How The Bible Lies To Us

how the bible lies to us

Because I know there are people standing with stones ready to go to town over just the title of this blog let me start with this:

The Bible itself doesn’t lie to us.

However the way most of us tend to read the Bible means that we are unfortunately using it to lie to us all the time.

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Are You Taking People With You?

Taking People With You

Back when I was travelling more extensively I travelled around 180 days a year.

I’ve been to some seriously incredible places!

I’ve also been to some seriously “interesting” places.

It’s part and parcel of what I do that I occasionally find myself in places where people believe very different things about God and the gospel than I do.

In those times I have a choice to make. [Read more…]

6 Ways You May Be Incorrectly Reading Your Bible.

6 ways incorrectly read your bible

There is so much I could say about how we read the Bible.

I’ve blogged about it many times before and I will no doubt blog about it again.

This week I want to just post a few brief points though to challenge you on how you are reading your Bible.

They may be completely irrelevant for you but I often find myself guilty of falling for some of these obvious mistakes when it comes to how I read the bible.

So here are 6 common mistakes many of us Christians make when reading the Bible. [Read more…]

The Nasty Side-Effect of the “Quiet Time”

The Nasty Side-Effect of the Quiet Time

I’ve been making a bit of an effort to eat better recently (who isn’t after Christmas right?)

But the concept of going on a diet kind of makes me laugh.

If we stop and look at it its a bizarre way to live your life really.

  • Step one – eat badly
  • Step two – look in the mirror and decide enough is enough
  • Step three – eat well for a season
  • Step four – finally see the number we like on the scales
  • Step five – go to step one

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