God will not convict believers of sin!

The conviction of sin has, for hundreds of years, been a very important part of the day-to-day life of believers. It might come as a shock to you, therefore, to find out that the Bible has no record of a believer at any point being convicted of sin. There are only two verses that strongly allude to the conviction of sin (John 8:7, Acts 2:37) and two that outright mention it (John 16:8-11, Jude 1:15), however all four verses refer to those who do not believe in Jesus.

I’d like to propose something to you. The Holy Spirit will never convict you (a believer) of your sins!

Just to clarify, when I say never I mean never.

What is conviction?

Before we go on, I would like to briefly look at the meaning of the word translated here as “convict.” This word is the Greek word elegchō and is translated 5 times as convict, 5 times as reprove, and 4 times as convince in the NT. Its root word is elegchōs which means, “to bring to light.” Our word in the English language “convict” actually comes from the Latin word “convincere” which literally means “to convince.”

Today we hear the word “convict” and we think of a convict who has been convicted guilty and is sentenced to jail or something. The truth is though that even in the legal world you are convicted innocent. In today’s culture we might only really use the word convict in a negative sense but that is not what it means in the English language, it really does just mean to be convinced of something.

My purpose in saying all this is not to give you a Greek or English lesson, rather it’s to show you that we don’t need to have a negative connotation every time we hear the word “convict.” We can be convicted and not have done anything wrong. You should be convicted that you are reading my blog, to be convicted is to be brought into an absolute certainty of something.

What does the Bible say?

So now we know what convict means, lets look at the Bible.

I want to use the scripture most commonly cited as the proof that God wants to convict you and me of our sins. In it Jesus is explaining the Holy Spirit’s role to mankind and says:

And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
John 16:8

This is one of the most abused verses in the Bible, constantly quoted as grounds for God wanting to convict you of your sinful nature and constant screw-ups. The whole New Testament itself testifies contrary to that.  However, lets just read the next three verses.

of sin, because they do not believe in Me; of righteousness, because I go to My Father and you see Me no more; of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged.
John 9-11

That’s interesting isn’t it? Jesus went on to describe who exactly in the world He was going to convict and what they would find themselves convicted of. He states in verse nine that He would convict those who do not believe in Him of their sin. (As a side note the word there denotes “sin nature” not individual sins! It refers to the personification of sin not the actions of sin.)

How many of you would say you don’t believe in Jesus? I thought so, that means He’s not convicting you of your sin.

And it gets better, not only will the Holy Spirit never convict you of your sins, He actually convicts you of your righteousness! Verse ten outlines who will be convicted of their righteousness – believers, followers of Jesus.

So the Holy Spirit convicts unbelievers of their sinful nature and convinces believers of their new righteous nature, that they are new creations AND convicts Satan of his judgment (V11).

But God spoke to me!

I’m not out to discredit your experience, but what I am wanting to say here is that we do need to filter our experiences with what is very clearly outlined in the scripture. If the scripture states that God is in the business of convicting us of our righteousness and not our sin we need to figure out why our experience is of us being convicted of our sin.

What I have found most true in my life is that I am misinterpreting what God is saying and His intentions.

Have you ever tried to say something nice to someone to encourage them and they have taken it the completely opposite way? Maybe you told them that they look great and have lost a lot of weight only for them to think you are commenting on the fact that they are fat.

We’ve all experienced people taking what we clearly say and completely misinterpreting it on some level at some point in life. Why does this happen?

It’s quite simple really, this happens because of one of two reasons. Either the person is not confident in and of themselves, or they do not trust that you are really saying what you are saying, they do not trust you as a person. Can you see where I’m going with this?

Identity Crisis

The truth is that you are the righteousness of Christ. You are righteous! That’s why God is so happy to convict(convince) you of this fact. However if you don’t believe it and truly think that you are sinful you are very likely to misinterpret what He’s saying.

