Have you ever asked any of these questions?

  • “Is God really a good God?”
  • “Why do I still find myself sinning as a Christian?”
  • “Should I really just take for granted what my pastor tells me is true?”
  • “What’s so wrong with asking questions about the Bible and God?”
  • “Why isn’t Christianity as easy as it seems in the Bible?”

Then you are in the right place!

I’m Phil.

I’m not a world renowned theologian, I’ve not been through years of seminary, I’ve not even been a pastor of a church. However I have something going for me that many do not… I’m never scared to ask questions of what I believe. If what I’m standing on is a solid foundation then it will stand. If not – then I’m glad to be shot of it!

God has me on a journey discovering His goodness and who I am in Christ and I’d love for you to join me!

My heart is to get you to think for yourself, challenge everything you’ve ever been taught, driving you to a conversation with God, a study of the Scriptures to find out if any of your beliefs need to change.

I can’t guarantee you will like me, but I can guarantee I will get you thinking and talking to God – and I think we’d both agree that’s not a bad thing!

On this website you will find a mix of resources including but not limited to:

Podcast | Devotionals | In-Depth Articles | Video Messages | A Free 30 Day Course

If God has you on a journey discovering who you are in Christ and how good God truly is then I guarantee this is the place for you.

If He doesn’t, let me encourage you, He does… you just don’t know it yet!

In fact, being on this website might just be the first step you need to realise that He already has you on the greatest journey anyone can go on!

I’m really glad you are here.

What do you do Phil?


I have a real heart to see the the body of Christ experience an awakening in the way we see our Father and the way we see ourselves.

Because of that a huge part of what I do is create resources to help people think for themselves and drive them towards God for answers and an authentic relationship.

I write books, record podcasts, audio messages and have many video messages. I also have hundreds of articles and daily devotionals on this website as well.

If you are overwhelmed by all the resources on the site and don’t know where to start – check out my “Getting Started” page.

Itinerate Ministry

I also love to speak and travel, last year I travelled 191 days and did over 213 meetings!

I love to connect with leaders around the world and encourage them in what the Lord is doing, who they are in Christ and equip them to see Jesus get His full reward in their congregations and cities. My heart is to go into “the church” and inspire people to live the Christian life outside “the church”. Through encouraging and challenging messages, prophetic ministry and displaying the power of God through healing and miracles I can guarantee you will be encouraged by our time together!

To find out where I will be in the next few months check out my itinerary. If you are interested in having me come speak at your church/ministry/school shoot me an email through the contact page.

Social Media

As fun as creating resource can be I’m all about relationship. Honestly I love the discussions in the blog comments as much as writing the blogs themselves!

For that reason I spend a good amount of time on social media engaging with people, helping with their problems, answering their questions and learning a whole lot myself!

I post on these different mediums around 5-8 times a day with posts ranging from humourous images to hard hitting quotes or thoughts. Why not join over 15000 people and become a part of the community today!

Facebook | Twitter

It’s the best way for us to get to know each other!

Pastoring Pastors

Pastoring can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. As part of my role while traveling I love to connect with pastors and leadership teams. I offer a safe place to talk, without judgement and as a trained life coach offer help in figuring out how to healthily prioritise the responsibilities of ministry and life.

I have frequent Skype conversations with many pastors to keep in touch and see how they are doing as well as more regular interaction via email and Facebook.

So who are you Phil?

I’m a 32 yr old guy. I’m really normal I swear! I currently live in Sale, England.

I love spending time with friends, both in intense one-on-one sessions and in big group hang-outs. I love getting hooked to a new TV show or playing board/card games with friends. I also love to read, although I amass books at a much faster rate than I can read them.

My primary message is of the grace of God – of His goodness, our perfection in Him and all that means. The tagline of this ministry is “Revealing Christ in You, The Hope of Glory”

Before starting my own ministry, I ran a small IT consultancy business with some close friends and worked as an IT Systems Administrator in the Oil & Gas industry before that. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Network Design and Management, I have also graduated three years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and volunteered for their apostolic network “Global Legacy” for two years. Currently I’m on the leadership team of Kingsway Church in Sale, UK and help run a 5 month ministry school iDestiny.

If you want to know more feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Congratulations you made it to the end – you know everything about me!

Seriously though, I can’t wait to get to know you more through, Facebook or Twitter and hope you really enjoy browsing around the site. Again the best place to start is the
“Getting Started” page