad was so serious he once tithed the value of a book of stamps somebody gave him!
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#013: Entering Into His Rest [Podcast]

Entering Into His Rest

This weeks podcast is all about entering into God’s rest.

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being completely at rest.

I’m also yet to meet someone who is at rest 24/7… I know I’m certainly not there!!

My heart this week is to share some key ways rest is often misunderstood that can hold us back from truly experiencing it as well as why it’s important to make rest a priority in your life.
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4 disciplines every Christian can benefit from (#2 changed my life forever!)

4 Disciplines Every Christian Can Benefit From

As believers in Jesus we are not called to work for God but to rest in Him. We are not called to do anything for Him but rather believe in Him.

So many of our disciplines revolve around our actions, doing things to get closer to God or please Him.

The truth is that we are already in union with God, as close as we’ll ever get and we are already fully pleasing to Him.

However, this doesn’t mean that we experience these realities all the time.
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