Why Asking “Is This A Sin?” Isn’t Good For You

Is This A Sin

Something I come across a lot in my discussions with people is a preoccupation with figuring out what’s a sin.

I get it in counselling sessions with people.

When hanging out with friends.

When doing Q&A sessions after preaching.

In emails from strangers on the Internet.

People seem obsessed with figuring out what is a sin or not.

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Have You Turned Your Bible Into a Ouija Board?

Have Your Turned The Bible Into A Ouija Board

Growing up as a Christian I remember turning to the Bible frequently in times of need.

My view was that “the word of God carried all the answers to life’s problems.”

Seeing the Bible as an answer book rather than an invitation into relationship with God is a great way to get frustrated though.

Because God’s intention was never that we would read the Bible like that!

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Is It Selfish To Put Yourself 1st?

Is It Selfish To Put Yourself First

Something I’ve struggled with is the concept of putting myself first.

Because it’s biblical to put everyone else’s needs in front of your own, right?

We are to lay our lives down and serve constantly, right?

Kind of…

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How The Bible Lies To Us

how the bible lies to us

Because I know there are people standing with stones ready to go to town over just the title of this blog let me start with this:

The Bible itself doesn’t lie to us.

However the way most of us tend to read the Bible means that we are unfortunately using it to lie to us all the time.

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Are You Taking People With You?

Taking People With You

Back when I was travelling more extensively I travelled around 180 days a year.

I’ve been to some seriously incredible places!

I’ve also been to some seriously “interesting” places.

It’s part and parcel of what I do that I occasionally find myself in places where people believe very different things about God and the gospel than I do.

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