The Nasty Side-Effect of the “Quiet Time”

The Nasty Side-Effect of the Quiet Time

I’ve been making a bit of an effort to eat better recently (who isn’t after Christmas right?)

But the concept of going on a diet kind of makes me laugh.

If we stop and look at it its a bizarre way to live your life really.

  • Step one – eat badly
  • Step two – look in the mirror and decide enough is enough
  • Step three – eat well for a season
  • Step four – finally see the number we like on the scales
  • Step five – go to step one

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What Next?

What's Next

Life can suck sometimes. Can’t it?

Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t always go the way we think it should.

Or even the way the Bible seems to suggest that God thinks it should?

We see in the scriptures God clearly promises to bless His children with long life, abundant life and health. He tells us we will never have to worry about housing, cloths or food.

And yet we can stick on the news and see natural disasters, millions of people hurting in different ways – homeless, starving, injured or sick.

Or maybe we are experiencing something closer to home. [Read more…]

Putting The Devil Into Christmas

Putting The Devil Into Christmas

I love Christmas.

It’s definitely one of my favourite times of year.

I love the excitement. All the merriment in the air. I love the kids getting excited about presents. The parents excited about not having to work for a few days. People coming together as families. All the lights and decorations… I love it all!

But every year my inbox is flooded with the same messages!

  • Phil, you must let people know of the dangers of Christmas! [Read more…]

Where Are You Placing Your Hope?

Where Are You Placing Your Hope?

As you probably know a couple of months ago I announced that my wife, Sarah, had decided to leave me. She was not happy with our marriage and decided she didn’t want to work on it. (You can read the full details here – A Personal Update: Things Have Been Better!)

As you can imagine it’s not been the easiest thing I’ve ever had to go through.

The process was going on for many months before I publicly announced it and so I’ve personally had a lot of time to process and work through a lot of my stuff with those who are closest to me. [Read more…]