can god look upon sin

Can God Look Upon Sin? [9:23]

We often hear people say “God cannot look upon sin” or perhaps we have heard “God turns His face from sin”.

Perhaps you even have said those things yourself.

But did you know that they are a lie? God is more than capable of looking up sin and in this video I will look at the main scriptures contextually to show that sin is not an obstacle for God.

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  1. I’m deaf so I can’t follow the video, but I do want to comment about God not being able to look upon sin.

    I agree with you Phil, that it is totally absurd. I also want to add that certain Christians say that the Father doesn’t see us, but the blood of Jesus over us. I also think it absurd. I think God is more powerful than being limited to seeing the blood (it’d be like a horror show if we were all walking around in blood in Father’s eyes). Besides, it was the blood of bulls and goats that covered the Israelites’ sins, but Jesus has taken away our sins, so there is no more sin for the Father to look upon in us believers. We have been washed clean and made righteous, hence John the baptist’s declaration, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”. John didn’t say, “Behold the Lamb of God who ‘covered’ the sins of the world” Jesus became sin and took the full punishment, so that is sufficient for us to be the spotless bride.

    I believe the Father sees us as the righteous people in Christ, in our individualistic uniqueness. I think legalists assume, since they “still have sin”, that Father only sees the blood of Jesus over them. What do you think?

    • Hi Christopher – sorry you can’t enjoy the videos – I am hoping to one day be able to pay someone to transcribe my videos and podcasts.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – I agree whole-heartedly!

      That’s the kicker – we have to see ourselves as God sees us… Jesus did not just do a cover up job, covering up our sins. Rather He did the exact opposite, He destroyed our sins and revealed who we really are!

  2. Excellent short and simple teaching, most needed, yes!
    Thank you for all your emails and video, very helpful, a good video to share!
    Much love :))

  3. Very good, Phil! I’ve held this view for years. Glad to see you deal with it! I would add that the Psalms are the prayer book of Israel and specifically of the King or the Messiah. I too, believe that Jesus is saying, “I feel like you’ve abandoned me!” But then the rest of the psalm kicks in, “But he has not denied or disdained the suffering of the afflicted one…” Good work, Phil!

  4. WOW, I’ve heard all my life that God turned his back on Jesus on the cross. Thank you so much for the truth. I wish more ministers would do more digging in to the scriptures instead of just repeating what other people have been taught. 5 years ago, God put it on my heart to pray that He teach me what He wanted me to know. Because of that prayer, He led me outside the church walls, I have learned so much, I have been set free. Thank you Phil.

    • So glad you enjoyed it Sue!

      That certainly was a dangerous prayer you prayed but I bet you are so glad you did!

      Be blessed my friend!

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