Have you ever asked any of these questions?

  • “Is God really a good God?”
  • “Why do I still find myself sinning as a Christian?”
  • “Should I really just take for granted what my pastor tells me is true?”
  • “What’s so wrong with asking questions about the Bible and God?”
  • “Why isn’t Christianity as easy as it seems in the Bible?”

Then you are in the right place!

I’m Phil.

I’m not a world renowned theologian, I’ve not been through years of seminary, I’ve not even been a pastor of a church. However I have something going for me that many do not… I’m never scared to ask questions of what I believe. If what I’m standing on is a solid foundation then it will stand. If not – then I’m glad to be shot of it!

That quest of questioning everything has taken me on an incredible journey. One in which I’ve been discovering God’s goodness and who I am in Christ.

And that’s why you are here… because I know that you deep down believe that God is more incredibly good than you currently believe and that you were made for more than “this” – whatever this is :)

My heart is to get you to think for yourself, challenge everything you’ve ever been taught, driving you to a conversation with God, a study of the Scriptures to find out if any of your beliefs need to change.

I can’t guarantee you will like me, but I can guarantee I will get you thinking and talking to God – and I think we’d both agree that’s not a bad thing!

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If God has you on a journey discovering who you are in Christ and how good God truly is then I guarantee this is the place for you.

If He doesn’t, let me encourage you, He does… you just don’t know it yet!

In fact, being on this website might just be the first step you need to realise that He already has you on the greatest journey anyone can go on!

I’m really glad you are here and look forward to getting to know you.

So what do you do?

Create Free Resources

I grew up poor, we couldn’t afford to take $300 courses on the Bible, read $20 books on Spiritual Warfare or buy every sermon we thought sounded cool for $5.

I firmly believe in supporting people who equip the saints. But I believe just as much in providing great resources for absolutely nothing so everyone can be equally equipped.

That’s why I produce regular, blogs, podcasts, videos and even books for free. 

Most recently I started a free site called The Grace Course which has dozens of videos on loads of different topics. It’s my primary focus right now so a great place to get started if you want some food for thought.


I’m a pastor’s kid, I’ve always said if there was a job I didn’t want to do it would be pastoring!

But here I am, I don’t have a local church, but I am very involved in my local community with both church leadership and running a ministry school. 

I also work throughout the week with pastors and leadership teams from around the world that I’ve met in my travels. 

Speak Internationally

I travel all over the world speaking in churchs, conferences, universities and colleges, pubs, coffeeshops and homes. 

If there is a group of people who want to have a discussion about the goodness of God, I’m there!

A few years ago I was doing up to 200 meetings a year but I’m travelling a lot less of late as I have a lot of commitments at home and I’m focusing on creating as many resources as possible. 

However there are still plenty of opportunities to have me speak so do get in touch if you are interested. Or check out my itinerary to see if I’ll be anywhere close in the near future.

Social Media

This is one of my favourites. For every person I pastor in person I am working with dozens online. My heart is to build community online where people have a safe place to share their journey and help one another.

This primarily happens on Facebook, but also on a variety of other networks. Join the conversation.

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