Being Gracious about Grace

Being Gracious About Grace [44:35]

It’s one thing to embrace the grace message. It’s a whole other thing to be gracious in our walk of it.

Many are hurt and wounded because they are under legalism and bondage. The last thing they need is for salt to be poured in the wounds as we judge them and tell them they are being legalistic.

What if we walked in grace, came along side those people, celebrated what God was doing in their lives and saw them become radically transformed as they saw us represent Christ. The very person who abides in them, the hope of their glory!

This is my latest video – it’s a full length sermon but if this is stuff you have been thinking of or maybe even struggling with I’d encourage you to check it out.

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  1. Haha,looks like I’ve already watched this and gave it a big Amen,so I’ll watch again maybe I’ll glean something new.

  2. Phil that was really awesome what you shared. How would you go about talking to someone who preaches from time to time and he strongly believes that he is a sinner in fact he even said not Paul but he himself is the chief of sinners. I find it very hard to listen to him because of this. He has also got some very good stuff to say. But I don’t understand how a born again son can continue to believe that he is the chief of sinners let alone a sinner.

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