#019: 5 Things That Make Many Christians Mad [Podcast]

5 Things That Make Christians Mad

This week I’m with my good friend Dan Heroy and we are going to be talking about 5 things that make many Christians mad.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my blogging and posting on social media it’s that there are certain things that really make many Christians mad.

But why? Today Dan and I will be looking at some go these topics, what we can learn from this and how we can reach out to people with the good news in spite of our differences of opinion.
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God Is Not Angry With You

God Is Not Angry With You

Did you know, because of what Christ accomplished on the cross, it’s impossible for God to be angry with humanity?

I’m not saying He has never gotten angry.

But we often forget that a big shift has taken place because of the cross.
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#018: Discovering God’s Image & Likeness [Podcast]

Discovering God's Image & Likeness

I don’t know about you but I was brought up in a flavour of Christianity that didn’t celebrate who we were as God’s children.

Rather we put ourselves down, called ourselves sinners – would even say things like “I’m just a worm in God’s sight.”

This to me is crazy, I mean we are made in God’s image and likeness – so how do we think talking poorly of ourselves in anyway glorifies Him?
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The Gospel Is Not A Second Chance!

The Gospel Is Not A Second Chance

One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity is that it is a second chance at life.

Of course this could be because we preach that it’s a second chance at life.

But the truth is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not one which gives people a second chance at life. Rather it is one that ends their life.
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#017: If I’m Not A Sinner, Why Do I Still Sin? [Podcast]

If I'm Not A Sinner, Why Do I Still Sin?

This week I want to talk about sin… I don’t typically like to talk about sin. I think we spend more than enough time doing that usually in the church. It’s always better to focus on Christ than to focus on our sin!

But we can’t deny that for most of us, myself most definitely included, sin is something we continue to see rear it’s ugly head in our lives at times.

We all occasionally do things that aren’t healthy, they aren’t good choices, they are damaging to ourselves and others around us.

So why if we are free from sin as Christians do we find ourselves struggling with sin so much?
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