why christians are not under the law

#005: Why Christians Are Not Under The Law [Podcast]

Growing up I had no idea what to do with the law. I mean, as Christians we have been freed from the law and live under grace… but God gave it right? Surely we can’t just throw it away. It’s all throughout the scriptures!

So what do I as a believer do with the law?

In this podcast we are going to dive right into the depths of this topic and we will discover that while the law is good it is not for the believer.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Why Christians Are Not Under The Law

In today’s podcast we answer the following questions:

  • What did the apostles have to say about the law as they were forming the early church’s doctrine?
  • What about scriptures that suggest the law is still in effect?
  • Which laws were they talking about?
  • But didn’t God give the law?
  • What about when Jesus said He didn’t come to do away with the law?

Resources mentioned

The following resources were mentioned during this podcast as further reading/viewing I think you will like them if you want to dive in deeper.

More more reading I recommend:

What’s The Role Of The Law In The New Covenant?

The most in-depth teaching I have is this video:

Christians Are Not Under The Law

Finally this is a great audio message about this topic if audio is your preferred medium:

Jesus Breaks The Law

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If you have any questions about today’s topic please do leave them below.

Additionally I’d love to ask you a question.

Where in your life are you still relying on the law and what steps can you take to lay that down and walk in the Spirit, in grace?

Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Phil,

    I’m downloading this podcast right now. Can you point me towards a good resource on the Law of God/Christ as described in Romans 7:22/25 & 8:2.

    Thank you,

    Isom C

  2. Hey Phil, love the teaching on grace. I have a question that I know you’ve thought about and have a decent answer to.

    If faith is the only way to please God then it’s pretty important to have and exercise faith. How is faith not a “work” then? It’s something I have to “do” to please God, right? Thoughts?

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