How do we love Jesus?

How do we love Jesus

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about a specific passage in the Bible.

It’s a passage that really been challenging me in how I demonstrate my love of Jesus.

If you’re anything like me I’m sure you’ve been taught the importance of loving Jesus more than your fair share of times!

It’s certainly not a message we shy away from in the church is it? [Read more…]

Renew Your Mind – Renew Your Life

Renew Your Mind, Renew Your Life

Our beliefs are massively important.

That’s something I learned the hard way.

A lot of my friends who didn’t know me 7 or 8 years ago find it very funny when I tell them I used to be manically depressed.

In fact I wish that was all that was wrong with me.

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Faith without works

Works Faith


“Faith produces good works, but good works don’t produce faith – just as milk produces butter but butter does not produce milk.”
Reinhard Bonnke [Read more…]