Renew Your Mind in 30 Days eBook

Renew Your Mind in 30 Days

Good news!

After hundreds of people bugging me I’ve made my eBook available via Amazon in both a hard and kindle version!

You can get it on any Amazon store or request it at your local store. For your convenience here are the links to the book on Amazon US and Amazon UK

You can read below what people are saying about the book:


Praise for Renew Your Mind in 30 Days

What an incredibly amazing bite-size resource! No book this size (that I know of) packs as much of a punch as Phil Drysdale’s new Devotional, Renew Your Mind in 30 Days. Phil is one of those unique individuals that give me tremendous hope and faith for the rising leaders of this generation. His insights in this book are true gems. Enjoy!Dr. Jonathan Welton, Bestselling Author & President of Welton Academy
The gospel is simple – it’s grace – but working it out can be hard. How do we walk in grace in a world characterized by ungrace? In this 30-day devotional, Phil Drysdale lays down a launch-pad of truth that will rocket you into the orbit of God’s love and grace!Paul Ellis, Author of The Hyper-Grace Gospel
There is no one in all of Christendom whose thinking challenges and provokes me to renewing my mind more than Phil Drysdale. His nuggets of truth and wisdom are packed with the goodness of God. If you’re looking for a devotion that will lead you off the well-worn paths of religion and into the arms of a loving God, this is the book you’ve been looking for.Praying Medic, Author of Divine Healing Made Simple
The stories we grow up with, the communities whose values we absorb, deeply affects us, often beyond the conscious level. Many are starting to sense that there might be more than what has been taught to them so far. This book is an exciting, thought-provoking resource to nudge people towards thinking more honestly. Phil is such a good communicator, as the accessible writing style will confirm. In person, though, he is even better. So don’t just buy his books – get him to speak to your group!Andre Rabe, Author of Imagine
I had the great joy of meeting Phil at ministry school. During our 2nd year, we had a “Preaching Practicum” where we each gave a 10 minute message to our peers for their feedback. Phil’s sermonette totally rocked my world and still influences my faith to this day. This devotional is just as amazing. Each day holds an easily digestible nugget that could be an entire book in and of itself. If you want a daily devotional that will transform your mind – as well encourage you in your calling – then Renew Your Mind in 30 Days is the perfect book for you. I can’t recommend Phil or his writings enough.Sean Edwards, Author of End of Days: The Shocking Truth about the Times in which We Live

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