Imagine I get angry at a loved one and God starts to convince me of my righteousness. “Phil, you are full of peace and joy… you can be so much greater than what you are settling for right now”, He might say. If I don’t really believe I’m righteous and that I’m a flithy rotten sinner what am I going to hear? I’m going to hear condemnation and conviction of sin. I’m going to read between the lines of what was actually said and hear “Phil, I’m disappointed in you, you got angry and you are supposed to be peaceful and full of joy. You messed up!”

Can you see how easy this could be to misinterpret what God is saying?

Good God?

Not only that but lets be honest, we all have an incomplete view of who God is. We are all growing, some of us have come further than others but we all have a long way to go. So what if we are in a place where we don’t fully believe that God is loving and fully for us as a person. What if we still think that He is disappointed and will distance Himself from us when we sin? What if we think it’s His nature to get angry with us and require that we clean up our mess to come back to Him?

Do you think it’s possible we might mishear His words of affirmation as He convicts us of our righteousness?

My friend, God is so for you and I really hope that this has been helpful for you and might have opened your eyes to who God is to a whole new level. Not only that but who you are to a whole new level too! You are the righteousness of Christ and He is so pleased with who you are!

Here is a short video on this very topic I made a few weeks ago that might be helpful too :)

How has your journey looked in this area? How has this truth set you free? What are you convicted of?

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  1. Wonder if you could help think thru this parallel stream. . .lets go backwards. Its clear that Jesus didn’t have a sin nature, though He was tempted in every way and remained sinless.

    How about Adam? Eve? Where did the seed of sin find its source?

    So, how about Lucifer? Where did the temptation arise from, originally, in a perfect environment and a sinless creation?

    Further backwards. Pre-creation, was Jesus faced with temptation to follow his own will? The one who never changes claimed he didn’t come to do anything on his own, but only the words/deeds of Abba.

    This isn’t meant to be abstract. I think framing the history of temptation and sin paints a clear picture of how completely He believes in (convicts us of) our righteousness, and our capacity to overcome.

  2. Good questions Mo. I think we would both agree that Lucifer and Adam/Eve didn’t have sin natures but there was freedom to choose contrary to what God desired for them as best. It’s interesting God was so confident of His ability to clean up our mess He was willing to give us free will to mess up! His belief in us is astounding… what is interesting though is we have not gone back to “as Adam was” as many people say, we are no longer of the Adamic line or nature… we are a completely new creation… as Christ IS so are we.

    • Phil, I agree with your first statement that it is the World/ unbeliever of who the HS convicts of their sin and not the believer. I disagree that in this context that it is the believer to whom he is speaking regaarding righteousness. I believe that he is still addressing the world and talking to them about righteousness but in terms of the fact that they are not righteous. Rather only Christ, who can be in the presense of the Father is righteous. Christ, to whom the try to makd a curse, proved His ritgheousness by going to the Father and being accepted by the Father. Since you didn’t talk a whole bunch about Judgement, I will not address it here either.

      I do have a question as to how you interperet Romans 9:1??? Pauls consceince “confirms his sin” but is it aided by the operation of the HS or in the presence of the HS, or what? Your comments please. Randy Clarkson

      • I know this is an old thread but I’d like to chime in since the OP didn’t bother.

        Why would the Holy Spirit convict the world of righteousness? This is a 3 part answer that clearly states the role of the Holy Spirit.

        Convict the world of sin because they do not believe. Once someone realizes they are sick, they realize they need a Dr. The law reveals sin and the need for a savior.

        Of righteousness, because I go to My Father and YOU SEE Me no more. He’s obviously speaking to his disciples/church. Scripture clearly states that faith in Jesus (becoming born again) makes us the righteousness of God in Christ. We are now righteous! No more sinner… you can still struggle with sin but you’re not a “sinner”. I am the righteousness of God in Christ and therefore, the Holy Spirit corrects me, doesn’t convict me of sin and only reminds me of my righteousness which helps me grow closer to Him and farther from my sin.

