An exciting announcement

As you know Sarah and I have been based out in Redding, California this year. I have been working with the Global Legacy team helping with their Leadership Development Program and Sarah has been doing the 1st year of the School of Supernatural Ministry.

We have been incredibly blessed in this season and have loved every moment here – this really has become a home to me over the last 4 years. I’m so thankful to the fathers and mothers I have here at Bethel for creating a safe place for me to grow and the opportunities they have provided for me to serve and minister.

While volunteering full-time at Global Legacy I’ve also been doing my own personal ministry stuff (as all of you know being on this website). This has been more fun than I could have ever imagined and we have seen more fruit than even my outrageously huge expectations had anticipated. The ministry has grown now to the point where I can no longer juggle both worlds and so we are faced with a really exciting new season ahead of us.

Sarah and I will be transitioning in June into full-time itinerate ministry and will be moving back from California to either the UK or Ireland as a base.

While we will miss our Bethel family tremendously we plan to come back out as often as possible. This is extremely exciting as we look ahead to the future and all that God is going to do in and through us.

You can check out our itinerary here but to summarize the next few months, we will be in Arizona, Oregon, Germany and the UK. If you are interested in having us come minister please feel free to drop me an email through our contact page.

We really appreciate your prayers as we step into this season. You have all been a bigger blessing to us than you know!

Thanks again for your support! Everyone is connected to us differently and is blessing us in different ways but the combination of everyone’s prayers, financial support, encouragement and friendship are making a massive difference in our lives.

Thanks for being a part of our lives! We love you all and are excited to be partnering with you to see Jesus get His full reward.

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  1. Wow, huge move.  Well, all I can say, is that as sad as it will be for those who are around you there, it will be great to have you guys on UK/Irish soil, bringing a bit more of the Bethel culture back to her fair shores to share with us all. 

    Bless you both in the months ahead. 

    • Yes sad to be leaving so many loved ones here in the USA but we have so many amazing friends back in the UK! Will be great to be back where I can get a can of Irn Bru and some proper crisps! 

      Will you be able to come to any of the things we will be doing in the UK?

  2. Wow how exciting, will be praying for you in this season that you will be hugely blessed to be a blessing! Can’t wait to see you in leamington! Save some space for a meal with us….

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