Is Your Satan Bigger Than Your God?

Is Your Satan Bigger Than Your God?

You’ll have heard me mention Steve Backlund quite a bit if you’ve read much of my stuff. You might not have heard me mention his equally incredible wife Wendy though.

Today I want to touch on a story which I’ve heard her share many times.

She recalls a time when they were pastors of a church in a rural town in Nevada.

One day they came to the church to find it had been spray painted with a demonic symbol. [Read more…]

Living Free From Your Judgments

Living Free From Your Judgments

A lot of people find themselves confused when it comes to the topic of judgment.

Are we to judge or not?

I personally believe there are few things as damaging to us as choosing to judge others. Throughout the scriptures we hear that in judging others we bring judgment upon ourselves.

In fact one of our favourite “offering” passages is not about money but about how our judgments will backfire on us. [Read more…]

Sin Has Forever Been Dealt With But You Should Never Ignore It

Ignoring Sin

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know by this point that you are not a sinner.

(If you don’t frequent this blog I highly recommend you download a free copy of my book – “You Do Not Have A Sinful Nature” )

We understand that sin does not separate us from God. He’s a whole lot bigger than our sins!

In Christ our sin has been dealt with, forgiven and blotted out. God has promised to remember our sins no-more.

Past, present and future!

[Read more…]