        Of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged. Pretty simple statement here. We know that satan lost the keys and his power at the cross. He was judged and found guilty but still awaiting sentencing! (Great White Throne Judgement).

        He doesn’t have the power most think he does but he’s a master at telling us lies to us from being extraordinary people. He’s a punk and has no authority in a believers life unless we grant it to him.

        Hope that clears things up. :)

        of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged.

  3. Nice! I actually started doing a study on this myself. I did a small study so far on the word ‘conviction’ finding it only 1-2 times in certain translations and 3 times in NASB. As you’ve said, its ‘to convince’ or ‘full assurance’ of. Awesome to see what others have found!

    • Thanks Cory – It’s encouraging as you say to see God revealing the same thing to many people. Much love!

  4. Great teaching. This is something that the Holy Spirit has been ‘convicting’ me of lately – that so much of the Bible has been taught incorrectly with verses taken out of context etc.

  5. Hi Phil,

    I promise, I’m not a stalker! What you’re teaching is so encouraging, refreshing, full of truth and more importantly, full of Jesus. It’s hard to stay away from.

    All joy


  6. Greetings from Germany and: Really an awesome and challenging post! One question remains…: What about conviction of sins by brothers and sisters in Christ? For example in 1Ti 5:20 or Eph 5:13?

    • Thanks Christ of Lenzen :) Appreciate your encouragement.

      I think there are definitely some interesting scriptures in there that make how we deal with our brothers and sisters in Christ definitely an interesting topic.

      I personally want to sit on the side of modeling the Holy Spirit here and how He convicts of our righteousness… I think when we convict our brothers and sisters of who they really are in Christ it exposes their sins for what they really are a lie based in the old crucified nature.

      It still weakens sin’s grasp on the person’s life and kills it off but there is no ministry of shame and condemnation which is prevalent with ministries who focus so much on “rooting out sin”

      That said these passages are there and so it’s important for us to figure out where we stand on these passages. I personally don’t have a solid conviction on how I would interpret them and what that might look like in my day to day life. 

      Hopefully that helps, what are your thoughts on those two passages?

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it… I so hope that many people come to a revelation of this truth and are set free from so much condemnation and guilt that comes from a false “conviction”. God is doing a great work in the body and so many are stepping into who they are to a whole new level!

  7. I like this and your writing which I have just discovered ..But today as I saw this on Facebook it occurred to me .. What about Ananias and Sapphira? Was that conviction of sin?

    • Great question Bev, someone asked this of me on Facebook yesterday.

      I personally don’t think so. I don’t have a great answer or insight into the record of Ananias and Sapphira. But what I do know is that it is a recorded event and not a theology. We have countless scriptures in the NT by Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, James etc stating that God is for us, that He is not holding our sins against us and will not judge us for our sins but rather because of Christ’s righteousness.

      In light of this, while I’m not sure what to do with the scripture in Acts here – I can only pray God helps bring revelation in how it fits in with His word as a whole. Because on face value it massively contradicts the overall message of the NT.

      It is as well only a record of something that happened, it’s not a factual outworking of doctrine but rather a record of something, as it happened and how it happened. It’s dangerous to allow a event create a greater theology than what Christ and His apostles clearly outlined as doctrine for us.

      Hope that at least helps :)

      • Thanks Phil. I just remembered to come back and see some more comments and found your reply. I appreciate the great answer. It popped into my head this morning just out of the blue that maybe Ananias and Sapphira were not really believers.. They may be an example of ones Jesus spoke of when he said ‘I never knew you’ in a story he told. The Holy Spirit was to convict the world of sin and unrighteousness and I bet this episode helped toward that end!

        • Yes, Joseph Prince actually has a good teaching on them being unbelievers and certainly a study of the Greek certainly points the reader in that direction. I just don’t know though :)

  8. Awesome truth Phil!!! We need to be righteousness conscious rather than sin conscious. It’s about time that the body of Christ get this truth of who we are in Christ!

