#031: He Turns All Things For Good [Podcast]

He Turns All Things For Good

Having my wife leave me was the hardest thing I’ve ever personally had to walk through… but I’m not alone we all go through hard times.

In this podcast I update everyone on what has been going on in my life over the last 7 or 8 months since the last podcast. I share what God has done in my life and how I can honestly say I’m not only enjoying life but thriving in it.

I also share some thoughts on how others going through hard times can do likewise.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, He truely does turn all things for good! :)

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#030: Did God Forsake Jesus On The Cross? [Podcast]

Did God Forsake Jesus On The Cross?

Throughout the body of Christ you will hear people talking of how God cannot look upon sin.

We state that when Christ was on the cross the Father had to turn His back on Him.

We sing songs about the Father turning His face away from Jesus.

But is it true?

Did God forsake Jesus on the cross?

In this podcast we’ll look at the Biblical merit of such a view and particularly look at what Jesus meant when He cried out:

“My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?”

Hope you enjoy the podcast :)

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#029: 4 Keys To Renewing The Mind [Podcast]

4 Keys To Renewing Your Mind

The last few weeks in the podcast we’ve been discussing the difference between two realities:

  1. Living a life as “we” – that is Christ operating in and through us
  2. Living a life as “me” – that is us living outside of a conscious awareness of the power of Christ in us.

This week I want to talk about some of the practical ways we can step out of living as “me” and start living the life of “we”.

Enjoying Christ in us and allowing Him to work through us is the key to enjoying the abundant life we have been given.

So in this weeks podcast I want to look at 4 practical keys we can apply to help us in our quest of renewing our mind.

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#028: The Myth Of A Sinful Nature [Podcast]

The Myth Of A Sinful Nature

Last week we talked about “the flesh”. I talked about this topic because I frequently get questions about it when talking about the fact that we no longer have what many refer to as a sinful nature.

I guess I may have gotten a little ahead of myself as many people struggled with the fact we don’t have a sinful nature!

So this week we’re going right back to the basics and I’m going to look at what the Bible has to say about the sinful nature and explain why don’t have one.

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#027: What About The Flesh? [Podcast]

What About The Flesh

I frequently debunk the myth of the sinful nature and speak about how we are no longer in bondage to sin.

But many people really struggle with this because we have such a dualistic world-view today.

We see physical, fleshy stuff as bad and spiritual, heavenly stuff as good. Especially in the Church!

But is that Biblical. Is it historically the way the Jewish people saw things or even the early Church?

You see to see the physical flesh as sinful is actually a Gnostic belief. But that presents a lot of issues with how we then translate the numerous references to the flesh in the scripture…

So join me in the podcast and we’ll thrash this issues out. [Read more…]