Sin Has Forever Been Dealt With But You Should Never Ignore It

Ignoring Sin

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know by this point that you are not a sinner.

(If you don’t frequent this blog I highly recommend you download a free copy of my book – “You Do Not Have A Sinful Nature” )

We understand that sin does not separate us from God. He’s a whole lot bigger than our sins!

In Christ our sin has been dealt with, forgiven and blotted out. God has promised to remember our sins no-more.

Past, present and future!

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I Hate Religion

I Hate Religion

I hate religion.

Religion can best be summed up as “do something to get something.”

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There Is One Mediator Between God And Man (Hint: It’s Not You!)

There Is One Mediator Between God And Man

I was sent this funny story recently, it made me laugh but it also made me think.

One day a young pastor decided to share with the children at church a life lesson from Psalm 23.

He told the them about sheep, that they weren’t smart and needed lots of guidance, and that a shepherd’s job was to stay close to the sheep, protect them from wild animals and keep them from wandering off and doing dumb things that would get them hurt or killed.

He pointed to the little children in the room and said that they were the sheep and needed lots of guidance.

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#030: Did God Forsake Jesus On The Cross? [Podcast]

Did God Forsake Jesus On The Cross?

Throughout the body of Christ you will hear people talking of how God cannot look upon sin.

We state that when Christ was on the cross the Father had to turn His back on Him.

We sing songs about the Father turning His face away from Jesus.

But is it true?

Did God forsake Jesus on the cross?

In this podcast we’ll look at the Biblical merit of such a view and particularly look at what Jesus meant when He cried out:

“My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?”

Hope you enjoy the podcast :)

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