  9. as the fruit of SELF CONTROL is “NOT” not doing the bad. It is the ABILITY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHTEOUS!! ITS A GIFT people– NOT a set of Hand Cuffs :-)

  10. 1 John 1:9 says “If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just to forgive our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness….”

    To confess in this passage means literally “to come into agreement with.” If God wasn’t able to call our sin, sin, there’s no way we could “agree with Him” and live out what this verse is talking about.

  11. Hebrews 12:5 says that God DOES “elegcho” (expose, convict, reprove)in believers which here are called His Sons. This is clearly in the context of sin, starting in v.1. This verse is the one that I never hear Joseph Prince address or others address. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hey Doug,

      Great question, I’ve heard Joseph Prince and a lot of others teach on this really well… it’s important that we separate this from what we are talking about here as this is a VERY different topic.

      Conviction of sin or righteousness is nothing to do with actions! It’s entirely to do with your nature… which is why it’s impossible for God to convict you of your sin [nature] as a believer, you aren’t a sinner any more!

      The word translated as “chastened” in the Greek means to “child train”… this is why the imagery for a father teaching his son is so laced into this passage.

      It’s not a punishment but a disciplining… it’s not telling someone they are a sinner but helping them discover their righteousness.

      When we train our kids to walk we don’t yell at them for not succeeding and for falling over but rather we encourage them and show them what they can do. We may contrast their actions with the truth… but we would never say “You can’t walk and you never will because it’s not your nature!”

      In the same way God is not attacking our nature here… it’s not a conviction of who we are! It’s a process of growing in who we are… there absolutely is times where God encourages us in the process, shows us where our weaknesses are so we can be lead into the true strength that lies within in Christ.

      It’s a process of discovering who we are in Christ.

      Love you man! Great questions! I like the way your mind works! I don’t know if you’ll like my answers but there they are :) As best as I can communicate while in a rush in a comment :) haha

      • ‘It’s not a punishment but a disciplining… it’s not telling someone they are a sinner but helping them discover their righteousness.’

        If this were so why does v 11 say that this chastening is painful and not joyful?

  12. 2 Cor. 7:9 also show us that God intended the Corinthian believers to be sorrowful over the sinful ways they were treating each other. This sorrow led to repentence (yes as believers,they repented for they had treated each other wrongly v.12.) They showed their repentance by changing their actions. The end of v.9 says God intended for them to be sorrowful. This carries the idea that they had a reason to be sorrowful and God intended that they be sorrowful about it and change.

    • Hi Doug,

      Absolutely – I don’t think anyone is saying that being sorrowful about operating in a manner contrary to who we are is a bad response. It’s a natural response! My point is that sorrow is not the response… as Paul says, “I am happy NOT that you became sorrowful but that the sorrow lead to repentance[a change of thinking]” which always leads to a change in actions.

      God is not trying to avoid hurting our feelings… but He doesn’t do it by lying!

      He has no problem saying “Hey this is who you are, you are righteous, holy, perfect, loving, peaceful… when you yelled at your wife some of those traits weren’t there… what do you want to do about that”.

      So sorrow isn’t wrong, it’s very often a good and healthy response. The difference is some people focus so much on the sorrow that they want a God who basically abuses them!

      • But isnt your idea that God does not convicts us of sin. In the above comment have you not conceded that God reveals the truth of our sin to us when we sin. Now to my way of thinking that is conviction of sin. He convinces us of our sin.

  13. Great teaching, but here’s a sincere question: where does verse 10 mention believers? It doesn’t, unless I’m missing context. I’m not disagreeing with the overall premise (we are righteous in Christ), but I’ve just never seen it in this particular verse. Help me if I’m wrong!

  14. “We can be convicted and not have done anything wrong.”

