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You Do Not Have a Sinful Nature

What was Paul’s struggle in Romans 7? Hint: It wasn’t a sinful nature and you don’t have to struggle with one either!

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Renew Your Mind in 30 Days

We all want to experience transformation in our lives… that’s why we can’t focus on the renewal of the mind enough!

Join me on a 30 day journey of radical mind renewal.

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Find a collection of short 3-10 minute videos challenging different theological thoughts as well as some longer sermons.


Daily Devotionals

Daily bite-sized devotionals comprising of thoughts based upon quotes both from myself and my spiritual heroes.



During my weekly podcast I try and tackle the more practical side of the gospel. What does it look like to apply the truths of the gospel to our lives.


Audio Resources

A collection of sermons and sermonettes from my many meetings. Here you will find some great audio messages to encourage you as you work, drive or jog! Download or listen here on the website.


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