    I vaguely understand what you’re saying, and that you are referring to the definition of the word itself, and not how it is used in the bible. But you are going to give people the wrong idea if they come here looking at the word from a biblical perspective. If you are convicted *of sin*, you have done something wrong. If you can’t even admit you have sinned, you can’t ask for forgiveness and you will end up being judged. It’s good to be convicted. You grow from it. And when you convict someone it doesn’t mean you are demanding they be punished, it means you want them to repent and change their ways. The wise man convicts himself.

    • Sorry Matt – but I think I do a pretty good job of telling people how it is used in the Bible pretty well – the Greek word is only there 13 times and I explain how it is used each time. I also highlight that it is never used about conviction of sin of the believer and go through that as well. I fail to see where I’ve been unclear. Did you watch the video as well?

      If you want to talk about some passages I’ve missed that say God, be it Jesus, Father or Holy Spirit, convicts believers of sin I’d be more than happy to do so :)

      Sounds to me like you are muddying the waters between conviction and confession. Which while often connected are two very different things. I’d encourage you to check out a few of the articles I’ve written referring to confession here on this website.

      Bless you bro – thanks for sharing :)

  15. Hi Phil.

    Love all your status updates and what not….

    Just reading through this one…..got a question or two

    I totally agree God doesnt condem us. However convicting us of sin….. well…. this is how I see it….

    When we are born again we are a completely new creature
    When we are born again our spirits are activated.
    When we are born again our spirits are perfect and wholesome.

    having said that…. our minds need to be renewed….
    an example….

    If say… Joe was sleeping with his girlfriend for the last 3 years…. now joseph and his girlfriend get saved. they wont automatically stop sleeping with each other. even though they are new creatures, even know they are forgiven etc…

    But as Joe and his gf discover who they are in Christ. As they discover Fathers heart for them, they begin to realise that sleeping with one another outside of marriage is a sin. That is is contrary to their new nature….

    You wouldnt call that a conviction of their sin…..????????

    I think our lives are full of junk and as we, as born again new creatures begin to seek the Fathers heart. Holy Spirit begins to highlight things in our hearts and lives that are not a part of our new nature….

    its not Him saying “You are such a bad sinner… you are such a bad person”
    Its Him saying “Hey this isnt who you are…. this isnt who Ive said you are…..”

    Love to hear your thoughts…
    PS. maybe you were saying this and I just missed it… lol…

    • It’s a matter of perspective Tim. I think what you are describing is the fruit of what I’m saying… people being changed but to use your own example…

      “But as Joe and his gf discover who they are in Christ. As they discover Fathers heart for them, they begin to realise that sleeping with one another outside of marriage is a sin. That is is contrary to their new nature….

      You wouldnt call that a conviction of their sin”

      No… I’d call that a conviction of their righteousness. You see what is God convicting them of? Their righteousness… He’s convicting them of their nature and who the Father is.

      It’s themselves that draw the conclusion about their own sin as it’s contrary to what God is saying about them and their nature.

      You see the fruit might be similar but expecting God to convict of sin sets us up with a crack in our theological foundation. It’s not what He does and it creates lots of opportunity for misunderstanding His nature and our nature in Him.

      So that to me is why I try help people understand that His role is convincing us of who we are, not what we are doing. The conviction we might feel about what we are doing might be a fruit of that revelation but even that is not what brings change, it’s just an evidence of a change that has already come with the revelation of who we are.

      Hope that helps a bit. Thanks for asking the question! Hopefully it will help others with the same question.

      Much love!

      • Thats great Phil. I think we are in the same mindset just presented a different way.. but i like what you said

        “No… I’d call that a conviction of their righteousness. You see what is God convicting them of? Their righteousness… He’s convicting them of their nature and who the Father is.”



  16. Hi, I loved this!
    Could I have your permission to place this article under your name, in our Grace, newspaper, called “The Red Line”

    • Hi Daleen,

      Absolutely! The more people that read the good news of the gospel the better. I pray that your readers should be mightily blessed by this message.

      The only thing that would be good to include would be this website (WWW.phildrysdale.com) and my name.

      Thanks so much for asking, so glad you liked the article!

      Much love,

  17. Phil I’m blessed to read this n such an eye opener! Never read this scripture in this way. Felt God spoke to me. There are people around me in my life who have taken up Gods job to convict me n judge me but I was already confident n sure of my doings with boldness in Christ…even if it seems wrong in the eyes of this world. And I know God will vindicate me as His word promises.

  18. “When he comes he will convict the WORLD of GUILT in regard to (a) sin”.
    The word World is inclusive and does not relegate others of the world’s populace respective to nonbeliever or believer. “God does not respect persons.” Further the single corporate sin they were convicted of being guilty of at Pentecost is the same sin the gentile must have the faith to repent of or remain un-born again of God. Jn. 16:8 is only relative to the sin that each individual must have the faith repent of to become saved from God’s wrath. There are no exceptions.

  19. G’day, I found this very interesting . . . have you ever thought about the fact that King David (a believer) was convicted, by the Lord for his sins – for one example, just read Psalm 51. There are a number of places in scripture where believers are convicted of sins. I like the idea that the Lord is watching out for me – and even though conviction may go against what WE want to do, or think, it is the Lord’s way of trying to keep us on the right track. Imagine if there was no conviction – we could do ANYTHING we wanted. Even though you say that the Lord does not convict, He does convict the saved of sin in their lives – so if you are not experiencing any conviction, then, um, well, maybe you are not even a Christian!! :o) Just re-think it, I am sure it will make some sense. I do not claim to be a smart person, or someone who knows a lot, but I KNOW this: I am a saved young lady who loves the Lord Jesus with all of her heart, has been convicted of sin, on numerous occasions (no, I am not perfect!), and has read her Bible though just as often as any other book she owns. I believe my Bible. WWJD :o)

    • Hi Tim,

      Great questions – the big thing you have to remember is that David was NOT a believer… he was a Jew, he certainly accessed God in an unprecidented way for his time and the covenant he was a part of. However he was not filled with the Spirit, he was not made a righteous saint and He was not a new creation.

      He was in an old covenant.

      Hope that makes sense :)

  20. For your consideration, Brother. I did a Strong’s search on the word elegcho and discovered 17 uses of the word. 9 of those occasions are directed at believers. A thorough study indicates that God the Father rebukes and corrects us re: besetting sins in our lives (Hebrew12).5 of the 7 churches of Asia in Revelation received rebukes from Jesus Himself re: their sins. Paul instructed Timothy and Titus to rebuke those who were sinning. In one place he instructed them to bring a sinning elder before the church for discipline (I Timothy 5:17-20 NKJV). Even James speaks to the issue helping us to see that a higher law is involved – the law of love. In conclusion, God does His work to convict us and turn us from sins to Himself not with a fist clenched and condemning but with outstretched arms and an open hand full of grace that saves, heals, and restores us to His fullness of joy.

    • Hi Ken – I think I bashed this out off the top of my head so thanks for correcting my numbers. It was a long while ago I did this so I can’t honestly remember.

      The important thing here is not to force a negative connotation – as I said … elegcho is not a bad thing. It’s great… He elegcho (convicts/convinces/rebukes) us of our righteousness.

      I have no problem with God doing those things… so long as we remember the root of the word is not negative but of God bringing something to light. We must remember that God’s heart is not to show up our sins but to show us who we are, something much greater than sin. If sin gets exposed for what it is and thrown into the trash in the process we shouldn’t be too surprised. But God’s method is not sin-focused but rather Christ-focused and that is the focus we must have as we deal with ourselves and others.

  21. Every scripture twister has the guarantee from God to have the final outcome of attending one hell of a hot party Drysdale. There are billions who claim to be Christian, but there are only a very few that ever find the gate and have the faith to use it to become one.

    • Sounds like God’s plan for salvation was a pretty weak one in your view Theodore. I’m not so sure getting a few views here and there wrong about scripture are going to cause people to burn forever… lets face it, none of us can claim to have mastered interpreting the Bible!

  22. God teaches his children himself. They cannot not make interpretational mistakes and they do not dare twist the scriptures.

  23. Thanks dear! Just had this on Facebook update of Pr. Chris ! He mentioned that the holy spirit does not convict us of sin but Satan does so, it first challenged my mind, but an example when was at highschool came to my mind that I was so conscious for my learning and found all my thought , efforts and many others I put in in order to not mess up at any point so that I may not fail to graduate! In doing so found my self always worrying and fearing, and had less peace and less time for freedom! assuredly I tell u I made meaningless prayers because I used to be conscious for sin so that I may not sin again instead of being conscious for the things of God and what God expects from me and what he wants me to know! God wants me to know am righteous , have been cleansed from my sins, his son and have received freedom, peace and love from him through faith and confession of Jesus Christ instead of living a worrying and fearing life of sinning! it has helped me make more meaningful prayers of victory and success!
    Back to high school I just had to know that since I joined high school with God all things are possible ! though had to work hard but should have peace of mind and freedom not worrying and stressing and fearing!

    QN : when you ask members of any church who convicts us of sin ! majority is holy spirit because they forget they are new creation and Satan makes believers think so but I believe God convicts the lost sheep of sin and encourages and pastors the found in order to fit and do things for his kingdom!
    Thank you alot!
    post your reply on my face book Drapa john Good luck or Email for me to see quickly!

  24. I agree and disagree. The problem many christians have is that they think once saved always saved and fall into the trap of a hyper grace mentality. Sadly they think they have some how dodged sin in their lives. Some large ministries have made this a priority and you can not change their thinking. They have large mega churches with compromising people who love to come to church because of the seeker sensitive messages being preached so most continue in sin and act as if they are fine , they are deceived. We have the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort, encourage etc. But never think He does not deal with us regarding sin. You are playing with words and you would like to think he does not convict. Unless he daily shows us where we need improvement you are likely to become as those mentioned in Jude 1:4. To think once you are saved you can not sin is a failure in your concept of flesh that we still live in daily. The Holy Spirit convicts us of righteousness and unrighteousness to keep us on the correct path. Sadly some mega church preachers telling you its all about grace forget to tell you God also deals with sin not only before we are believers but after as well. John 16: 7-11 and John 16: 13. This is never to condemn you but to wake you up to the fact you are not God yet. You still have issues at times. Dont be deceived . I also see many leaders speaking out about hyper grace which falls into this category.

  25. I was having this very conversation with a colleague tonight.

    Yesterday I felt very convicted and condemned in negative ways, so I had asked my colleague to pray because I didn’t believe it was of God.

    My colleague then said how she believed that God only convicts us in love – reminding us over and over that he loves us with an everlasting love, to trust Him and continue seeking his will, but as you say also He says “I know you can do so much better!”.

    Thanks for this encouraging reflection, blessings!!

  26. THANK YOU so much for this article of truth. Holy Spirit has been showing me this through the years. I went as far to look up the word convict in Strong’s concordance a couple of years ago and learned what you learned. That scripture about conviction of sin has been taken out of context when someone says He is convicting us (believers) of sin and as my friend taught me it becomes a con. Yes, the accuser of the brethren loves to remind us of our sins, shortcomings and past, but not Jesus. Here’s a great example from my life. An event in my life happened many years ago when I was not living the life God wanted for me. A family member would tell me God was disappointed in me for those choices. I remember distinctly how God countered that ploy of the enemy ahead of time (as Holy Spirit tells us things to come) and one night when I couldn’t sleep, I went to spend time with the Lord. He said to me, “look at me”. I hesitated because I knew what I had done all those years ago. He told me “I’m not disappointed in you”. When that moment came from the family member, I went to those I trust in my church leadership and they reassured me of exactly what the Lord had told me. That was a great moment of FREEDOM for me.

  27. That was an awesome about conviction,i just came from Hearing Joseph Prince speak about God don’t convict believers,first time I ever heard that . now I understand

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